D7562, 7562, 25212
D7562, 7562, 25212

Photograph collection of webmaster
25212 with a short engineers train at Stafford during December 1984.

The nineteen and a half years of active service for 7562/25212 was spent allocated to only London Midland depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual braked fitted (November 1978).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 78 months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 30 months.


D7562 was new to Nottingham Division (D16) on December 4th 1965. Further transfers were:

April 1967 to London Division - Western Lines (D01).
March 1968 to Birmingham Division (D02).
December 1970 to Nottingham Division (D16).
May 1973 to Toton.
May 1980 to Bescot.
October 1981 to Crewe.
Withdrawn May 12th 1985.

Renumbered February 28th 1974.

25212 was the 243rd Class 25 withdrawn, one of three retired during May 1985.

After withdrawal 25212 was stored at Crewe Diesel depot, then Basford Hall until moved to Vic Berry, Leicester on July 7th/8th 1987 with 25191, 25278 & 25313. The locomotive was added to the famous stack, being removed late in October 1987 for cutting, being finally disposed of ny the middle of November 1987.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Crewe Works May & June 1969.
Noted Derby Works August 1973.
Noted Derby Works November 1978 (dual braking equipment fitted).
Noted Derby Works December 1982 & January 1983 (N4 repairs).


On January 5th 7562 was shunting at Rugby.

With a varied LMR allocation history, 7562/25212 acquired an interesting mix of passenger workings. On March 31st a Birmingham New Street - Skegness day excursion used 7562 & 7503 from Nottingham to Skegness and the return to Birmingham.

On March 24th the 6Z42 Earles - Exeter Central cement was noted at Exeter with 7568 & 7562. Possibly there was no return working so the Class 25s remained in the Exeter area. The locomotives were split up with 7568 returning to Bristol on the afternoon of March 27th whilst 7562 worked the 27th's 2B84 20.10 Exeter St Davids - Newton Abbot.

From time to time the services out of St Pancras utilised pairs of Types 2s, on June 16th the 15.05 St. Pancras - Sheffield used 7562 & 5293 throughout.

On August 15th 7562 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for August 15th recorded:

Recordings made after Long Eaton.

7562; August 15st 1973; time 9.40
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 26 - - - -
2 34 950 - - -
3 40 990 - - -
4 48 1,000 - - -
5 60 1,000 - - -
6 66 1,050 - - -

Passenger workings during 1974 included a Skegness - Leicester job on May 25th with 25101, and a round trip Nottingham - Llandudno Town (outwards from Derby) on August 31st.

On January 17th the 15.30 St Pancras - Nottingham was worked forward from Leicester with 25212 assisting 45117. On April 8th (or 12th) the 10.25 St. Pancras - Sheffield required assistance from 25212 between Kibworth & Leicester after the Class 45 failed. At Leicester the following 10.30 St Pancras - Derby surrendered its locomotive 45147 to the Sheffield service, whilst 25212 took the Derby service forward.

On May 24th 25212 & 25159 worked the 09.20 Derby - Skegness and the 13.05 return.

25212 & 25299 worked a relief roundtrip Leicester - Skegness on July 5th, using stock brought in from Cricklewood by 46002.

On August 9th the 08.00 Walsall - Yarmouth to Norwich and the 14.15 Yarmouth - Derby from Norwich were worked by 25212 & 25123.

On September 6th 25212 was noted at Taunton with a permanent way train.


Photograph courtesy of Tony Sayer
25212 with a freight northbound at Derby on July 30th 1976.

25212 & 25280 worked the 09.20 Derby - Skegness the return Skegness - Derby on August 17th.

When the 10.56 Cambridge - Doncaster diesel multiple unit failed at March on November 3rd 25212 was on hand to assist to Doncaster.

On November 6th 25212 was stabled at Birkenhead.

The Heaton - Red Bank empty vans were worked by 25212 on December 8th.

On the morning of December 31st 25212 was stabled at York.

On the afternoon of May 12th & 13th 25212 was stabled at York.

The last week of July 1977 proved to be quite busy for 25212. On July 27th it handled a round trip Derby - Skegness day out with 25269. The next day (28th) the same locomotives worked a Leicester - Skegness roundtrip. It was back to the east coast on July 30th, this time with 25175 on the Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Derby diagram.

The arrival of 25212 on the Peterborough - Liverpool Street parcels at Ipswich on February 11th was nothing unusual, except that the March driver left the train with no available local crew qualified to operate the Class 25. A Class 31 was found to remove the unlucky locomotive.

25212 was stabled at Rotherham on April 29th.

On the morning of July 24th 25212 was stabled at York.

North Wales was the location of two summer passenger workings for 25212. On August 18th 25212 worked the 15.32 Manchester Victoria - Bangor and 19.30 return. On September 2nd it was the turn of the 07.30 Nottingham - Llandudno Town and 13.02 return for 25212.

Early November brought a variety of Class 25s to Kings Lynn, including a block oil train for the sugar beet factory with 25212 & 25310 (8th), deputising for a defective 37264.

On the afternoon of January 2nd 25212 was noted at York with a trip freight.

At mid-day on April 7th 25212 & 25133 were noted at Saltley.

On the afternoon of April 11th 25212 was stabled at York.

On April 12th 25212 was southbound at Cudworth with pipe wagons.

On April 20th 25212 was light engine passing Finedon sidings.

On April 25 a Peterborough - Leicester diesel multiple unit required assistance from 25212 after the multiple unit ran out of fuel.

Two round trips took place over the Cambrian lines, on June 9th with 25218 working the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Birmingham New Street, returning with the 16.10 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury. On June 16th the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Birmingham New Street and the 16.10 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury were worked by 25212 & 25262. Towards the end of June (29th) the 17.10 Poole - Nottingham was noted at Derby behind 25212.

25212 was stabled at Peterborough on July 23rd.

On September 5th 25212 was southbound at Peterborough with a short freight (for Whitemoor?).

On September 16th (a Sunday) six coal trains were worked from South Wales to Corby. Four of the coal trains were held at Didcot and two at Oxford, with Banbury providing locomotives to work the trains forward to Corby. Two pairs of Class 25s were used, 25141 & 25274 and 25134 & 25212, other types included Classes 20 & 47.

On the morning of December 19th 25212 was stabled at York.

On January 26th 25212 worked the 6M52 Kings Cross - Bletchley cement tanks.

On March 15th 25212 was stabled at Nuneaton.

On October 8th 25212 was southbound through Oxford with empty carflats for Eastleigh.

Photograph courtesy David Smith
25212 & 25040 await departure from Nuneaton on October 23rd 1980 with the T43 job to Bescot. 25040 is only along the for the ride to Bescot as it required repairs. Ironically 25040 was not long for this world, it was taken out of service the following month.

On May 9th 25212 was noted light engine at Leicester.

On September 25th 25212 was noted at Farington curve with a short freight, possibly from the wagon repair facility at Lostock Hall shed.

On September 29th 25212 & 40006 worked the Ellesmere Port - Cranmore bitumen tanks.

On a snowy December 12th 25212 was the Manchester Victoria banker.


Photograph courtesy Tony Smith.
25212 near Chaloners Whin Junction with the daily return freight from Barlow spoil tip to York, seen on a dull February 12th 1982.

On March 5th 25212 was noted at Nottingham Midland with empty coaching stock.

25212 was stabled at Holbeck on April 17th.

The Mountsorrel – Radlett ‘Redland’ stone working regularly required two Type 4 machines to handle the forty eight loaded wagons, however on May 14th 25212 & 25207 were in charge of forty seven wagons.

On July 3rd 25212 was stabled at Toton.

On August 19th 25212 was noted passing Saltley with a Speedlink working of household coal.

On September 9th the 19.26 Barrow - Preston and the 22.25 Preston - Barrow were worked by 25212.

On May 28th 25212 & 25202 worked the 07.44 Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth and the 10.10 Aberystwyth - Euston to Wolverhampton.

On June 18th the 08.38 Leicester - Skegness and the 12.37 Skegness - Leicester were worked by 25212 & 25106. On June 23rd 25212 was stabled at Leicester.

On July 1st 25212 was stabled at Llandudno Junction.

The Ellesmere Port – Riverside tanks ran with 25231 & 25212 on August 9th.

On September 3rd the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Birmingham New Street and the 17.15 Aberystwyth - Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe were hauled by 25212 & 25200, the return working had been extended due to late running. On September 27th the Ditton - Broughton Lane BOC tanks was hauled by 40033 & 25212.

On the evening of October 22nd 25212 was at St Pancras with a parcels working.

On the late afternoon of November 5th 25212 ran round a set of cement tanks at Manchester Exchange and headed for the Chat Moss line.

On the evening of December 10th 25212 & 33002 was stabled in a bay platform at Banbury.

On December 29th 25212 was at Preston with parcels stock.

The year closed with 25212 working the 18.20 Glasgow Central - Manchester Victoria forward from Preston on December 30th & 31st - hopefully the nights weren't too chilly.

The workings for 1984 focused generally on the North West. Weather problems on January 23rd saw the 10.15 Euston - Glasgow Central hauled from Carlisle to Newcastle by 25212 & 25185, where the train was terminated. On February 15th 25212 worked the afternoon Fords Halewood - Whitemoor, the next day (16th) the evening Parkeston – Ditton working was noted with 25095 & 25212 on February 16th.

The 21.44 Preston - Liverpool was worked by 25212 on April 13th.

On April 17th 25212 & 25037 were noted at Northampton with the Stanlow - Gatwick oil tankers.

On May 4th 25212 was eastbound at Abergele with a nuclear flask train.

On May 7th 25212 was light engine at Nuneaton.

On May 28th a Blackpool North - Manchester Victoria was worked to Preston by 25212.

Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore.
Having survived a visit to Derby Works late in 1982 for minor repairs, 25212 would soldier on until withdrawn at Crewe in May 1985. Seen here in this fine view at Winwick Junction on June 6th 1984 25212 works a short train of new cars.

On June 20th 25212 was eastbound at Manchester Victoria with parcels stock, returning to Red Bank?

Noted at Westbury stabling point on June 24th were 25212 & 25191.

Photograph collection of webmaster
On July 4th 1984 45132 heads west through Stalybridge with the 16.14 to Liverpool whilst 25212 heads east with a loaded oil train. Depending on the load 25212 would have certainly coughed going up towards Saddleworth, it's only 15 mph through Stalybridge, so basically it's a standing start assuming the signal at the end of the platform is green, if it wasn't, you had two colour light intermediate block signals to encounter on the bank.

On July 13th 25212 hauled the 07.10 Morecambe - Leeds due to a diesel multiple unit failure. On July 16th 25212 and another Class 25 were eastbound at Salthouse Junction, Barrow with a loaded track panel train. On July 17th 25212 was shunting the sidings at Carnforth North after having worked a trip freight from Ulverston. On July 18th it assisted the 07.10 Morecambe - Leeds between Morecambe & Lancaster. On July 20th 25212 was noted at Bamber Bridge goods loop with loaded ballast wagons from Brownedge District civil engineers sidings. On July 22nd 25212 was stabled at Skipton.

The final passenger working for 25212 took place on August 1st working the 17.32 Bangor - York as far as Manchester following the failure of 40015, at Manchester Victoria 45044 took over.

On August 14th 25212 was light engine at Manchester Victoria.

On September 26th 25206 & 25212 were eastbound at Chester with oil tanks from Stanlow.

On a very wet October 17th 25212 was westbound at Manchester Victoria with a GMC waste train.

Photograph courtesy Roger Geach.
25212 passes Sandycroft on October 24th 1984.

On the early evening of November 15th 25212 was northbound at Bromsgrove with a freight.

On January 4th 25212, 31320 & 31216 were required at Blea Moor for weekend engineering work, 25212 led the three locomotives from Carlisle. On a snowy January 5th 25212 was stabled at Skipton.

25212 was noted at Willesden South Sidings on March 25th with ballast wagons, the same day it was also noted at Cricklewood.

Noted on April 30th at West Cheshire Junction were 25212 & 25058 running light to the Wirral. Noted on May 1st & 2nd were 25212 & 25058 on the Ellesmere Port – Severn Tunnel Jct bitumen tanks. On May 8th 25212 was noted passing Helsby with empty oil tanks for Stanlow. On May 10th 25212 was noted at Stockport on a short train of short-wheelbase tanks.

25212 was withdrawn on May 12th 1985.

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Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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