D7524, 7524, 25174
D7524, 7524, 25174

The shortened eleven year eight month career of D7524/25174 was spent allocated to only four London Midland Region depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.


D7524 was new to the Nottingham Division (D16) on January 23rd 1965. Further transfers were:

August 1972 to London Division (D01).
May 1973 to Willesden.
June 1975 to Cricklewood.
Withdrawn September 20th 1976.

Renumbered March 4th 1974.

25174 was withdrawn following a collision at Aylesbury on August 5th involving 25030 and runaway wagons. It was initially moved to Cricklewood before forwarding to Derby with 25030 on August 9th 1976, lingering here for two years until scrapped in August 1978.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Crewe Works May 1968.
Noted Derby Works February 1974.


On July 6th 1965 the 13.00 Birmingham - Derby local was rescued at Coleshill by D7524, which assisted the diesel multiple unit at least as far as Burton.

On September 7th 1968 7524 worked the 07.06 Derby - Yarmouth as far as Norwich.

7524 & 7649 worked a roundtrip (?) Nottingham - Morecambe mystery excursion on July 26th 1970, for a total of 271 miles.

January 13th 1973 found 5218 & 7524 in use between Windsor and Wembley on an excursion from Huddersfield. The journey set out behind 269, with the intention to use E3136 from Stockport. As the electric was unable to heat the train the Class 40 ran through to Mitre Bridge Junction, where 6516 took over for the leg to Windsor. As this machine also could not heat the train the Class 25ís were found for the first part of the return leg.

Pictures of D7524/7524/25174

25174 had been withdrawn from Cricklewood during September 1976 after a collision in the Aylesbury area. The locomotive was moved to Derby Works, ironically at the time of the 1976 Derby Locomotive Works Open Day it was visible to the visitors as it sat in the arrival sidings awaiting entry into the Works. In this view dated November 27th 1976 the locomotive sits in the Works yard.
Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
A close up of the damaged cab of 25174 on January 8th 1977. In better times repairs might have been sanctioned for this locomotive but with a downturn in business and an excess of the lower powered locomotives, there was little incentive to authorise repairs. 25030 & 25174 had been involved in a runaway accident at Aylesbury during August 1976 both locomotives sustaining damage. Although the damage sustained by 25030 was less visible, it was retired first, on August 21st 1976, followed by 25174 on September 20th 1976. But 25030 would outlive 25174, the latter broken up by June 1978, the former by April 1980.

Passenger workings courtesy Alan Baylis (www.class25.info)
Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.


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