D5098, 5098, 24098
D5098, 5098, 24098

FROM MR CHRISTOPHER PARKINSON PARKINSONCHRISTOPHER@YMAIL.COM SOURCES FROM THE BOOKS OF MR JOHN BATES 1965 SUNDAY 7 MARCH 1965 YORK SHED 50 A D5100 (DONE) D5096 (DONE) D5098 D5099 D5239 THORNABY SHED 51 L D5167 D5166 D5169 D5172 D5164 D5155 D5175 D5163 D5159 D5156 D5170 D5174 SATURDAY 3 APRIL 1965 AT MILLES PIATTING D5268 ON FREIGHT AT BAGULEY FOLD AT 1750 SATURDAY 17 APRIL 1965 D5136 ECS AT MANCHESTER PICCADILLY AT 2300 SUNDAY 18 APRIL 1965 D5138 ON VANS AT EDGELEY D5104 STABIED AT NEWCASTLE CENTRAL SUNDAY 18 APRIL 1965 ON GATESHEAD SHED 52 A D5102 D5150 D5106 D5149 D5180 D5103 D5109 D5113 HEATON C.S D5178 D5108 D5147 D5177 THORNABY SHED 51 L D5163 D5162 D5167 D5154 D5152 D5157 D5155 D5156 D5172 D5169 D5153 SATURDAY 24 APRIL 1965 D5277 ON HOPPERS AT NORTHWICH SATURDAY 22 MAY 1965 D7545 LIGHT AT MANCHESTER CENTRAL MONDAY 7 JUNE 1965 D5016 2020 BELLE VUE TO BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET 1Z70 SUNDAY 13 JUNE 1965 D7586 1130 GUIDGE BRIDGE TO BLACKPOOL NORTH D7586 2025 BLACKPOOL NORTH TO GUIDGE BRIDGE SATURDAY 14 AUGUST 1965 D5286 STABIED AT HOLBECK SUNDAY 22 AUGUST 1965 D5083 LIGHT AT CREWE STATION AT 1845 THURSDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 1965 D7520/D7595 (DONE) STABIED AT MILES PIATTING YARD AT 1715 SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 1965 D5143 ON PW TRAIN AT STAFFORD D5076 PW TRAIN AT RUGBY STATION D5029 D5019 STABIED AT BLETCHLEY MONDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 1965 WILLESDEN SHED D5009 D5084 QUEENS PARK D5081 LIGHT TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 1965 D5135 ON FRIGHT AT WATFORD JUNCTION D5030 STABIED ON STONEBRIDGE PARK D5000/D5001 ON BLETCHLEY YARD SATURDAY 2 OCTOBER 1965 D5298 PW TRAIN AT CASTIETON SUNDAY 24 OCTOBER 1965 AT DONCASTER WORKS D5147 D5104 SUNDAY 14 NOVEMBER 1965 D5198 STABIED ON CREWE NORTH SHED SUNDAY 21 NOVEMBER 1965 D5001 ON VANS TO DURHAM AT STALYBRIDGE 0030 SUNDAY 5 DECEMBER 1965 DERBY WORKS D5135 D5166 D5298 D7598 D7602 D7566 D7567 D7600 D7576 D7588 D7599 D7601 D5268 D7562 D7564 D5054 D5087 DERBY SHED D5011 D7634 D5205 D7572 D5230 D7529 D5198 D7540 D5189 D7591 D7559 D7582 D7505 D5185 D7532 D5224 D7548 D7560 D5293 D7521 D7569 D7543 D7538 D7594 TOTON SHED D5201 D5267 D5280 D7579 D5272 D7504 D5231 D5235 D5259 D5287 D5186 D5284 D5237 D7544 D7542 D7571 D7577 D5261 D7545 D7561 D5240 D7558 D5201 D7597 D5261 D5299 D5285 D5256 D5242 D5228 D5288 D7527 D5265 SUNDAY 5 DECEMBER 1965 NOTTINGHAM SHED D7563 D7511 D7533 D5270 D5209 D5290 COLWICH SHED D5195 D7557 D7554


Photograph by Arthur Staddon / courtesy CIKF Photo Archive.
D5098 at the east side of Selby station looking north on May 8th 1963. Barlby Mills is just visible in the distance above Selby Yard goods sheds. The building with chimney, to the right of the locomotive, is Ousegate Maltings.

The fifteen year three month career of D5098/24098 saw allocations to North Eastern Region and Scottish Region depots.

Built BR Darlington Works (batch D5094 - D5113).
Shortened fuel tank & full size water tank (retained until withdrawn).
Four upper and four lower air filters on non-BIS side, three upper and four lower on BIS side.
Headcode discs centered on cab front (Glasgow modification).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: ?? months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 8 months.


The frames for D5098 were laid down at Darlington Works during December 1959, D5098 was new to Gateshead (52A) on May 26th 1960. Further transfers were:

March 1963 to York (50A).
June 1967 to Holbeck (55A).
October 1971 to Polmadie (66A).
March 1972 to Eastfield (65A).
August 4th 1975 - stored serviceable.
August 16th 1975 withdrawn.

Renumbered February 1974.

After withdrawal 24098 was stored at Cadder Yard from August 1975 until October 1975 when it was moved to Glasgow Works. It remained there until February 18th 1976, when it was forwarded to Doncaster Works and was broken up by May 1976.

Movement: 24008/95/98 Glasgow Works – Doncaster February 18th 1976.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Darlington Works August 1960.
Noted Darlington Works January - April & June 1961 (continuous?).
Noted Derby Works February & October 1967.
Noted Glasgow Works May 1969.
Noted Glasgow Works August 1972.
Noted Glasgow Works October 1973 (collision damage).
Noted Glasgow Works September 1974.
Noted Glasgow Works May 1975.


D5098 was part of a batch of eighteen (D5096 - D5113) delivered from Darlington Works to Gateshead (52A) during 1960. Delivery date from Darlington for D5098 was May 26th.

Condition new: green livery with frame level stripe, full size water tank, shortened fuel tank, boiler room grills, hand/footholds present, ridge sided sandboxes, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, engine exhaust in original position.

Photograph courtesy Dave Burdon.
Two wonderful views of D5098 at Carlisle Citadel on August 1st 1960. D5098 is about two months out of Darlington Works and still retains its ex-works finish. It has presumably brought in some sort of working from the Newcastle area.

Photograph courtesy Dave Burdon.
Whilst D5098 rests at Carlise the sun catches its still fresh paintwork, the grey trim on the boiler room grill is still obvious.

D5098 was present at Darlington Works from January to June, it seems the Class 24s, despite their newness, were frequent visitors to the Works, some like D5098 for considerable lengths of time.

D5098, D5099 & D5100 were transferred to York during March, and along with a number of others were partly responsible for the closure of Scarborough shed on May 18th 1963, the steam freight workings being replaced by D5096/98/99 & 5100/76 the following Monday.

Condition date uncertain: green livery with small yellow warning panels, curved upper corners, shortened fuel tank, full size water tank, blanking plates fitted, hand/footholds present, ridge sided sandboxes, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, engine exhaust in original position, steam style shedplate on cabfront (showing 50A).

Condition date uncertain: green livery with small yellow warning panels, curved upper corners, shortened fuel tank, full size water tank, blanking plates fitted, hand/footholds present, ridge sided sandboxes, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, steam style shedplate on cabfront (showing 50A).

An Open Day at Leeds Holbeck on September 30th, no doubt celebrating the twilight of steam in the area, especially the few remaining Jubilees, found the following Sulzer Type 2’s on ‘display’: D5096, 5100/73/79, 5254/90, 7526/48/68-70/95 & 7625.

D5098 visited Derby Works during February & October.

From the departed Steam & Sail collection comes this classic view of the Heysham - Leeds oil tanks, possibly about 1967 when the oil tank train was frequently doubleheaded with a Carnforth 9F and a Type 2, in this case D5098.

Condition February: green livery with full yellow cabfronts, gangway doors present, steam style shed plate on cabfront, full size water tank, shortened fuel tank, blanking plates fitted, hand/footholds present, straight sided sandboxes, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, some valencing missing.

5098 visited Glasgow Works during May.



Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
5098 and its train of parcels stock is about to disappear under Holgate bridge at the south end of York station on July 29th 1971. Within a couple of months the Scottish Region would be its new home.

On August 29th 5098 & 5099 (both in blue livery) worked a twelve coach mystery excursion from the Whitehaven area to Cleethorpes, running via Carnforth, Skipton, Leeds avoiding line and the Doncaster avoiding line. It is presumed the Class 24s worked throughout.

A re-shuffling of the fleet took place to bring to an end the few remaining NBL & Claytons locomotives on the Scottish Region. Part of this plan involved Type 2s from Gateshead & Holbeck, which included 5098 moving to Polmadie during October.

When Polmadie shed closed in March 5098 moved across town to Eastfield (65A). During August 5098 made a brief visit to Glasgow Works.

5098 visited Glasgow Works for accident repairs during October.

24098 was noted at Glasgow Works during September.

During August 24098 was stored serviceable and then withdrawn.


Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
Its the end of the line for 24098 at Glasgow Works on October 21st 1975, however it will require a tow down to Doncaster before it is finally cut up.

24098 had been noted at Glasgow Works during May, by August it was in store with other Class 24s at Cadder Yard, whether it saw service between May & August is uncertain. Although several Class 24s ended their days at Glasgow, 24098 was not to be one of them, it was eventually towed down to Doncaster on February 18th 1976 and broken up there in May 1976.

Condition final: blue/yellow livery, gangway doors sheeted over, headcode discs centered on cabfront, full size water tank, shortened fuel tank, blanking plates fitted, hand/footholds plated over, ridge sided sandboxes, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps.

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