derby station
South-West from Derby
(Derby - Stenson Jct.)

In this view looking south west from platform four 47352 approaches with an engineers train on August 25 1992.

Immediately beyond the platforms at the south end of Derby station the route split, with the lines to Leicester and London curving east whilst the line to Burton and Birmingham disappeared under the London Road bridge. Both routes, for the parts in Derbyshire are pretty much level without major obstacles apart from the rivers Derwent and Trent

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London Road Curve, Derby

Taken off the very south end of the parcels platform is this gloroius scene of 73159 taking the London line as it departs from Derby on a glorious sunny afternoon. The locomotive appears to be in a rundown condition with a badly singed smoke box door. Compared to the view of the Class 47 above so much has now changed. Date and photographer for this view are unknown.
From the footbridge at the south end of the station that gave access to the Loco Works comes this undated view of 42053 arriving at Derby. As usual there are quite a few spotters lingering at the end of the parcels bay. Photographer unknown.
Of interest to the rail enthusiasts was the London Road curve, a location for the stabling of locomotives awaiting their next turn of duty. It was also a place where recently outshopped locomotives from Derby Works would be placed pending their return to duty. Seen here is 45141 on June 19 1985.
Here is the view from London Road bridge, a well worn vantage point for spotters as it gave an excellent view of the curve, and with a powerful pair of binoculars one could see into the Loco Works yard. 20038 and partner drift south-west on an unknown date.
Photo courtesy Robert Inns.
A final view of the curve with 31131 & 20062 on parade sometime in 1976.
Its July 23rd 1988 and 47621 is captured working a Bristol - York at London Road Junction, Derby. The solid rake of Mark 1's is in contrast to the modern livery image carried by the Class 47. It is also the twilight of the Peaks, within two weeks all will be over for them in regular service.
Photograph courtesy John Griffiths.
Three brand new Class 47's D1760, D1761 & D1762 are parked on the London Road curve, Derby with St Andrews church partially visible in the background. The Class 47's are no doubt at Derby to complete their acceptance trials.
Photograph collection of webmaster.
Pear Tree/Osmaston Park Road

Looking southwest from the Osmaston Road overbridge the Sinfin branch curves away to the left whilst 60036 heads north with a trainload of ??. My grandfather used to maintain an allotment here that overlooked the tracks, I vaguely remember visits here, trying to get a good vantage point to view the trains over the ever present wildly overgrown hedge.
Photograph courtesy John Glynn.
Another memory from the PearTree area was recalled following this picture appearing in the Derby Evening Telegraph of this crashed Hawker Hurricane on railway property close by PearTree station on July 24 1940. My grandfather was at the now demolished Normanton Barracks and after hearing the plane in trouble and its consequent crash, hurried to the site to assist in the rescue of the pilot.
Looking north on May 13th 1998 finds 56070 in charge of the 6V67 Wakefield - Cardiff freight.

Photograph courtesy John Glynn.

Goodsmoor Road, Sinfin/Sunnyhill

Situated several miles south of Derby on the Sinfin/Sunnyhill border the bridge at Goodsmoor Road provides a fine vantage point for viewing the railway. Here 45026 heads southwest with a train bound for the Southern Region sometime during August 1975.
Almost thirty years have passed in this view (April 2004) as a Virgin Voyager is captured at the same location as 45026. The factory is long gone with housing now right up to the lineside and as in most cases there is much more trackside greenery now.
31245 heads north with an empty steel train, no doubt bound for the Sheffield or Teeside area, August 1975.
A pair of Class 20's come off the freight loop and take the main line south west towards Burton. Hidden behind them is a Crewe - Derby - Lincoln service with one of the once familiar three car Swindon units that were maintained at Etches Park, August 1975.
Stenson Junction

Any one visiting Stenson Jct in the 1970's would more often than not come across one of Toton's Class 44's shuttling between Toton and the Birmingham area. After their brief spell in the spotlight at the beginning of the careers D1 - D10 migrated to Toton for freight duties for almost twenty years, seen here is 44004 on June 8th 1979.
Another view from April 2004, this time looking north with an un-identified DMU heading towards Birmingham. The lines into the power station are all gone, though a short length of track, with signal still remain close to Stenson Jct & clutter now starts to occupy the former trackbed.
It's a cold, frosty/misty January 12th 1979 as 25124 & 25134 head south-west with a train of loaded ballast wagons. I can't remember how many hours I spent at this location, usually in less than perfect weather, but this day wasn't too bad.
On the warm summer evenings a couple of hours were spent lineside before making for one of the fine local pubs. 25075 & 25117 with brake tender head towards Burton with a train of loaded coke hoppers, July 6, 1976.
Looking in the other direction with a rather empty Willington Power Station in the background is 25307 heading north with empty mineral wagons, whilst a long consist of vans passes in the opposite direction, July 6, 1976.
Almost thirty years on (April 2004) things are much different, the power station and all its trackwork is gone, though the transmission lines remain. The cooling towers - off camera to the left - were still present, just awaiting a contract for several thousand tons of crushed concrete as a base for some new road somewhere. More overgrowing shrubbery dictates that the train be photographed further down the track.
An overcast winter's day greets the photographer as a pair of somewhat workstained Class 25's head north towards Derby. The fence separating the power station lines from the main running lines certainly looks new. Compared to the 2004 views, the substantial telegraph poles and wires are gone, the jointed rail has been replaced by continuously welded rail and the foliage is taking over.
Photograph courtesy David Happs
A frosty, misty morning of January 12th 1979 at Willington finds an ETH fitted 47424 on coal train duties, not your normal run-of-the-mill Class 47 to be found on these workings, one wonders where Toton dug this up from.
Some twenty five years later (April 2004) the scene is changed somewhat. Coal is no longer received at Willington, the power station is mostly demolished, with all the trackwork lifted as seen here. On the mainline a Crewe - Derby DMU does its stuff. The concreted posted chain link fence still remains though.

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