D7619, 7619, 25269
D7619, 7619, 25269

After a particularly rancourous time at work it was felt a few days off might bring more appreciation of what I did and allow for a little exploration at the southern end of the Midland Main Line. A number of locations were scouted and this one, near Harpenden proved particularly photogenic. On April 10th 1981 25269 heads north on the slow lines with a train load of new lorries.

The twenty year career of D7619/25269 commenced with almost two years on the Scottish Region, followed by almost eighteen years allocated to London Midland Region depots.


D7619 was new to Eastfield (65A) on August 20th 1966. Further transfers were:

July 1968 to Preston Division (D10) on loan, made permanent August 1968
November 1968 to Nottingham Division (D16)
November 1970 to Birmingham Division (D02)
January 1972 to Nottingham Division (D16), then to Toton following abolition of the LMR Division allocations
August 1981 to Bescot
September 1985 to Carlisle Kingmoor
April 3rd 1986 - withdrawn.

Renumbered April 20th 1974.

After withdrawal 25269 was stored at Crewe until January 12th 1987 when it was moved to Vic Berry, Leicester. By the third week of March 1987 25269 had been scrapped.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works March & April 1974, included dual braking.
Noted Derby Works September - November 1978.


(Highlights for this batch of locomotives including 25269 whilst allocated to Eastfield can be found on the 25261 page.)

On October 23rd 1966 amid many stored steam locomotives at Corkerhill, D7619 was the shed pilot, since no steam locomotives were available.

As an LMR allocated locomotive for much of its life, 25269 worked many a trip to the seaside destinations including Skegness, Aberystwyth, Llandudno Town, Rhyl & Norwich for Yarmouth.

Passengers on the 9.45 Birmingham - Walsall electric multiple unit service on June 5th 1970 acquired some unusual haulage following its failure at Bescot. The local Walsall shunter, 3781, took the service forward to its destination with the return working, the 10.12 from Walsall hauled by 7619 taking the dead emu back to Birmingham New Street.

1975: A longer distance working regularly hauled by Class 25’s and featuring considerable mileage ‘under the wires’ was the round trip Gunnie – Penyffordd (Wrexham North???) freight, 25269 worked the southbound trip on May 24th.

One of the more unusual workings occurred on July 16th 1975 when 25269 & 25267 worked the 14.25 Birmingham New Street - Paddington and the 17.40 return, not the normal way the diagram worked but necessary due to the lack of crews at Paddington familiar with the Class 25’s. Earlier that week (12th) 25269 had been to Yarmouth with 25075 on a relief from Derby, it was later noted failed on Norwich depot!

1976: An east – west cross country working which occasionally featured Class 25’s was the evening Norwich – Liverpool Lime Street parcels, 25266 & 25269 were noted on May 5th.

1977: 25269 was used to haul 24025/29/33/34 as the 06.45 Crewe - Swindon Works on January 10/11th.

1979: During June the 06.32 & 08.03 Peterborough – Kings Cross and 17.18 return continued to receive Class 25 haulage with the 06.32 noted behind 25039 (19th), 25269 (20th), 25319 (21st) also working the 17.18, 25107 (July 10th), 25125 (July 11th) & 26267 (August 1st).

The longest recorded passenger working for 25269 took place on July 24th 1977 with 25117, taking over a Leeds - Barmouth excursion at Crewe, the round trip running just over 300 miles.

1984: The result of 33001 catching fire on August 7th on the 17.20 Cardiff – Manchester near Moreton on Lugg led to 25254 & 25269 on the following Severn Tunnel Jct – Mossend freight being split up. 25269 replaced 33001 on the Manchester service whilst 25254 took the Class 33 back to Hereford.

1984: On November 19th the Ellesmere Port – Severn Tunnel Jct ran behind 40150 & 25269.

1985: A stranger to the Strathclyde area on January 4th was 25269 hauling molasses from Greenock, the locomotive being later noted at Motherwell shed.

1985: 25269 & 25262 were noted on a Ravenscraig – Llanwern steel coils on December 6th.

Pictures of D7619/25269

The NE/SW route was no stranger to the Class 25's on passenger duties. Here 25269 waits time at Derby on June 12th 1979 with a service originating from Birmingham. This was one of the batch to have the tablet catcher recess plated over.
25269 at the south end of Hawkesbury Lane yard on a frosty February 27th 1986 working the 6T46 job. 25269 is seen here shunting some engineers wagons in the shadow of the bridge that takes the M6 motorway over the yard and the mainlines. Time was short for 25269, it has about a month left in service, being withdrawn on April 2nd 1986.
Photograph courtesy Ron Kosys

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