D5126, 5126, 24126
D5126, 5126, 24126

The sixteen year seven month career of D5126/24126 was spent allocated only to Scottish Region depots.

Built BR Derby Locomotive Works (batch D5114 - D5150).
Shortened fuel & water tank.
Four upper and four lower air filters on non-BIS side, three upper and four lower on BIS side.
Scottish 'Highland' modifications: twin headlights, tablet catcher, cantrail water filler sheeted over, winterisation features: boiler room grille, gangway door weatherstripping, headcode box weatherproofing.
Circular gauge added to fuel tank.
Battery Isolating Switch Cover modification (one hinged door).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: ?? months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 18 months.


The frames for D5126 were laid down at Derby Locomotive Works during May 1960, D5126 was new to Inverness (60A) on July 23rd 1960. Further transfers were:

October 1975 to Haymarket.
December 18th 1975 to store (unserviceable).
February 2nd 1976 withdrawn.

Renumbered July 1974.

After withdrawal 24126 was stored at Millerhill (?) until moved to Doncaster depot during May 1976, remaining there until about December 1976 when it was moved to Doncaster Works and broken up by August 1977.

Photograph collection of webmaster.
Its the end of the line for 24126, seen here at Doncaster depot, prior to transfer across to the Works for breaking. The locomotive sports the beefed up headcode panel, no doubt to deal with the more severe winters found in the highlands of Scotland. It also carries an unusual arrangement for the electrification flashes.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Glasgow Works October 1969.
Noted Glasgow Works August 1973.
Noted Glasgow Works October 1974.


D5126 & D5131 worked the 11.00 Inverness - Perth on May 22nd.

Condition April: green livery with small yellow warning panels, curved upper corners, warning panel covers frame level stripe, gangway doors and headcode box glazing without weatherproofing enhancements, shortened fuel & water tanks, boiler room grilles fitted, hand/footholds present, cantrail water filler present, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, ridge sided sandboxes. three piece miniature snowploughs fitted, tablet catcher fitted, engine exhaust in original location.

Photograph courtesy Mike MacDonald.
Its August 1963 and the Class 24s have been at Inverness for about three years, 5126 has changed a little since delivery from Derby. A yellow warning panel with rounded upper corners has been added. At the other end the tablet catcher equipment is just visible.

On August 15th 1963 D5126 was noted working the Aberfeldy branch with one coach.

On September 9th D5126 worked the 12.17pm Perth - Inverness via Forres, the 144 miles would take five hours eight minutes, the load being five passenger coaches and two four wheel vans, the latter would restriction the maximum speed to 50mph, the trailing load being 185 tons. September 9th 1963 was the centenary of the Highland main line.

On the morning of December 14th D5126 was shunting at Perth.

On the morning of June 13th D5116 was light engine at Perth whilst diesels at Perth shed included D210, D359, D1843, D2412, D2444, D3543, D3545, D5115, D5118, D5126, D5322, D5324, D5327, D5334, D5337, D5345, D5346 & D5355 and 29 steam locomotives.

On June 15th D5126 worked the five coach 15.15 Glasgow - Dundee.

On June 18th D5126 worked the seven coach 11.15 Glasgow - Dundee.

D5126 worked the 11.10 Thurso - Georgemas Junction on September 3rd.

D5126 worked the 17.15 Aberdeen - Glasgow (via Bridge of Dun) on July 8th.

On the morning of August 10th D5126 was at Glasgow Buchanan Street disposing of the stock from a sleeper service from Inverness.

Shortly after midnight on August 20th D5126 was at Carlisle with an up mail.

On the morning of September 3rd D5126 was light engine at Perth.

D5126 worked the 17.45 Manchester Victoria - Edinburgh forward from Carstairs on November 11th.

On March 25th D5120 & D5126 worked the 09.40 Glasgow Queen Street - Inverness.


Photograph courtesy J Ashley, collection of webmaster.
D5126 in green livery with a heavily work-stained grey roof at Eastfield depot, date unknown.

On the afternoon of January 18th 5126 was noted at Eastfield.

On August 7th 5126 & 5343 worked the 14.50 Edinburgh Waverley - Inverness.

5116 & 5126 worked the 14.55 Edinburgh - Inverness on April 9th.

5118 & 5126 worked the 08.20 Inverness - Edinburgh on August 27th.

On May 22nd D5120 & D5126 worked the 11.25 Inverness - Glasgow.

5126 worked the 11.28 Thurso - Georgemas Junction on June 12th.

The WCML was blocked on October 6th after Class 47 No.1836 ran away with its train at Wamphray and collided with a preceding freight, the locomotive amongst other things was seriously damaged. Diversions saw the Carlisle - Millerhill freights run via Newcastle, amongst the local machines recorded were Inverness based ‘foreigners’ 5126 and 5119.

Photograph courtesy Bernard Mills.
5126 northbound at Dingwall on September 18th 1971. The train is crossing with the southbound Wirral Railway Circle 'Hebridean Express' powered by 5125 & 5129 and returning from Kyle of Lochalsh.

On October 9th 5126 worked a Wick/Thurso - Inverness service.

On April 28th 5126 & 5130 worked the The Wirral Railway Circle's 'Hebridean Express' from Inverness to Kyle.

Condition April: blue/yellow livery, gangway doors fitted with substantial weatherproofing, steam style shed plate on cab front, headlights fitted, tablet catcher fitted, shortened fuel & water tanks, solid blanking plates fitted (five slats), hand/footholds plated over, cantrail water filler sheeted over, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, ridge sided sandboxes. three piece miniature snowploughs fitted, two engine exhaust ports (circular - original and rectangular - above engine room).

5126 & 5125 worked the 08.20 Inverness - Edinburgh on June 18th.

On December 8th 5126 & 5123 worked the 1N20 09.45 Glasgow Queen Street - Inverness and returned south with the 1T47 16.35 Inverness - Glasgow Queen Street.

On July 22nd 24126 and a Class 26 were southbound at Perth with the 12.10 Inverness - Glasgow Queen Street.

The regular use of the Class 24s out of Inverness came to an end in October with their transfer to Haymarket in exchange for Class 26s. For most of these Class 24s this was their first re-allocation since delivery, they also had the headlights removed at this time.

A long distance LNER Society trip to Wick/Thurso over September 12th – 14th ran from Mossend to Inverness behind 26037 & 26043, Inverness to Wick behind 24117 & 24126, the Thurso branch handled by 24112. On returning to Inverness 24125 & 24127 were waiting for the run to Perth, allowing 40164 the short hop to Mossend for an electric back to London. This was most likely the last significant railtour to utilise Class 24s north of Inverness because during October they were transfered to Haymarket in exchange for Class 26s. At this time their headlights were removed.

24126 was withdrawn on February 2nd 1976, as was sister locomotive 24127.

Condition final: blue/yellow livery, gangway doors removed, headlight location sheeted over with square plates, shortened fuel & water tanks, fuel tank has circular gauge, solid blanking plates fitted (five slats), hand/footholds plated over, cantrail water sheeted over, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, ridge sided sandboxes. three piece miniature snowploughs fitted, vertically hinged battery isolating switch cover.

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