D5208, 5208, 25058
D5208, 5208, 25058
25058 - a locomotive with nine lives?

Photograph courtesy Paul Bettany
In a fine night-time view at Crewe on March 22nd 1986 as 25058 drifts through with a trainload of low-sided wagons, 25058 is now in its last year of operation on British Rail.

D5208 was delivered from Derby Works during June, and allocated to Toton (18A) as one of the large fleet of Type 2's involved in the replacement of steam on the Midland Lines north of St Pancras. D5208 made their test trip to Corby and back on June 18th 1963.

During July D5208 was transferred to Cricklewood (14A). Initially the new Type 2's delivered from Derby would remain only briefly at Toton, to allow any faults that might appear in their running-in to be easily fixed before they were allocated further afield.

Their working life on British Railways followed a pattern, initially used to oust steam on the lines north of St Pancras they would later move to the north west for a similar purpose to oust steam from Cumbria and Lancashire. Several years later these three would be part of the transfers used to allow the withdrawal of some of the less successful Modernisation Plan diesel designs from the Western & Scottish Regions. After these transfers it was a case of gradual retrenchment, with most returning to the London Midland Region to work out their final days. Their longevity was extended by the fitting of dual braking equipment during Works visits in the 1970's, and being boiler equipped also enhanced their usefulness.

D5208 was noted in Derby Works during May, by July it had been loaned to the Scottish Region for a month, performing regularly on the 09:30 Glasgow Queen Street - Kings Cross as far as Edinburgh. After its stint on Scottish metals it returned south being re-allocated to the Nottingham Division (D16).

D5208 visited Derby Works during November for a classified repair, this locomotive had been transferred to the Midland Lines (M16) during October.

Further moves to the northwest included D5208 - D5211 to Longsight (9A) in February, then D5208/09/10 quickly moving on to Carlisle in March. From here 5204 - 5209 moved to the Liverpool Division (D08) in November.

During April 5208 was at Crewe Works.

During November 5208 & 5209 were transferred to the Manchester Division (D09).

5208 was transferred back to the Liverpool Division (D08) in May.

During January 5208 moved to the Manchester Division (D09).

Derby Works was visited by 5208 in October.

Photograph courtesy David Rogers

I don't recall now what goodies Christmas 1972 brought, but a shoebox full of views like these would certainly not go amiss now. 5208 & 206 stand at Crewe on December 16th 1972, not a snowflake in sight.

Works visits included 25058 at Derby Works from June to August for a classified repair, including the fitting of dual brake equipment.

25058 was transferred to Springs Branch during January.

25058 was in trouble on July 27th at Colwyn Bay whilst working the 12.42 Manchester - Llandudno, barely making it to Llandudno Jct where 25148 took over, which also worked the 18.42 return.

25058 was under repair at Derby from November 1976 to January 1977.


From November 1976 to January 1977 25058 was at Derby Works under repair. Seen here on January 8th 1977 surrounded by various parts and other locomotives familiar to Derby, the locomotive would soon be out on the road again.
During a spell of really wintry weather 25058 failed on February 18th's 12.22 Crewe - Cardiff being rescued by 40177. On April 29th the 16.00 Crewe - Cardiff failed at Donington behind 25058 (or maybe 25055), coming to the rescue was one of the few remaining Class 24's, 24047 which took the train as far as Hereford where 47358 was on hand to take the train forward.

During May 25058 were transferred to Laira.


25058 and about thirty of the clay hoods passes Tywardreath on April 26th 1979 working a Fowey - St Blazey empties.
Photograph courtesy Peter Lovell
Derby Works received 25058 for intermediate repair during June & July.

On November 10th 25057 & 25058 worked the F&W 'Yorkie' Plymouth – York railtour throughout.

On June 22nd a Torrington - Plymouth excursion was worked by 25058 & 25206 to Exeter, then 50027 roundtrip to Plymouth and 33028 from Exeter back to Torrington.

25058 left the Western Region and transferred to Bescot in October.

A familiar location finds 25058 heading east with a local service at Teignmouth on June 4th 1980. This would be the last summer for the Class 25's on these services centered on Exeter.
Photograph courtesy Dave Homer.
A glimpse at the TOPS report at midday on November 25th revealed 25058 was at Tinsley.

A look at the TOPS information for late afternoon on January 15th found 25058 was on the 8J34 Aberystwyth - Coton Hill freight.

On April 23rd 25058 worked the 18.35 Birmingham - Norwich as far as Leicester, 31209 took the train forward. 25058 quickly returned to Birmingham covering for a failed dmu.

25058 visited Derby Works during April for an N4 repair.

On May 2nd 25058 & 25214 were noted on the Birmingham New Street - Bridgnorth leg of a charter from Worthing, which had arrived at New Streeet behind 33056. Between 4th & 9th 25058 covered four trips on Birmingham New Street - Norwich passengers workings, its return workings are not recorded, possibly parcels or other non-passenger movements. At this time these Birmingham - Norwich workings were the longest scheduled regular passenger workings for the Class 25's, a trip of 174 miles. In between these cross country workings it covered the 06.30 Peterborough - Kings Cross on 7th.

On June 1st 25058 was yet again covering a Birmingham - Norwich working. By June 28th it was on the other side of the country working the 14.44 Holyhead - Manchester Victoria throughout.

The Crewe - Cardiff services continued to be dominated by the Class 33's with few substitutions, however 25058 was noted on July 25th's 16.02 Crewe - Cardiff and 25221 on 27th's 17.10 Cardiff - Crewe.

On the summer dated Cambrian passenger workings so noted on August 22nd were 25058 & 25194 working the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Wolverhampton, returning with the 18.00 Aberystwyth - Wolverhampton.

On September 25th the Bletchley - Bedford branch found 25058 towing a dmu on the 09.10 service to Bedford and 10.00 return.

The 03.47 Willesden - Bescot freight running behind 25193 & 25058 became partially derailed at Bletchley on October 23rd. A burned off journal caused most of the train to derail, only the locomotives and some hundred ton oil tankers remained on the rails. AM10's 087 & 092 standing in the station sustained minor damage, luckily the fast lines remained open, though it would take three days to clear and repair the slow lines.

December 29th found a Southport - Bewdley charter starting out with 25056 & 25219 changing to 25051 & 25058 somewhere (Birmingham New Street?) in the West Midlands.

The first passenger run in 1982 for 25058 was on March 23rd covering for a failed dmu on the 18.00 Birmingham - Derby.

25058 & 25177 at Cockshute on February 6th 1982.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover.

On April 20th 25058 & 25084 took over a Norwich - Weston super Mare excursion forward from Birmingham New Street to Bristol Temple Meads.

On the summer dated Cambrian passenger workings, on August 21st 25058 & 25206 worked the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Birmingham New Street, returning with the 17.15 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury. This same pair were active the next day on the 08.45 Birmingham - Aberystwyth forward from Shrewsbury, returning with the 18.15 to Euston as far as Wolverhampton. Whilst laying over at Aberystwyth they worked a round trip to Machynlleth.

On September 26th 25058 & 25157 worked the 13.45 Crewe - Cardiff throughout.

Bescot had been 25058's home for two years when this view was taken at Aylesbury on 20 October 1982. The locomotive was busy marshalling its train, the local goods to Princes Risborough.
Photograph courtesy Mark Cook.
The 09.03 Cambridge - Birmingham New Street became a failure at Leicester with 37028 on February 2nd, 25058 took over but it too failed at Nuneaton, 25136 assisted for the remainder of the journey. On March 4th 25058 worked the 18.18 Birmingham - Norwich as far as March.

From June to November 25058 was under repair at Derby Works for collision damage.

25058 stands at Saltley on 26 February 1983. Still allocated to Bescot 25058 could be found on all sorts of workings in the Midlands including a variety of passenger trains, both scheduled and extras. It was occasionally found working the Birmingham - Norwich service at this time.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
Three months after the Saltley view 25058 is at Etches Park, showing signs of collision damage. A buffer is missing, the front skirt is misaligned and a close inspection of the cab shows that it is now drooping. At a time when minor repairs could spell instant withdrawal 25058 would survive a prolonged Works visit.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Photographs courtesy Mark Bennett

Two views illustrating one of the unusual features of the Class 24/25's, the ability to remove the cab as a single component. Here one cab from 25058 has just been removed revealing all the assorted internal fittings attached to the bulkhead.

25058 & 25209 handled a round trip Oldham - Llandudno Town excursion on May 12th.

Several trips were made on the summer dated Cambrian passenger services. The first was 25058 & 25076 on June 23rd's 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Wolverhampton and the return 17.05 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury. On the last day of the summer timetable for the Cambrian services, September 15th, 25034 & 25058 handled the 07.35 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Wolverhampton, returning with the 14.00 to Shrewsbury.

On November 4th three Class 25's were present at Severn Tunnel Jct, their booked workings being 25058 to Bescot, 25284 - Gloucester and 25322 - Mossend. Three days later 25058 came to the rescue of 45136 which had failed at Miles Platting whilst in charge of the 15.10 Bangor - Scarborough, the Type 2 taking the service as far as York.

Deputising for a dmu 25058 worked the 07.34 Manchester Victoria - Liverpool Street on December 21st.

The year was only five days old when 25058 filled in on a roundtrip Manchester Piccadilly - Sheffield passenger working, on the outward trip the Class 25 was replaced at Sheffield by another locomotive for the remainder of the journey to Hull, being used later in the day for a trip back across the Pennines.

Two failures in February brought more haulage for 25058, rescuing 86252 on 9th between Stoke & Stafford, three days later assisting a Class 47 between Standedge Tunnel and Manchester Victoria.

25058 sits out a damp, overcast March 23rd 1985 at Springs Branch depot.
Photograph courtesy Stephen Houlker.
A view from the other end of a very damp 25058 finds 20113 & 25257 also present in front of Spring Branch depot, March 23rd 1985.
Photograph courtesy Stephen Houlker.

On May 1st & 2nd 25212 & 25058 were noted on the Ellesmere Port - Severn Tunnel Jct bitumen tanks, in between these workings May 1st's 19.39 Crewe - Cardiff was handled. The following weekend on Saturday 4th an LNER Railtours charter from Euston to Aberyswyth utilised 25058 & 25078 between Wolverhampton and the coast. This was expected to be the last occasion for a charter to have Class 25 haulage over this route. The good westbound run saw twenty-two minutes recovered, with a six minute early arrival at Aberystwyth. On the return run with a promise of a challenging ascent of Talerdigg, all was not well at Llanbrynmair when thick black smoke started issuing from 25058. This occurred at the foot of the climb, 25078 began the ascent, dropping to about 15mph, the locomotive began to slip severely with speed dropping to walking pace. With a stall imminent 25078 fortunately regained its feet and started to accelerate, cresting the summit in good order and reaching Shrewsbury without loosing any more time. 25058 had sustained a broken crankshaft, a life-threatening failure for any Class 25 at this time, fortunately repairs were forthcoming.

Transfers in May, the first for quite a while involving the Class 25’s saw Longsight’s allocation of four machines (25057/316/321/324) moved to Crewe, joining them in July was 25058.

Repairs must have been swiftly applied to 25058's power unit as it was noted on August 22nd's 09.20 Lancaster - Carlisle from Barrow, assisting a failed dmu.

25057 & 25058 worked a Blackpool - Edinburgh day excursion forward from Carstairs to Edinburgh on September 16th. The 25057 & 25058 combination re-surfaced on October 9th taking an afternoon Liverpool - Scarborough forward from York, despite the ER's known aversion to these fine machines. Remarkably they returned with the 17.55 Scarborough - Liverpool working through out despite a lack of heat, arrival being thirteen minutes late at Lime Street. By the time the train reached Leeds word had reached the rail enthusiast community of this fine working, with BR gaining additional revenue as admirers joined the train for the slog across the Pennines.

October 22nd's sand train from Oakamoor hauled by 25058 & 25213 became derailed north of Stoke on Trent station. 25058 ended up overhanging a city street, kept from falling by its attachment to 25213! The errant Type 2 was returned to the rails the following day.

Well if Class 31's can make a break for it onto the North Circular at Cricklewood there should be no reason why Class 25's can't go awandering too. With thanks to Phill T for making this available.

Photograph courtesy Martin Bray

One end of 25058 rests on timbers pending the arrival of a bogie following its adventures just north of Stoke on Trent station. Despite the continued steady withdrawal of Class 25's during 1985 somehow 25058 avoided withdrawal yet again.

One final passenger working for 25058 during 1985 involved the rescue of 45136 on November 8th whilst working the 15.10 Bangor - Scarborough, the Class 25 assisting between Manchester Victoria & York.

On March 27th 25058 assisted a WCML service between Leighton Buzzard & Bletchley, making a reverse move due to an obstruction on the track. Short trips in April for 25058 included April 12th's Preston - Manchester Victoria leg of the ex 18.15 Glasgow and April 15th's 07.40 Manchester Victoria - Bangor as far as Chester - a Class 47 taking over here.

The Divisional Manager's Saloon is hauled through Foxfield on April 16th 1986 by 25058.
Photograph courtesy Kevin Hughes (RCTS Archives #HU01525).

September 4th's 07.40 Glasgow - Carlisle was worked by 25058. Following this the remainder of 25058's 1986 passenger workings were short hauls, two between Preston and Manchester Victoria (October 27th & November 3rd), again taking forward the 18.20 ex Glasgow. The final working for 1986 was assisting a Class 47 forward from Runcorn on a Liverpool - Crewe service on November 9th.


On the afternoon of December 28th 1986 25058 was present at Downhill Carriage sidings, following the New Year 25058 was in the Warrington area. It worked January 5th's (?? date uncertain) 22.07 Derby - Crewe covering for a dmu failure and was noted on the evening of 8th at Crewe.

Three days later 25058 was stopped at Carlisle for an 'A' exam, which was succesfully completed by the evening. Its return to service was greeted by very heavy snowfalls, the 13th's duties included the 6M80 16.45 Carlisle to Dumfries. When 47539 failed on January 16th's 13.55 Carlisle - Glasgow 25058 was available to take the train forward to Glasgow. Later that afternoon 25058 was noted at Corkerhill being prepared to work the 6Z49 to Warrington Bank Quay.

A week later (24th & 25th), 25058 was working local jobs in the Ayr/Kilmarnock region. By the 27th 25058 had reached Tyne Yard, being diagrammed to work the 6S81 21.55 Tyne Yard - Mossend. On 29th 25058 was handling local traffic in the Motherwell area before reaching Polmadie to work the 1M65 22.37 Glasgow Central - Nottingham as far as Carlisle. After working in the Carlisle area on January 30th & February 1st 25058 reached Crewe during the evening of February 2nd, was taken out of service and condemned the following day.

25058 reached Basford Hall by March 22nd for storage and remained here until the middle of July. On July 16th 25042/058/285/910 were moved as the 9L37 Basford Hall - Leicester, Humberstone Road. 25058 was then tripped as the 9T16 Humberstone Road - Vic Berry's yard on July 24th, by August 10th 25058 was on the infamous heap at Berry's, it remained 'intact' until the end of October 1988, by Christmas 1988 it was partly cut up and by the end of January 1989 nothing remained.

(With thanks to Neil Cannon for making available the TOPS reports for 1987 & to Alan Baylis for his books on the 1984/85 Class 25 passenger workings and other resources).

Undated views

A fine portrait of 25058 at Crewe near the end of its career. The locomotive has gained the name 'Castell Criccieth', neatly painted on its side.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

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