D5215, 5215, 25065
D5215, 5215, 25065

A Sunday morning, August 22nd 1976, at Saltley produces a good selection of locomotives including this line up of Class 25s headed by 25065 and 25074.

A career of seventeen years and six months saw D5215/25065 allocated to London Midland & Scottish depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Boiler equipped.
Center lampbracket & other fittings removed (No.2 cab only).
Angled strip at bottom of cab doors (1980).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 10 months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 12 months.


D5215 was new to Toton (18A) on July 20th 1963. Further transfers were:

August 1963 to Cricklewood (14A).
September 1963 to Cricklewood West (14B).
January 1965 to London (Midland) Division (D14).
June 1968 to London (Western Lines) Division (D01).
May 1973 to Cricklewood.
January 1975 to Toton.
October 1976 to Springs Branch.
May 1977 to Haymarket.
Withdrawn February 1st 1981.

Renumbered March 22nd 1974.

After withdrawal 25065 was stored at Haymarket (noted February 9th 1981), then Carlisle Kingmoor, then moved with 25246 on June 25th 1981 to Swindon Works where it was broken up during the first week of February 1982.

Photograph courtesy Roger Geach.
Its February 9th 1981 and recently withdrawn 25065 keeps company at Haymarket with 08734 & 40194.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works October & November 1964 (accident damage).
Noted Derby Works October 1970.
Noted Derby Works August & September 1975.
Noted Derby Works October 1976 - February 1977 (accident damage).
Noted Glasgow Works February & March 1980 (Intermediate).


Constructed at Derby Works during the second quarter of 1963 D5215 was delivered to Toton (18A) in July. D5215 & D5216 made their test run to Corby together on July 9th 1963. D5215 was quickly reallocated to Cricklewood (14A) in August, it would spent the next eleven years attached to London area depots.

On May 21st a Margate - Huddersfield excursion was noted arriving at Huddersfield behind D5215.

For D5215 the months of October & November were spent at Derby Works receiving repairs to accident damage.

On April 22nd D5215 was noted passing Herne Hill on an up freight.

On December 19th D5215 worked the 07.54 Harpenden - Moorgate.

On January 18th D5215 worked the 07.54 Harpenden - Moorgate.

On March 13th & 26th D5215 worked the 07.54 Harpenden - Moorgate.

On April 10th & 22nd D5215 worked the 07.54 Harpenden - Moorgate.

On December 1st a Sheffield - St. Pancras working was noted arriving St. Pancras behind 5215 and a failed Class 45.

During October 5215 again returned to Derby Works for repairs.

On the morning of August 31st 25065 & 25067 were noted on a materials train (9X15) near Bedford.

In January 25065 was transferred to Toton, allowing it access to many of the East Midlands summer dated holiday services.

Long distance workings on March 26th saw 25065 & 25081 work the 07.04 Derby - Plymouth throughout, returning north on the 15.10 Plymouth - Leeds as far as Birmingham New Street. Three days later (29th) 25065 & 25083 worked a roundtrip (?) Bletchley - Lowestoft excursion to Norwich. On March 31st the same pair worked a Birmingham New Street - Scarborough excursion, on the return trip 25065 was replaced by 31216 at Barrow Hill.

On the afternoon of April 3rd 25305 & 25065 were stabled at York.

On the afternoon of April 28th 25092 & 25065 were stabled at York.

The new summer season began on Saturday May 24th with the Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall diagram in charge of 25065 & 25073, on the 26th this same pair powered a Nuneaton - Whitley Bay excursion.

25065 was noted eastbound through Wakefield with a freight on June 23rd.

25065 entered Derby Works for repairs during September.

On October 4th 25065 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for October 4th recorded:

25065; October 4th 1975; 1C41 10.50 Nottingham
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 28 875 - - -
2 34 875 - - -
3 43 875 - - -
4 51 900 - - pushed by train engine
5 64 980 - - -
6 72 995 - - -

No.1 cab fix arm rests
A side radiator glass empty
Cab floors repair rubber protruding and around conduit to driver's heater
Oil pressure low
B side crankcase door.

On October 7th 25065 was on test from Derby Works, with a very mixed livery (blue, yellow & undercoat), believed to have worked on test to Leicester on a Derby - London service (headcode 1C41).

At about 11am on December 30th 25065 arrived light engine at Exeter stabling point.

On the morning of March 9th 25065 was stabled at York.

On March 26th 25065 was noted southbound at Ribblehead with a lengthy mixed freight (Carlisle - Healey Mills?).

On April 20th 25065 was noted passing Kingsbury with a lengthy train of empty bogie bolsters.

During 1976 25065 made at least two trips to East Anglia on the Derby/Walsall passenger diagram. On June 12th 25065 & 25211 worked out on the Walsall - Yarmouth to Norwich, returning from there with the Yarmouth - Derby. On June 22nd was noted eastbound light engine through Wakefield Kirkgate.

On August 21st 25065 & 25074 worked the Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Derby diagram. On August 31st 25065 was noted running light through Newark.

In October 25065 was transferred to Springs Branch but almost immediately ended up back at Derby Works for accident repairs, not being released until February 1977. During this repair the No.2 cab was replaced with the center lampbracket & other fittings being removed.

The last tranfer for 25065 was to Haymarket during May.

25065 moves off for its next turn of duty, Millerhill June 30th 1977.

On July 23rd 25065 & 25062 worked the 10.05 Glasgow Queen Street - Inverness service. The next day (24th) the same pair worked the 16.30 Inverness - Edinburgh forward from Perth, followed by the 22.55 Edinburgh - Perth. On July 25th the 20.10 Perth - Edinburgh was worked by 25065 & 25026 (or perhaps 25062?).

On September 12th 25065 worked the 12.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee.


Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer
On a chilly February 19th 1978 25065 sits in the snow at Haymarket depot. The winter of '78 proved to be a tough one, at the end of January much of Scotland succumbed to heavy snowfalls with major disruption to all forms of transport. The lines out of Inverness saw a number of services trapped in snowdrifts. The cold weather returned with a vengance in Scotland on February 12th, it would not be until February 23rd before a thaw set in.

On April 6th 25065 was stabled at Ayr depot. On April 14th the 16.50 Glasgow Queen Street - Edinburgh and the 22.30 Edinburgh - Glasgow Queen Street were worked by 25065.

During the early morning of August 9th 25065 was noted at Inverness depot. Other Class 25s to visit Inverness this day were 25041, 25063 & 25068.

25065 worked the five coach 18.48 Arbroath to Dundee on August 16th. A week later on August 24th 25065 worked the 06.57 Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street. Two days later (26th), 25065 worked the 10.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee, the return 13.39 Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street and the 16.54 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee.

On September 26th 25065 worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs.

25065 worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs on October 17th.

On May 26th & 28th 25065 was working services out of Edinburgh for Dundee (1P10 & 2G16). On May 29th 25065 worked the 12.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee.

25065 was noted at Haymarket depot on June 3rd.

Photograph courtesy Mike Cooper
The southbound West Coast Postal accelerates away from Aberdeen with 25065 in charge on July 18th 1979. This working was more normally in the hands of Classes 26/40, today however, Derby's finest will rattle & roll down the east coast coast of Scotland as far as Dundee before heading inland.

On July 21st 25065 & 25086 worked the 08.15 Inverness - Glasgow Queen Street. On July 23rd 25065 was stabled at Perth and also worked a Dundee - Edinburgh service (2G16). On July 24th 25065 worked a Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street service.

25065 worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs on August 29th.

On the afternoon of September 7th an afternoon Carlisle - Stranraer Harbour service failed at Glenwhilly behind 47706, 25065 dragged the train to Stranraer Harbour. On September 19th 25065 worked the 11.05 Perth - Edinburgh, whilst the next day (20th) it worked the 07.38 Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street.

The 13.40 Glasgow Central - Carlisle was worked by 25065 & 25027 on October 9th. On October 24th 25065 worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs.

25065 was noted on Haymarket depot on November 24th.

On December 8th the 06.40 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee was worked by 25065, whilst on December 29th the 17.38 Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street was hauled by 25065.

An intermediate repair for 25065 was carried out at Glasgow during February & March.

Photograph collection of webmaster
No doubt as to the identification of this locomotive. The view was taken sometime in 1980 so is presumed to be before its entry into Glasgow Works for repair & repaint.

Photograph courtesy Martin Bray
Its March 1980 and 25065 receives its final intermediate repair. The number placement behind the cab and the large numerals reveal it to be Glasgow Works undertaking the repair. Despite this repair 25065 had less than a year left in service.

The 09.25 Kensington Olympia - Perth motorail was worked forward from Mossend Yard by 25065 & 25085 on March 29th. Two days later (31st) the 09.55 Perth - Kensington Olympia motorail was worked to Mossend Yard by 25065 & 25084.

On April 3rd 25065 in ex-works condition worked the 17.15 Aberdeen - Stonehaven. On April 9th 25065 worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs.

The 15.08 Carlisle - Stranraer Harbour failed at Barrhill on May 2nd behind 47535, 25065 dragged the service to Stranraer Harbour arriving over eighty minutes late. Later that day 25065 & 25062 worked the 22.00 Stranraer Harbour - Euston to Carlisle.

The 20.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee was worked by 25065 on July 22nd. The next day (23rd) 25065 worked the 07.39 Dundee - Glasgow Queen Street and the 12.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee. On July 24th 25065 worked the 05.55 Stirling - Edinburgh (Edinburgh portion off the 23.52 Inverness - Glasgow) and on July 30th the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs.

The 06.35 Carstairs - Edinburgh was worked by 25065 on August 1st, on August 9th it worked the 20.45 Carlisle - Perth forward from Mossend Yard and on August 11th worked the 21.40 Edinburgh - Carstairs. On August 16th 25065 was noted at Perth.

On November 8th the 11.05 Perth - Edinburgh was worked by 25065.

Possibly the last passenger service worked by 25065 was on January 29th working the 14.44 Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee. The locomotive was withdrawn two days later on February 1st 1981. Since its last repair, an Intermediate completed at Glasgow only eleven months previously, it must be assumed the locomotive sustained some sort of significant/expensive damage to facilitate its withdrawal.

A flame cut number panel from 25065 sold for 160.00 at auction during September 2015.

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