Class 25s at Clapham Junction
Class 25 observations at Clapham Junction
April 1978 - March 1979

This page primarily details the use of Class 25 locomotives on two weekday daytime Willesden - Norwood Junction -Willesden cross-London freight workings between April 1978 and March 1979. There are gaps in the dates documenting this period but hopefully it will provide some interest in these short routine inter-regional workings.

These workings used the Central side when passing through Clapham Junction. The information on this page primarily refers to two out and back freight workings, to simplify the details only the date, locomotive and passing times (southbound to Norwood Junction, then northbound to Willesden) at Clapham Junction are recorded. If both workings were observed the 2nd, later working has two asterisks (**) after the locomotive number. Most of the time a single Class 25 handled the workings, exceptions are noted in the text when the unexpected occurred.

09.55am Willesden to Norwood and the 12.10pm Norwood to Willesden.
12.25pm Willesden to Norwood and the 14.10pm Norwood to Willesden**.

With thanks to Alan Paterson for providing these observations, thank you!

April 1978

Monday April 10th: 25189 10.51am (southbound) & 12.30pm (northbound)
Tuesday April 11th: 25310 10.32am & 12.53pm
Wednesday April 12th: 25067 10.23am & 12.09pm
Thursday April 13th: 25173 11.40am & 1.18pm
Friday April 14th: 25249 10.38am & 12.39pm
Monday April 24th: 25099 12.09pm & 2.05pm
Tuesday April 25th: 25179 11.52am & 1.13pm
Wednesday April 26th: 25173 11.30am & 1.07pm
Thursday April 27th: 25173 10.39am & 11.38am (returned light engine) and 25257** 12.51 & 2.34pm
Friday April 28th: 25251 10.06am & 11.51am

May 1978

Tuesday May 2nd: 25312 10.28am & 12.25pm and 25205** 2.22pm & 4.20pm (returned light engine)
Wednesday May 3rd: 25279 11.37am & 1.41pm and 25176** 12.36pm & 3.14pm
Thursday May 4th: 25312 11.20am & 12.53pm
Friday May 5th: 25099 10.46am & 1.00pm
Tuesday May 9th: 25243 11.53am (return not recorded)
Wednesday May 10th: 25266 11.52am (return not recorded)
Thursday May 11th: 25179 11.24am (return not recorded)
Friday May 12th: 25251 12.28pm (return not recorded)
Wednesday May 17th: 25279 (outward working not recorded) 3.17pm
Monday May 22nd: 25180 11.39am & 1.01pm and 25250** 1.17pm (return not recorded)
Tuesday May 23rd: 25180 11.52am & 1.13pm
Wednesday May 24th: 25203 11.21am (return not recorded)
Thursday May 25th: 25116 12.01pm & 1.37pm
Friday May 26th: 25071 12.04pm & 1.24pm (returned light engine)
Tuesday May 30th May: 25099** (outward working not recorded) 3.16pm
Wednesday May 31st: 25116 (outward working not recorded) 1.46pm

June 1978

Friday June 2nd: 25117 (outward working not recorded) 1.54pm
Monday June 5th: 25071 10.38am & 12.15pm
Tuesday June 6th: 25243 10.37am & 12.24pm
Wednesday June 7th: 25243 12.24pm (return not recorded)
Tuesday June 13th: 25181** (outward working not recorded) 2.39pm
Wednesday June 14th: 25181** (outward working not recorded) 2.59pm
Thursday June 15th: 25032** (outward working not recorded) 2.54pm
Tuesday June 20th: 25322 10.37am & 12.11pm
Wednesday June 21st: 25116 11.21am & 12.54pm
Thursday June 22nd: 25182 10.23am & 11.53am
Friday June 23rd: 25183 12.07pm (return not recorded)
Monday June 26th: 25183 11.04am & 1.14pm
Tuesday June 27th: 25249 & 25053** 2.25pm & 4.13pm
Wednesday June 28th: 25081 (outward time not recorded) 2.19pm

July 1978

Tuesday July 4th July: 25254 10.56am & 12.49pm
Wednesday July 5th: 25292 11.56am (return working not recorded)
Thursday July 6th: 25081 11.54am & 1.40pm
Friday July 7th: 25279 10.40am & 12.40pm and 25131** 12.51pm (return not recorded)
Wednesday July 12th: 25178 2.08pm (outward working not recorded)
Friday July 14th: 25081** 4.02pm (outward working not recorded): on this day Latchmere Junction box had been closed out 2pm-4pm, possibly 25081 and its train had been held by Clapham Box on the WLE at Clapham Junction until 4.02pm.
Monday July 17th: 25120 10.52am light engine & 12.17pm (with train)
Tuesday July 18th: 25179 12.05pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday July 19th: 25203 12.09pm (return working not recorded)
Thursday July 20th: 25117 10.54am & 12.36pm (train seems to have been retimed to start at 12.00pm from about this time onwards)
Friday July 21st: 25182 11.08am & 12.48pm
Thursday July 27th: 25117 2.07pm as light engine (outward working not reported)
Monday July 31st: 25254 12.37pm (return working not reported and 25182** 1.24pm (return working not reported).

August 1978

Tuesday August 1st: 25081 1.30pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday August 2nd: 25308 10.47am & 12.40pm and 25254** 1.23pm (return working not recorded)
Thursday August 3rd: 25202 12.27pm (return working not recorded) and 25177** 1.37pm (return working not recorded)
Friday August 4th: 25205 11.08am & 12.56pm
Monday August 14th: 25081 11.15am & 12.40pm
Tuesday August 15th: 25259: 11.16am & 12.54pm
Wednesday August 16th: 25205 with special freight 09.15 Willesden - Norwood & return 10.16am & 11.57am and 25173 12.17pm & 2.38pm
Friday August 18th: 25190 10.54am & 12.50pm
Monday August 21st: 25120** & 25259** 2.53pm (return working not recorded)
Tuesday August 22nd: 25178** 1.46pm (return working not recorded)
Tuesday August 29th: 25069 10.53am & 11.54am
Wednesday August 30th: 25114 11.23am & 12.58pm
Thursday August 31st: 25178 11.50am & 1.22pm

September 1978

Tuesday September 5th: 25069 11.54am & 1.38pm
Wednesday September 6th: 25203 11.51am & 1.14pm
Thursday September 7th: 25112 11.13am & 12.51pm
Friday September 8th: 25326 12.22pm (return working not reported)
Monday September 11th: 25179 11.39am & 12.37 (returned light engine)
Wednesday September 13th: 25069 04.45am Norwood to Willesden 06.22am; and 25053 11.28am & 12.44pm
Thursday September 14th: 25179 11.09am & 12.47pm
Friday September 15th: 25179 11.54am (return working not recorded)
Tuesday September 19th: 25112 2.29pm (light engine) (outward working not recorded)
Wednesday September 20th: 25120 1.56pm (outward working not recorded)
Wednesday September 27th: 25071 light engine 04.45 Norwood to Willesden, passed 06.38am; and 25182 12.07pm (return working not recorded)
Thursday September 28th: 25265 11.21am (return working not recorded)
Friday September 29th: 25120 12.13pm (return working not recorded)

October 1978

Monday October 2nd: 25069** 2.42pm (outward working not recorded)
Wednesday October 4th: 25218 1.46pm (outward working not recorded)
Friday October 6th: 25182** 2.37pm (return working not recorded)
Tuesday October 10th: 25177 12.15pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday October 11th: 25183 10.55am & 12.37pm (returned as light engine)
Thursday October 12th: 25313 10.36am & 12.37pm
Friday October 13th: 25213 11.37am & 1.11pm
Wednesday October 18th: 25179 2.24pm (outward working not recorded)
Thursday October 19th: 25069** 2.39pm (return working not recorded)
Monday October 23rd: 25112 10.46am & 12.17pm
Tuesday October 24th: 25114 11.36am & 1.03pm
Wednesday October 25th: 25190 11.46am & 1.26pm
Friday October 27th: 25213 12.54pm (return working not recorded)
Monday October 30th: 25313 2.10pm (outward working not recorded); and 25243** 4.25pm (outward working not recorded)

November 1978

Wednesday November 1st: 25313 7.05pm Willesden to Norwood passing at 7.53pm (return working not recorded)
Friday November 3rd: 25243** 3.09pm (outward working not recorded)
Monday November 6th: 25054 10.23am & 12.19pm
Tuesday November 7th: 25204 8.30am Willesden to Norwood additional special freight, passed at 9.02am; and 25099 12.54pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday November 8th: 25250 10.57am & 12.36pm
Thursday November 9th: 25250 11.12am & 12.29pm
Friday November 10th: 25250 11.47am (return working not recorded)
Monday November 13th: 25145 3.44pm - running very late (return working not recorded)
Tuesday November 14th: 25313** 3.25pm (outward working not recorded)
Thursday November 16th: 25180** 2.06pm & 3.50pm
Monday November 20th: 25067 12.52pm (return working not recorded)
Tuesday November 21st: 25279 04.45 Norwood to Willesden, passed at 7.11am; and 25173 11.09am & 12.39pm
Wednesday November 22nd: 25067 04.45 Norwood to Willesden, passed at 6.19am; and 25279 11.29am & 1.11pm
Thursday November 23rd: 25183 11.54am & 1.32pm
Friday November 24th: 25269 xx.xx Willesden to Norwood, passed at 1.26pm uncertain if this is the 09.55 or 12.25 ex-Willesden
Tuesday November 28th: 25095 2.16pm & 3.06pm (returned light engine); and 25117** 2.22pm & 3.23pm (returned light engine)
Wednesday Novembver 29th: 25117 2.03pm (outward working not recorded); and 25251 3.09pm (outward working not recorded)

December 1978

Friday December 1st: 25264** 1.58pm & 3.12pm
Monday December 4th: 25193 12.04pm (return working not recorded)
The reason for the delays to 25193 this day revolved around 47123 working the late running 01.00 Westbury - Salfords, reportedly weighing 1,200 tons. At about 6am Latchmere box requested that before passing the train off to Clapham, confirmation was needed to ensure that this train would not be impeded as it passed through Clapham with green signals to be set prior to departing Latchmere. The damp morning, a 1 in 36 rising gradient and the tight reverse curves up to Platform 17 at Clapham Junction suggested this train would need all the help it could get. With the route set for the passage of the stone train the down local passenger services would incur delays should the train encounter difficulties. Which it did, taking at least thirty minutes to travel from Latchmere box to the reverse curves on top of the bridge that carries the line over Falcon Road, just off the north end of platform 16/17.

In light of the lack of progress of the stone train the route was set back to allow the Down suburban services to clear, whilst the 2nd man from 47123 arrived at Clapham Junction B box to request assistance since the stone train could make no more forward progress and was in danger of slipping backwards toward Latchmere box. In response to the urgent request 33208 was sent from Selhurst, reversing at Latchmere to gain access to the rear of the stone train, which then dropped back down to Latchmere before making a second attempt at getting through Clapham Junction. Shortly after 10am the stone train cleared Clapham Junction, some four hours after its first departure from Latchmere Junction.

With the stone train having cleared Clapham Junction five delayed freights quickly followed, powered by a Class 37, three Class 47s and 25193 on the Norwood Junction freight.

The next day, December 5th the 11.00 Norwood - Temple Mills passed Clapham Junction behind 47123 at 11.51am, normally a Class 33 working.

Tuesday December 5th: 25071 11.07am & 1.25pm and 25264** 1.01pm (return working not recorded)
Thursday December 7th: 25067 11.22am (return working not recorded)
Monday December 11th: 25179** 2.42pm & 4.03pm
Tuesday December 12th: 25178 2.09pm (outward working not recorded)
Wednesday December 13th: 25051 2.23pm (outward working not recorded)
Monday December 18th: 25181 11.54am & 1.31pm
Tuesday December 19th: 25112 10.35am & 12.40pm
Wednesday December 20th: 25313 11.47am & 1.19pm
Thursday December 21st: 25095 11.27am & 1.11pm

January 1979

Friday January 5th: 25205 10.43am & 12.18pm
Monday January 8th: 25114 1.48pm (outward working not recorded)
Thursday January 11th: 25193 1.59pm (outward working not recorded)
Friday January 12th: 25117 1.46pm (outward working not recorded)
Monday January 15th: 25114 10.29am & 1.31pm
Wednesday January 17th: 25117 11.37am (return working not recorded)
Friday January 19th: 25243 04.45 Norwood to Willesden, passing 06.38am (outward working not recorded)
Monday January 22nd: 25123** 3.13pm (outward working not recorded)

The previously mentioned 47123 passed through Clapham Junction on a Special (additional) 10.55 Acton - Norwood freight, however it failed on the bank shortly after 3pm whilst approaching Clapham Junction and required the assistance of 33056, departing about 3.45pm. 47123 was later noted running light engine in the path of the 1.12pm Norwood to Acton, passing Clapham Junction very late at 4.46pm.

At the end of the same week on Friday January 26th sister loco 47124 working a Special freight from Westbury to Salfords, failed on the bank, with 33030 sent to assist, departing Clapham Junction at 1.17pm. 47124 returned with the 1.12pm Norwood to Acton, passing Clapham Junction at 2.39pm. Presumably the Down working was terminated at Norwood to go forward with 33030, to allow 47124 to work back home within its crew's hours?

This third week of January produced extended periods of wintry weather, with snow and ice causing chaos in many parts of the country, including the Clapham Junction area, possibly the reason why there were no observations of the Willesden - Norwood - Willesden freights.

Monday January 29th: 25211 12.09pm & 2.20pm
Tuesday January 30th:
Special Willesden to Norwood with 25288 passing at 09.01am, presumably returning light engine, being later noted on another Special Willesden to Norwood passing at 12.05pm
25236** 1.02pm & 2.24pm
Wednesday January 31st: 25243 12.46pm (return working not recorded)

February 1979

Thursday February 1st: 25118 11.08am & 12.50pm
Friday February 2nd: 25118 & 25114** 1.17pm (return working not reported)
Monday February 5th: 25118 10.31am & 11.49am
Tuesday February 6th: 25193 12.29pm & 2.47pm
Wednesday February 7th: 25193 12.18pm & 2.06pm
Monday February 12th: 25112 10.53am & 12.45pm
Tuesday February 13th: 25183 11.31am & 1.13pm
Wednesday February 14th: 25286 12.04pm (return working not recorded)
Thursday February 15th: 25276 04.45 Norwood to Willesden, passed at 6.54am (outward working not recorded) and 25276 11.41am & 1.03pm
Friday February 16th: 25179** 1.11pm (return working not recorded)
Monday February 19th: 25205 11.08am & 12.37pm
Tuesday February 20th: 25181 11.28am & 12.47pm
Wednesday February 21st: 25183 11.07am & 12.53pm
Thursday February 22nd: 25114 11.58am & 1.38pm
Friday February 23rd: 25190 11.21am (return working not recorded)
Monday February 26th: 25190 10.32am & 12.35pm
Tuesday February 27th: 25269 04.45 Norwood to Willesden passed at 6.21am (outward working not recorded) and 25283 12.53pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday February 28th: 25114 04.45 Norwood to Willesden passed at 6.20am (outward working not recorded)

March 1979

Thursday March 1st: 25116 12.11pm (return working not recorded)
Friday March 2nd: 25112 11.51am & 1.20pm
Tuesday March 6th: 25071** 2.22pm (return working not recorded)
Monday March 12th: 25265 11.37am & 1.50pm
Tuesday March 13th: 25308 11.18am & 1.07pm and 25307 1.18pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday March 14th: 25111 11.48am & 1.39pm
Thursday March 15th: 25315 11.11am & 12.50pm
Friday March 16th: 25313 11.17am & 1.15pm
Monday March 19th: 25179 12.33pm (return working not recorded)
Tuesday March 20th: 25311 10.53am & 12.22pm
Wednesday March 21st: 25311 11.37am & 1.12pm
Monday March 26th: 25112 12.39 & 2.15pm
Tuesday March 27th: 25112 10.49am & 12.32pm and 25193** 2.07pm (return working not recorded)
Wednesday March 28th: 25326 11.07am & 12.53pm
Thursday March 29th: 25266 11.37am & 1.12pm
Friday March 30th: 25081 11.22am (return working not recorded)

It is hoped to at some point source photographs of these workings.

Recently information regarding other freight workings through Clapham Junction has been received and will be added to this page.

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