5010, 24010
D5010, 5010, 24010

A factory portrait of D5010 prior to entering traffic. Points of interest are the full size fuel & water tanks, the Athermos axleboxes, the two-rung bogie mounted footsteps, the ridged sandboxes and the circular engine exhaust in its original position above the boiler room.

The sixteen year three month career of D5010/24010 commenced with just over three years on loan to Hither Green before transferring to the London Midland Region and finally the Scottish Region.

Built Derby Locomotive Works.
Delivered with Athermos axleboxes (D5010 - D5019).
Full size fuel & water tanks (shortened water tank added later).
Four upper and four lower air filters on non-BIS side, three upper and four lower on BIS side (standard arrangement).
Additional headcode disc brackets fitted (for use with SR six disc headcodes).
Headcode discs centered on cab front (Glasgow modification).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: ?? months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 15 months.


The frames for D5010 were laid down at Derby Works during December 1958, with D5010 was delivered new to Crewe South (5B) on March 21st 1959, but then immediately loaned to Derby (17A). Further transfers were:

April 6th 1959 to Hither Green (73C) on loan.
May 1962 to Crewe South (5B).
May 1962 to Aston (21D).
June 1962 to Crewe South (5B).
June 1962 to Rugby (2A).
September 1963 to Rugby (1F).
June 1965 to Bletchley (1E).
April 1966 to London Division (D01).
July 1966 to Birmingham Division (D02).
May 1967 to Stoke Division (D05).
January 25th 1969 - withdrawn (stored Chester).
July 29th 1969 - reinstated to Stoke Division (D05).
October 1971 to Polmadie (66A).
March 1972 to Eastfield (65A).
July 7th 1975 to store.
Withdrawn October 5th 1975.

Renumbered April 1974.

24010 was stored at Carlisle from July 1975 until March 15th 1976 when it moved to Glasgow Works, then moved to Doncaster Works on July 15th 1976, where it was broken up during February 1977.

Movement (1): 24002/04/10/11 Carlisle – Glasgow Works March 15th 1976

Movement (2): 24010/17/97 Glasgow Works – Doncaster Works July 15th 1976 (behind 20017 at Darlington).

Photograph courtesy Tony Smith.
The end of the road for 24010 at Doncaster Works on February 6th 1977. The locomotive is no longer riding on its Isothermos axleboxes, yet it has retained the additional lamp brackets, added for its time on the Southern Region. In this view the filter housed in the generator access panel has been sheeted over, not sure how long 24010 ran with that alteration.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Eastleigh Works January 1961.
Noted Derby Works October & November 1962.
Noted Derby Works January, March - June, August 1963.
Noted Derby Works May, June, September 1964.
Noted Derby Works April & May 1966.
Noted Derby Works August 1969.
Noted ex-works May 1971.
Noted Glasgow Works August 1974.


Built with 4/4 grilles on non BIS side, 3/4 on BIS side. Full size fuel & water tanks. Athermos axleboxes. Two-rung bogie mounted footsteps.

D5010 was one of fifteen Type 2s loaned to the Southern Region pending delivery of the BRCW Type 3's. Headcode brackets were added to the cabfronts shortly after arriving on the Southern Region. These remained on the locomotive until withdrawal.

The ‘SR’ Type 2s now numbered fifteen but had been subdivided into two distinct groups, those with their boilers removed (D5002 - 5006), and those still as built (D5000/01/07-14). On the Eastern section all were banned between Tonbridge and Bo Peep Junction, Middle Junction to Sheerness on Sea and from the Tilmanstone & Tenderten branches. The heavier machines were also banned from the Allhallows, Grain, Hawkhurst and Westerham branches. Oddly all were allowed down the steeply graded Folkestone Harbour branch. On the Central section the only restrictions applied to the heavier machines, banned between Three Bridges and East Grinstead and onto Ashurst Junction and the Heathfield line. The Cranleigh, Kemp Town, Lavant & Steyning branches were also off limits. On the Western Section all were banned from the Bodmin North, Barnstaple & Ilfracombe, Callington, Halwill, Hayling Island, Lyme Regis and Torrington branches. Double heading of these machines, with themselves or other engines was not permitted except on short trips. Freight workings using the Type 2s included the 3.05pm Hoo Junction - Hither Green freight, noted in April were D5005 (6th), D5009 (7th), D5010 (8th), D5000 (9th) and D5005 (10th).

During the summer the Civil Engineer permitted the use of double heading of the Type 2s, with D5007/10 noted on June 20th hauling the 3.42 pm relief Victoria - Folkestone Harbour, whilst the next day they handled the 5.25am Dover - Victoria and 9.24am return relief.

D5010 & D5017 were noted at Kensington Olympia with the 12.27 Margate - Leicester on August 8th.

November 14th found D5010 working a football special from Ashford to Brentford.

On the afternoon of November 3rd D5004, D5010, D5025, D5035, D5076, D5134, D5143, & D5146 were all noted at Euston.

D5010 & D5133 were noted at Polmadie shed on February 17th.

D5010 worked the 07.50 Rugby - Liverpool on October 24th.

On June 10th D5010 worked the 09.39 Rugby - Birmingham parcels.

Whit Monday, June 7th saw thirty nine excursions return from Blackpool, the majority were steam hauled, however the 19.00 to Coventry was graced with D5010.

Condition unknown date (but believed whilst on WCML): green livery with small yellow warning panels, rounded upper corners, painted over frame level stripe, three rung bogie steps, SKF axleboxes, headcode disc brackets fitted (for use with SR six disc headcodes), full size fuel and water tanks, blanking plates fitted.

On December 31st D5010 worked the 18.05 Broad Street - Tring.

On the afternoon of May 12th D5010 was shunting at Uttoxeter whilst 44859 passed with an up oil train (Leek loop).

On July 22nd D5010 worked the 07.25 (SO) Birmingham New Street - Barmouth passenger service (throughout?).

Condition July: green livery with small yellow warning panels, squared upper corners, warning panel covers frame level stripe, full size fuel tank, shortened water tank, no blanking plates, hand/footholds present, SKF axleboxes, headcode disc brackets fitted (for use with SR six disc headcodes).

On the afternoon of October 31st D5010 was at Crewe with a brakevan.

On the morning of May 18th D5010 was southbound at Crewe with a freight.

Chaos reigned at Chester in the early hours of July 9th after the 02.25 Birkenhead - Etruria iron ore train, weighing approximately 1,000 tons and hauled by 1617 was reported out of control and diverted into the diesel depot to avoid the station area. Two locomotives and eleven wagons were derailed, with 5031/43/93 & 5138/39 extensively damaged. The crew escaped major injury, though were treated for shock, not surprisingly. The latter four machines were quickly placed to store at Chester and then withdrawn during August, joining stored machines 5007/10/17/19 already there. No doubt because of the loss of these five Type 2’s it was not unexpected that a number of the stored examples would be returned to traffic, those reinstated were 5010/11/16/17.

On the morning of December 7th 5010 was at Stafford with a freight.

On the evening of May 27th 5010 was stabled at Polmadie.


Photograph courtesy John Turner (via RG).
Storage came for many Scottish Class 24s at Carlisle, pictured is a line up from about October 1975 with 24010 & 24090 nearest the camera.

Condition Final: blue/yellow livery, gangway doors sheeted over, headcode discs centered on cab front; full size fuel tank, shortened water tank, blanking plates fitted, hand/footholds plated over, three-rung bogie mounted footsteps, straight sided sandboxes, headcode disc brackets fitted (for use with SR six disc headcodes) (both cabs), side ventilators 3/3 BIS, 4/4 non-BIS side.

When withdrawn the locomotive was fitted with SKF axleboxes, not its original Isothermos axleboxes.

Distinguishing Features
BIS side: lower row of ventilators numbered three, the ventilator located in the triangular generator access panel was not present: ?? - until withdrawal.

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