D5153, 5153, 25003
D5153, 5153, 25003

The fifteen year three month career of D5153/25003 included allocations to Eastern, London Midland & Scottish Region depots.

Built: BR Darlington Locomotive Works.


D5153 was new to Thornaby (51L) on May 10th 1961. Further transfers were:

November 1967 to Carlisle (12A) on loan, made permanent December 1967.
January 1968 to Springs Branch (8F).
May 1968 to Longsight (9A).
June 1968 to Manchester Division (D09).
October 1972 to Haymarket (64B).
May 1974 to Tinsley.
July 1975 to Eastfield.
Withdrawn August 18th 1976 (collision damage).

Renumbered March 1974.

After withdrawal 25003 was moved to Glasgow Works by early October 1976 and scrapped there by January 1978.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works July & August 1965.
Noted Derby Works April & May 1966 (ex-works repaint).
Noted Derby Works October 1967.
Noted Derby Works August 1974.
Nored Derby Works October 1975.


On an unknown date D5153 (in green livery, with small yellow warning panels) was noted lying on its side at Hesleden Bank (Hartlepool), presumably having run through catchpoints? It presumably required a Works visit to rectify the damage sustained to its side.

1973: An odd combination noted working the 6M70 18.50 Millerhill - Carlisle freight was 5153 leading 1534 on April 10th.

The only recorded passenger working so far known took place on June 17th 1972 with 5153 & 7646 working the 08.58 Derby - St. Pancras throughout.

Pictures of D5153/5153/25003

Thornaby based D5153 is seen very early in its career, little changed from the day it was outshopped from Darlington Works. The location is not known but maybe in the York area.
Photograph courtesy E A Woods.

Passenger workings courtesy Alan Baylis (www.class25.info)
Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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