class 25 withdrawals
Class 25 Withdrawals - Part 4
from 151 to 200 (November 1982 - October 1983)

For this batch of locomotives the rate of withdrawal quickened somewhat, it had taken eighteen months to retire the 101st - 150th Class 25, the following fifty would take only nine months to complete.

As detailed on the previous page November 1982 had proved to be a disastrous month for the Class 25's with twelve withdrawn, eight featured on the previous page, the remaining four opening up this page.

151 - 155 : November 1982
(25093 BS, 25139 & 25143 TO, 25177, 25179 & 25180 CW, 25186 TO, 25187 LO see previous page for these.)
25126 & 25214 CD, 25248 & 25270 TO, 25304 CD
all withdrawn November 28th 1982

This batch of machines included the first build of the series three (25/3) and examples from Beyer Peacock.

(Page undergoing reconstruction, these withdrawals featured on the previous page.)

157 - 164 : December 1982
25130 CW withdrawn December 6th 1982
25067 CW & 25260 BS withdrawn December 13th 1982
25131 CW withdrawn December 19th 1982
25036 BS, 25062 KD, 25132 LO & 25134 BS withdrawn December 20th 1982

December proved to be almost as bad as November with eight Class 25s retired. This considerable fallout was due to a major reshuffle of LMR locomotives, particuluarly involving Classes 25 & 40, with a large transfer of locomotives from Springs Branch to Crewe.

As mentioned on a previous page, as the ordered withdrawals of the Class 25s occurred there were occasionally batches of sequentially numbered locomotive withdrawn at the same time. This is clearly obvious in these December withdrawals as 25130, 25131, 25132 & 25134 were taken out of service. 25135 was retired in January 1983 and 25136 in February.

These withdrawals also marked the point where the active fleet was now numerically less than the total of withdrawn Class 25s.

For the purposes of this page the withdrawal of 25131 is recorded here. After withdrawal it would be reinstated to Toton under the guise of 97202, but was never again used in revenue earning service. In January 1984 it was transferred back to capital stock as 25131 but then promptly withdrawn!

25036 broken up Swindon Works during June 1985.
25062 broken up Swindon Works during April 1985.
25067 preserved.
25130 broken up Swindon Works during January 1987.
25131 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during June 1987.
25132 broken up Swindon Works during November 1984.
25134 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during June 1987.
25260 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during June 1987.


165 - 166 : January 1983
25101 & 25135 BS
both withdrawn January 16th 1983

After the heavy inroads made in November & December to the Class 25 fleet it came as a small relief to see only two retired in January 1983, with both examples taken from the Bescot allocation. February proved to be an even quiter month than January - no Class 25s were withdrawn!

25101 broken up Swindon Works during November 1985.
25135 broken up Swindon Works during August 1986.


February 1983

There were no Class 25 retirements during this month.

Movements during February 1983 included:
25093, 25248, 40055 & 40186 Crewe - Derby February 3rd 1983 with the Class 40's forwarded on to Doncaster
25318 Toton - Bescot February 3rd 1983, then Bescot - Blackburn - Carlisle - Glasgow February 9th - 22nd 1983.

167 - 171 : March 1983
25233 LO withdrawn March 13th 1983
25314 CW & 25319 CD withdrawn March 20th 1983
25075 CW withdrawn March 27th 1983
25136 CW withdrawn March 28th 1983

Withdrawals picked up in March, of the five withdrawn three came from Cricklewood depot, whilst three (25233, 25314 & 25319) were dual braked.

25075 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during June 1987.
25136 broken up Swindon Works during September 1986.
25233 broken up Swindon Works during May 1985.
25314 broken up M C Metals, Glasgow during August 1994.
25319 broken up Swindon Works during December 1985.


Movements during March 1983 included:
25056 9Z84 Tinsley - Toton March 9th 1983, using wheel skates.

172 - 177 : April 1983
25153 CD withdrawn April 3rd 1983
25219 CD withdrawn April 6th 1983
25144 BS withdrawn April 18th 1983
25033 CD, 25050 CW & 25317 CD withdrawn April 25th 1983

April continued the trend set in March, another six biting the dust from a variety of depots, three of which were dual brake fitted (25033, 25050 & 25317). Included in this bunch were two involved in a collision with each other (25033 & 25050), and regrettably the 1,000th diesel locomotive constructed at Derby Locomotive Works (25317) - fame would not save that machine.

25033 broken up Vic Berry at Etches Park during March 1986.
25050 broken up Swindon Works during March 1985.
25144 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during June 1987.
25153 broken up Vic Berry, Leicester during July 1987.
25219 broken up Swindon Works during February 1987.
25317 broken up Swindon Works during April 1986.


177 - 182 : May 1983
25123 CD withdrawn May 1st 1983
25027 CD withdrawn May 9th 1983
25090 BS, 25158 & 25168 CD withdrawn May 22 1983
25167 CD withdrawn May 29th 1983

May brought a considerable number of transfers to the Class 31 & 37 fleets, no doubt having some impact on the six Class 25's withdrawn during this month. Included in this batch was the elder statesman of the Class - 25027, this honour would now pass to 25032. Of interest perhaps also was the withdrawals of 25167 & 25168, delivered together back in December 1964 their allocation histories were very similar, especially in their later years. After withdrawal they would make their final journey to Swindon together and be cut up during the same month, April 1984.

25027, date and location not known. 25027 spent eight years at ER depots, then just over a year at Haymarket, followed by its final eight years at LMR depots. After withdrawal it was dumped at Saltley for fifteen months, then moved to Swindon in March 1985. Swindon however didn't finish the job, that was left to Vic Berry's at Leicester during September 1987, 25027 having spent over four years in a withdrawan state.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
5240 at Springs Branch during March 1973. This was a very well travelled machine, with many allocations to LMR depots, and a three month stint on the SR during 1964. 25090 spent about a year dumped at Toton before being hauled off to Swindon during July 1984. By February 1985 25090 had been completely dismantled.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.
A fine view of 25123 & 25235 with a lengthy train at Warrington on a damp May 19th 1982. 25123 has about one more year to run before being sidelined at Springs Branch. After withdrawal it reached Bristol Bath Road during September 1983, remaining here until November 1984 when it moved to Swindon, however Vic Berry's yard at Leicester would become its last resting place, during July 1987, some four years after being withdrawn.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover
25158 at Manchester Victoria, date unknown. 25158 was allocated to the LMR & WR depots, ending its days with a seven year stint at Crewe. Like a number of other machines withdrawn during this period, 25158 spent about a year at a depot, in this case Newton Heath, then it was off to Swindon (June 1984), then a final trip to Vic Berry's before its demise there during June 1987.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson
25167 & 31279 at Toton on August 28th 1982. The longevity of 25167 was much shorter than many of the machines withdrawn during this time period. Taken out of service at Crewe it lingered here for eight months before dispatch to Swindon on February 15th 1984. Less than two months later Swindon had done its job and 25167 was no more.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover
7518 & 7519 date and location unknown. The demise of 25167 (above) and 25168 were almost identical, however 25168 was withdrawn one week prior to 25167, but both moved to Swindon together. The picture shows the typical condition that many Class 25's ended up in - this example still retains its original circular exhaust port. Both 25167 & 25168 had very similar allocation histories on the LMR & WR.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond

183 - 185 : June 1983
25215 CD withdrawn June 19th 1983
25113 & 25227 CD withdrawn June 26th 1983

June brought three more withdrawals, all from Crewe depot. Unlike the earlier withdrawals these three machines would not linger long in a withdrawn state, they were smartly marched off to Swindon, with all three broken up by year's end.

25113 was always allocated to LMR depots, with much of its time spent at depots in the north-west, as seen in this view at Springs Branch, date unknown. After withdrawal it was dumped at Kingmoor during June 1983, moved to Swindon late in August 1983 and by October 1983 it had been completely broken up at Swindon. In the photograph 25113 looks very ex-works, suggesting this view may date to about February/March 1977 when it received a major shopping.
Photograph collection Ian Hammond.
Crewe allocated 25215 joins 56050 & 56036 at Toton on July 29th 1981. This was another Class 25 to come to a very swift end spending only four months withdrawn prior to scrapping at Swindon in October 1983. Judging by the condition of this locomotive it was a long time from its last repair and should have been due a heavy repair. This was a well travelled machine spending time at depots on the LMR, ScR & WR.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover.
7577 at Exeter on June 16th 1973 - 25227 would be allocated to LMR, WR & ScR depots during its lifetime. Like the other two Class 25's withdrawn at this time, 25227 met with a relatively swift end, it ended its days dumped at Cricklewood during the summer of 1983, by December 1983 Swindon had finished it off.
Photograph collection Ian Hammond.

Movements during June 1983 included:
25314, 25319, 40007 & 40019 Crewe - Derby June 23rd 1983 with the Class 40's going forward to Doncaster.
25317 Crewe - Toton - Derby June 28th - July 3rd 1983.

186 - 187 : July 1983
25247 CD withdrawn July 24th 1983
25305 BS withdrawn July 31st 1983

Two withdrawals in July, one definately a milestone of sorts in the shape of 25247, the last diesel locomotive built at Darlington Works. The other, unremarkable at first, would be converted into the first ETHEL and have an existance into the 1990's.

25247 at Eastfield, date unknown. After 12 years allocated to LMR depots, 25247 moved to Eastfield in late 1976 and spent six years on the ScR prior to its final nine months on the LMR at Kingmoor. 25247 was initially dumped at Crewe but quickly moved down to Swindon and by November 1983 Darlington's last built locomotive had been reduced to scrap.
Photograph collection of webmaster.
25305 at Sheffield, date unknown. 25305 was always allocated to LMR depots, either in the Midlands or the London area. 25305 had already survived one withdrawal during June 1981 and reinstatement in August 1982. Its second withdrawal sent it northwards, to Aberdeen, for conversion to the first ETHEL. This would provide another decade's existance before succumbing to the scrapman at MC Metals, Glasgow during August 1994.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.

188 - 193 : August 1983
25146 KD withdrawn August 7th 1983
25164 CD withdrawn August 21st 1983
25079 LO, 25133 KD, 25184 LO, 25240 CD withdrawn August 28th 1983

Not even the extra summer traffic could halt the withdrawal of six Class 25's, from a variety of depots during August.

25079 at York, date unknown but no later than June 1977. 25079 spent time allocated to LMR, ER & ScR depots. Its demise was relatively quick after withdrawal from Longsight, by the end of September 1983 it had reached Swindon and was gone by the year's end.
Photographer unknown.
5283 possibly at Crewe, date unknown. 25133 was a well travelled machine, allocated only to a great variety of LMR depots. It was another one of the many Class 25's to visit Derby Works prior to dispatch to Swindon, but was not broken up there. It made one last journey, back to Leicester, allowing Vic Berry's men to do their job during June 1987.
Photograph collection Rex Conway.
An ex-works 25146 arrives at Leicester sometime during 1978. This locomotive was always allocated to LMR depots apart from three months during 1964 when it was on loan to Colwick (40E). It would return to Derby Works during October 1983, its working days done, then off to Swindon during February 1985 and quickly broken up there two months later.
Photographer not known.
Another relatively smart looking Class 25, this time 25164 at Crewe, date unknown. Apart from four years allocated to four WR depots, the remainder of its time was spent allocated to LMR depots. After withdrawal it was off to Derby Works and then down to Swindon during July 1985, but escaped from here only to end its days at Vic Berry's, Leicester during July 1987.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
Longsight allocated 25184 at its home depot on July 10th 1978, this machine was always allocated to LMR depots. Five more years of service lie ahead for 25184, including a brief period in store before being reinstated, prior to its final call to Swindon during September 1983, by February of the same year 25184 would be gone.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.
25240 at Springs Branch on May 7th 1974, at this time 25240 was allocated to Springs Branch, its allocations would only be to LMR & ScR depots. This was another Class 25 to suffer a swift demise, coming to its end at Swindon during December 1983.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.

194 - 195 : September 1983
25243 CW withdrawn September 11th 1983
25253 CD withdrawn September 25th 1983

Two withdrawals came in September, one unfortunately after the locomotive sustained fire damage.

7593 at Derby sometime during 1972. 25243 had just spent four years allocated to ER depots, all its other allocations were to LMR depots, principally in the Midlands or in London. 25243 ended its days at Bletchley in August 1983 after catching fire on a cement working, it was shipped off to Swindon during early November 1983 and was scrapped the following month.
Photograph courtesy D Coxon.
Crewe allocated 25253 at Springs Branch on July 26th 1981. Its first three years were on allocation to ER & ScR depots, then followed fourteen years at LMR depots. 25253's last Intermediate repair at Derby gave it three more years service, it returned there upon withdrawal but was eventually sent on to Swindon as part of the second large scrap engine movement early in February 1985, and was broken up during October 1985.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.

Movements during September included:
25033 Birkenhead - Derby September 21st - 23rd 1983
25079 ? - Swindon September 29th 1983.

196 - 200 : October 1983
25115 CW withdrawn October 3rd 1983
25086 CD & 25106 KD withdrawn October 9th 1983
25308 TO withdrawn October 16th 1983
25124 CW withdrawn October 20th 1983

The withdrawals in October increased slightly, covering locomotives allocated to four depots.

A full house at 25086 Eastfield, date unknown but possibly not long after completing its last Intermediate repair at Glasgow in April 1980. This repair provided 25086 with another three and a half years service. After withdrawal it spent fifteen months dumped at Newton Heath prior to movement to Swindon in February 1985, lingering here until March 1986 when 25086 was finally broken up.
Photograph courtesy Ian Mawson.
25106 & 25120 head south through Preston on May 12th 1982. This was a well travelled machine, with allocations to several ER depots and many LMR depots. After withdrawal it was briefly dumped at Springs Branch whilst awaiting a tow to Swindon, which came during November 1983 and quickly cut up during February 1984.
Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover.
Toton allocated 25115 at Dawlish on June 11th 1979 working the 14.10 Exeter - Paignton.
Photograph courtesy Peter Lovell.
25124 at Springs Branch on January 20th 1978. This was always an LMR allocated machine, including much time on the ICI limestone workings. After spending time at Crewe & Tyseley 25124 was moved to Swindon late in March 1984, but would not be scrapped until December 1986. The lighting on this photograph provides great detail of the bogies and underframe equipment.
Photograph collection of Ian Hammond.
25308 was briefly put to store in April 1982 then returned to service during July 1982 gaining the power unit from accident damaged 25312. This provided another fifteen months service prior to withdrawal and storage at Crewe. It was sent to Swindon early in February 1984 and broken up there in December 1984. But in this view on July 19th 1981 25308 still has many miles to run & makes ready for departure from Shrewsbury.
Photograph courtesy Alan Baylis.

Movements during October 1983 included:
25106 Springs Branch - Swindon October 28th - November 16th 1983
25243 Bletchley - Acton - Swindon October 31st - November 8th 1983.

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