sulzers in cameroun

Owner Engine Model Builder/Wheel Arrangement/Gauge Electrical Equipment Total Running Numbers
Chemin de Fer du Cameroun (CFC) 6LDA25 610hp Alsthom 1951 - 1952, Bo-Bo, 3ft 3.3in (1000mm) ?? 6BB 201-206

The order for the locomotives was placed in the first half of 1948.

Unloading dates for the six locomotives in Cameroun was as follows:

BB 201 October 29th 1951
BB 202 November 16th 1951
BB 203 January 18th 1952
BB 204 February 17th 1952
BB 205 April 26th 1952
BB 206 June 8th 1952

The six Alsthom 'Outre-Mer' locomotives were used on the 212 mile southern line, that is on the south side of the River Vouri, the diesel workshops being located at Douala. These locomotives were of the usual 52 tons, with a maximum speed of 70 kmph (43.5mph).

A publicity view of one of the locomotives after arrival in the Camerouns.

A factory style side view of one of the locomotives.

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