D7636, 7636, 25286, 25905
D7636, 7636, 25286, 25905

The twenty year ten month career of D7636/25286/25905 included allocations to Eastern Region & London Midland Region depots, with a particular bias to the north-west area depots.

Built: Beyer Peacock Gorton Ltd, Works No.8046.
Dual brake equipped.


D7636 was new to Tinsley on November 15th 1965. Further transfers were:

April 1966 to Wath (41C).
October 1967 to Springs Branch (8F).
June 1968 to Liverpool Division (D08).
January 1970 to Preston Division (D10).
May 1971 to Liverpool Divison (D08).
May 1973 to Springs Branch.
October 1982 to Crewe.
November 1985 to Kingmoor.
August 19th 1986 to unserviceable store.
Withdrawn September 13th 1986.

Renumbered into TOPS April 20th 1974.
Renumbered to 25905 November 25th 1985.

After withdrawal 25905 was stored at Kingmoor. On July 14th 1988 25905 was moved to Upperby depot for inspection but then returned to Kingmoor. Another visit was made to Upperby on November 10th 1988, prior to moving to Mossend Yard by November 25th 1988 and to BRML Glasgow Works the next day for component recovery. During October 1989 25905 moved into MC Metal Processing's yard. By the middle of February 1990 25905 was no more.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works September & October 1972 (collision damage).
Noted Derby Works December 1972.
Noted Crewe Works May 1974.
Noted Derby Works August 1975.
Noted Derby Works June 1976.
Noted Derby Works December 1977 - March 1978.
Noted Glasgow Works August & September 1979 (general repair).


1972: On August 3rd services north of Crewe were seriously disrupted when 7636 & 7635 became derailed near Winsford station after running through catch points whilst hauling the 6M55 15.22 West Thurrock - Corkickle freight (eight 100 ton empty tanks). An overhead gantry was hit, the lead locomotive nearly falling into a country lane. The crew fortunately escaped with only minor injuries.

1975: In the early hours of June 6th whilst waiting on the slow lines with a coal train at Nuneaton station 25286 witnessed the high speed derailment of the 5ths 23.30 Euston Glasgow sleeper service. The two locomotives, 86006 & 86242 became parted, with the latter causing considerable damage to itself and the station, bringing down several gantries that caused minor damage to the Class 25. All the coaches were derailed, with damage being heaviest at the front of the train, tragically six lives were lost. By the evening of 6th the Bescot, Crewe & Saltley cranes were present alongside other engineering trains, in the hands of 24074, 47034 and three Class 25s. Six coaches, (five sleepers and a BG) were broken up on site. By the 11th engineering/rewiring trains were still present including 24074 and 25193, the latter having been on-site since the day of the accident. Two days later only 24058 was on hand with an engineers train.

1979: On July 4th the 05.34 Holyhead - Trafford Park freightliner was worked by 25286 instead of the more normal Class 40.

1984: August 31st saw 25285 & 25286 working an afternoon Llanwern Dee Marsh steel coils working.

1985: On October 16th 25286 arrived at Newcastle hauling a failed dmu on the 15.45 ex Carlisle service.

The first recorded passenger workings for D7636/25286 involve the summer dated roundtrip Sheffield - Llandudno Town service, D7636 worked the services on July 29th 1967 and on August 26th 1967, on the latter date with 7634.

On December 15th 1972 the 13.50 Derby - St. Pancras was worked from Derby to Leicester by 134 & 7636, possibly a Works running-in turn for the Class 25. On June 30th 1973 7636 & 7612 worked a Leicester - Yarmouth service.

On July 8th 1978 25286 & 25268 worked the Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall passenger diagram.

The 11.05 Manchester Victoria - Holyhead was worked by 25286 on June 22nd 1979 & July 7th 1979. A day excursion on July 16th 1979 from Coventry to Blaenau Ffestiniog was worked from Crewe to Llandudno Junction by 25286 & 25270. The Nottingham - Llandudno Town on July 21st 1979 was worked forward from Derby, returning throughout to Nottingham. On September 30th 197 25286 was north of the border working the 04.20 Mossend Yard - Glasgow Queen Street forward from Cowlairs Junction, being the portion off the 1S07 Euston - Inverness, followed on the next day (October 1st) with 21.50 Euston - Fort William again between Cowlairs Junction and Glasgow Queen Street.

A roundtrip relief Nottingham - Skegness was worked by 25286 & 25269 on May 26th 1980. The 14.00 Glasgow Central - Carlisle was worked by 25286 on August 19th 1980.

On June 20th 1981 25286 & 25032 worked the 08.35 Derby - Yarmouth to Norwich and the 14.20 Yarmouth - Derby from Norwich. The next day (21st) the same pair worked a Leicester - Skegness roundtrip. The relief (?) 10.50 Barrow - Lancaster and a return Lancaster - Barrow were worked on August 22nd 1981 by 25286 (may have been August 15th?). On October 10th 1981 a Bolton - Stratford-on-Avon day excursion was worked by 25286 & 25032 throughout(?). On this date 25286 is also recorded as working an Edinburgh - Blackpool North day excursion forward from Preston.

On March 5th 1982 the 18.05 Euston - Blackpool North was worked from Preston by 25286. The 15.12 Manchester Piccadilly - Harwich P.Q. on November 2nd 1982 was noted arriving at Peterborough having worked from Manchester or Sheffield?

Sisters 25286 & 25285 worked the 00.30 Manchester Piccadilly - Euston forward from Rugby on August 7th 1983 due to engineering works. A diesel multiple unit failure on September 18th 1983 saw 25286 working the 08.35 Northwich - Manchester Piccadilly.

The failure of a Class 33 on a Cardiff - Crewe service on July 15th (?) 1984 saw 25286 drag the service to Crewe (from Hereford?). On September 1st 1984 the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth got into trouble with 25178 & 25192, these were replaced at Forden by sisters 25285 & 25286 which after reversing to Welshpool worked only to Machynlleth where the service was terminated due to late running. At Machynlleth the train was turned around to become the 17.38 Machynlleth - Shrewsbury.

1985 produced quite a crop of workings for 25286. When the Class 45/1 working the 11.14 Bangor - Newcastle failed at Warrington on January 19th 1985 25286 took the service to Manchester Victoria. A month later on February 21st 1985 the diesel multiple unit working the 15.06 Preston - Leeds (via Copy Pit) failed before departure, 25286 worked the train to Leeds. A 01.30 Crewe - Stoke-on-Trent relief was worked by 25286 on April 21st 1985. On June 28th (or 14th) 1985 the 18.15 Cardiff - Manchester Piccadilly with 45046 swapped power with 25286 scheduled to work a heavy freight, but the Class 25 was low on power and given the easier task from Hereford to Crewe Gresty Lane. 'The Silver Hammer' railtour on August 3rd 1985 from Euston to Maxwelltown was worked roundtrip between Carlisle & Maxwelltown by 25286 & 25200. Later that day 25286 worked the 17.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central. Two days later (Aug 5th) 25286 & 25315 worked the relief 10.41 Exeter St. Davids - Edinburgh forward from Carstairs. This same service was also worked on August 19th 1985 by 25286 & 25296. The remaining passenger workings for 25286 during 1985 were all on the Scottish Region. On August 31st 1985 25286 worked the 08.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central, the 13.45 Glasgow Central - Carlisle (with 37226) and the 17.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central. A roundtrip over the Edinburgh - Carstairs route took place on October 15th 1985, working the 14.00 Carstairs - Edinburgh (portion off the 07.47 Cardiff - Glasgow) and the 18.10 Edinburgh - Carstairs (portion for the 18.10 Glasgow - Manchester).

During November 1985 25286 was transferred to Kingmoor and renumbered to 25905.

The last two recorded passenger workings for 25286/25905 were very short. On May 11th 1986 engineering work between Liverpool Lime Street & Edge Hill saw the 16.40 Liverpool - Poole and 17.46 Liverpool - Brighton dragged by 25905.

Pictures of D7636/7636/25286/25905

Looking northbound, Springs Branch allocated 25286 drops down across Great Rocks Junction to deliver another load of empties on April 24th 1979. Behind the locomotive lies an area previously used by the steam locomotives that once powered these stone workings.
25286 (25905) date & location unknown. After withdrawal 25905 surrendered its power unit to 97252. It was moved to Glasgow Works during November 1988 and was broken by MC Metals, Glasgow during February 1989.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

Passenger workings courtesy Alan Baylis (www.class25.info)
Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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