D5295, 5295, 25145
D5295, 5295, 25145

Photograph courtesy Tom Jenkins
5295 at Maryport requires the help of a large crane to get the locomotive back on the rails. Taken sometime during the 1970's.

Despite a lengthy career of twenty one years and four months the allocations for D5295/25145 all belonged to a variety of London Midland Region depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual brake equipped (April 1977?).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 104 months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 16 months.


D5295 was new to Toton (16A) on September 10th 1964. Further transfers were:

September 1964 to Derby (16C).
October 1964 to Nottingham (16D).
January 1965 to Nottingham Division (D16).
March 1967 to London Midland (Midland) Lines.
August 1967 to Birmingham Division (D02).
March 1972 to Liverpool Division (D08).
March 1973 to Manchester Division (D09).
May 1973 to Longsight.
August 1973 to Bescot.
August 1980 to Crewe.
November 1980 to Kingmoor.
January 1981 to Longsight.
November 1981 to Cricklewood.
January 1984 to Bescot.
September 1985 to Kingmoor.
Withdrawn January 2nd 1986.

Renumbered February 17th 1974.

25145 was the 286th Class 25 withdrawn, the only Class 25 withdrawn during January 1986.

After withdrawal 25145 was stored at Crewe until January 23rd 1987 when it moved to Leicester Knighton Sidings (see details below), then into Vic Berry's yard on January 26th 1987. 25145 was broken up by the first week of May 1987, though the cabs lingered a little longer.

25048, 25145/175, 25231, 25303 Crewe Vic Berry, Leicester January 23rd 26th 1987.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works May 1967.
Noted Crewe Works June 1968.
Noted Derby Works December 1971.
Noted Derby Works February - April 1977 (dual brakes fitted?).
Noted Derby Works March 1978 (accident damage).


On the evening of September 11th brand new D5295 was stabled at Derby.

Noted at St Pancras on Sunday December 5th about 10.45am were: D5227 pilot
D5218 with the coaching stock for the 10.50 St Pancras - Manchester, worked by D82
D7513 with a permanent way train
D85, D88, D94 & D131 at Cambridge Street
D5295 with a permanent way train
D5184 light engine.

Locomotives stabled at Burton on Trent on the evening of March 11th included D5290, D5295, D7504 & 48728.

Noted at Toton on Sunday September 18th were D5237, D5295, D7538 & D7567.

On the afternoon of October 15th D5280, D5285 & D5294 were stabled at Burton on Trent while D5263 & D5295 were on a down freight.

On the afternoon of December 10th D5295 was stabled at Bescot.

On June 14th D5295 was at Crewe with the 1P39 15.27 Euston - Heysham parcels.

On the morning of May 10th 5295 was noted at Wolverhampton HL.

At about 5.30pm on June 2nd 5295 was noted passing Newton le Willows with a down freight (9T81).

At about 6pm on April 13th 5295 was noted passing Manchester Victoria with up stone empties (6L56).

At about 6pm on June 11th 5295 was noted at Manchester Exchange with a down van train (4P05). At about 7am on June 13th 5295 was noted at Manchester Victoria with an empty diesel multiple unit movement (4F20). 5295 was the Manchester Victoria banker (T42) on June 25th. At about 6pm on June 29th 5295 was noted at Manchester Victoria with an up freight (9T44). The summer dated 09.50 Manchester Victoria - Barrow and the 14.27 return were worked by 5295 on June 30th.

At about 6pm on July 25th 5295 was noted at Manchester Exchange with a down van train (4P05). At about 7am on July 30th 5295 was noted passing Manchester Victoria with a down freight.

On August 4th 5294 & 5020 handled the 09.20 Manchester Piccadilly - Yarmouth to Lincoln Central returning with the 09.28 ex-Yarmouth.

On September 7th 1974 25145 & 24062 worked the 10.07 Aberystwyth - Euston to Shrewsbury.

On January 25th 25145 was noted at Manchester Victoria with the 4J05. On January 27th 25145 & 25157 were noted at Manchester Victoria with the 8X79.

On the evening of April 17th 25038 was stabled at Saltley.

On August 21st 25145 worked the 05.07 Leeds City - Manchester Victoria vans.

On the morning of January 22nd 25145, 25018 & 25021 were stabled at York.

On June 26th 25145 & 25131 worked the Walsall - Norwich (for Yarmouth) - Derby diagram.

On July 21st 25145 & 25038 worked a roundtrip Leamington Spa - Rhyl day excursion. The next day 25145 was noted working a Lincoln - Whitemoor freight.

On the morning of November 23rd 25145 was seen at Uphill Junction with the 7V39 freight.

On March 11th 25145 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for March 11th recorded:

25145; March 11th 1977; 1C64
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 28 860 - - -
2 34 890 - - -
3 42 900 - - -
4 50 900 - - -
5 62 950 - - -
6 69 990 - - BVI blowing

Load regulator cover loose back
No.4 piston passing oil
LHS? engine water drain cock leaking
LHS redundant ?? compressor drain cock take off
A side crankcase door leak as marked
No.2 compressor air outlet pipe leaking
Both sight glasses leaking
Emergency start to identify
Main fuel tank issues
Radiator drain cock right hand side pipe adjacent to ??
No.1 tail light to change
Overspeed trip issue
No.1 high pressure fuel pipe top ?? leak
No.3 fuel pump RH ?? plug leak
Nos. 1 & 5 rocker leak
?? mod on main generator to do
Turbo holding bolts to tighten
Small fracture in cab wall left hand side of 2nd man's window
Reg air to check & set 46 & 48
Lube oil pipe issue.

An Alfreton & Mansfield - Paignton day excursion on May 28th was worked out and back by 25145 & 25130, being refuelled at Newton Abbot.

On June 25th 25145 & 25169 worked the roundtrip Walsall - Norwich (for Yarmouth) diagram.

On July 15th 25145 & 25258 were at Wigston South Junction with the northbound loaded Fletliner brick train.

On July 16th 40121, 40171, 25222 & 25145 were light engines at Crewe station.

On August 29th & 30th 25145 & 25187 were noted at Skegness with workings from ?

On September 4th 25145 & 25187 worked the 08.45 Birmingham New Street - Barmouth from Shrewsbury, returning with the 17.30 Barmouth - Birmingham New Street to Shrewsbury.

On the afternoon of September 28th 25145 was stabled at Holbeck.

On the morning of September 30th 25145 was stabled at York.

On the morning of October 4th & 28th 25145 was stabled at York.

On the evening of December 16th 25145 was stabled at York.

On December 23rd 25145 worked the 7B71 18.45 Barnstaple - Exeter vans. It then worked the 6B75 22.05 Exeter City Basin - Exeter Riverside (19 tanks).

On July 2nd 25145 and the Bescot crane were noted at Fenny Compton undertaking bridge repairs.

Cambrian line roundtrip workings to Aberystwyth took place on July 15th with 25145 & 25162 working the 04.15 Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth and 10.07 Aberystwyth - Euston to Wolverhampton. The same diagram was handled August 26th with 25259.

On the morning of November 10th 25145 was stabled at York.

On Monday November 13th 25145 worked the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood, its passing time at Clapham Junction was 3.44pm, making it very, very late.

25145 was the Manchester Victoria pilot on March 21st.

Two round trip workings to Skegness took place during April, on 16th with 25073 from Alfreton & Mansfield (relief) and on 17th also with 25073 from Burton on Trent.

On June 17th 25145 was stabled at Saltley.

On June 25th 25146 & 25169 worked a summer dated Walsall - Great Yarmouth service.

On July 7th a relief Leicester - Yarmouth to Norwich and the return 14.15 Yarmouth - Derby from Norwich were hauled by 25145 & 25309. The next day (8th) the same pair handled a roundtrip Derby - Skegness.

On July 12th 25145 worked the 17.10 Crewe - Cardiff.

Two Cambrian line workings followed - the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Birmingham New Street and the return 16.10 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury were worked by 25145 & 25032 on July 28th and on August 11th with 25145 & 25141.

On October 16th 25145 worked the 4B10 15.45 Bristol - Plymouth parcels (12 vans) as far as Exeter, 45074 took the train forward.

On April 2nd 25145 was noted at Blowers Green (West Midlands) with a mixed freight for Bescot.

On May 17th 25145 was noted at Greenfield with the Newcastle - Red Bank newspaper empties, comprised of thirteen bogie vehicles.

On May 27th 25145 hauled Castle 4-6-0 No. 5051 in light steam as far as Hereford with support coach, whilst returning from the Rainhill celebrations.

Photograph collection of webmaster
25145 & 5051 on May 27th 1980, possibly at Hereford.

On June 21st the 10.00 Crewe - Cardiff was noted at Crewe with 25145 & 25220.

On November 25th 25145 was noted at Acocks Green with a lengthy train of empty pipe wagons.

On the morning of December 23rd 25145 was stabled at York.

25145 was stabled at Longsight on March 3rd.

25145 was noted at Gateshead on April 16th. On April 30th the 12.50 Euston - Liverpool failed at Bletchley behind 86230, 25145 assisted the train to Northampton.

On the afternoon of May 18th 25145 was noted at Golbourne Junction with an up freight.

1981 included several Cambrian line roundtrip visits to Aberystwyth, on June 6th & 7th with 25245, on the return trip on the 7th the Class 25s worked through to Nuneaton, dragging 86252 from Wolverhampton.

On June 15th 25145 worked a Lawley Street - Beeston Freightliner.

25145 was receiving attention at Reddish on July 12th.

On August 29th 25145 & 25194 were northbound through Stenson Junction with oil tanks.

25145 & 25090 handled roundtrip Cambrian line workings on September 5th & 6th with 25090.

On October 4th 25145 was at Liverpool Lime Street.

On the morning of October 13th 25145 was stabled at York.

On a wet March 4th 25145 was noted passing Derby southbound with a freight.

On April 8th 25048 & 25145 were noted on a train of short wheelbase oil tanks southbound at Crewe station. 25145 worked the Bradford Valley Road Goods - Healey Mills on April 22nd, comprised seven wagons and a brakevan.

Slightly off the beaten track on June 12th was 25145 working the 08.35 Birmingham New Street - Paddington and 12.50 return. On June 19th 25145 was stabled at Aberystwyth. A Birmingham International - Aberystwyth roundtrip charter was worked by 25145 & 25193 on June 27th.

On August 5th 25145 was light engine at ICI Tunstead.

The 16.20 Crewe - Derby on September 16th was worked by 25145 because of a diesel multiple unit failure.

On September 30th 25145 was stabled at Warrington Arpley.

When the 11.33 Norwich - Birmingham New Street failed at Washwood Heath on November 3rd 25145 worked the final four miles to Birmingham New Street.

On January 8th the Class 85 hauling the 20.55 Euston - Inverness failed at Rugby, the train was taken to Crewe by 25145 & 25221.

25145 with some Railfreight wagons were at Marylebone station on March 18th.

On May 14th 25145 was stabled at Tinsley.

On June 8th 25145 was noted southbound at Finedon Road with a short freight (EB). 25145 was stabled at Bletchley on the afternoon of June 21st.

On August 17th 25210 & 25145 were at Severn Tunnel Junctionm with a tank train.

On August 25th 25145 was stabled at Crewe diesel depot.

A north-west area working occurred on September 15th when 25145 worked the 07.34 Manchester Victoria - Liverpool. 25145 was the Manchester Victoria pilot on September 16th. 25145 was noted at Preston on September 28th.

25145 was stabled at Crewe depot on a wet October 1st. 25145 was noted on October 4th on the WCML with VTG wagons for Lostock Hall.

On November 13th 25145 was light engine through Warrington Bank Quay.

On December 27th 25145 worked the 21.44 Preston - Liverpool (portion off 18.20 Glasgow - Manchester).

25145 was noted at Toton on January 17th, with a short freight, possibly for the Burton repair shops.

25145 was the Manchester Victoria pilot on February 4th, 5th & 9th. 25145 with two parcels vans was noted at Rhyl on February 12th.

On March 27th 25145 was stabled at March.

On April 15th 25145 & 25236 were noted on the Kirkby branch with a spoil train. A loaded Tunstead - Northwich ICI limestone train was handled by 25145 on April 16th.

On May 3rd 25191 & 25145 were noted at Church Stretton with a tank train. 25145 was stabled at Tinsley on May 14th.

A relief 18.08 York - Birmingham New Street on June 1st was worked by 25145.

Photograph collection of webmaster
A view of the working referenced above with 25145 on a relief York - Birmingham at Derby on June 1st 1984.

25145 was stabled at Cricklewood on July 29th.

25145 was noted at Nuneaton on August 13th with passenger stock. It was a busy day for 25145 & 25205 on August 19th working the 03.33 Crewe - Preston (via Chester), the 12.35 Preston - Barrow, the 18.21 Barrow - Liverpool and the 22.10 Glasgow Central - Euston from Preston to Crewe due to the power being off for engineering work. On August 23rd 25145 was noted southbound at Warrington Bank Quay with a freight and was also noted as Manchester Victoria pilot this day.

25145 was noted working a loaded sand train from Caldon Low Quarry to Longport on September 19th.

On the late afternoon of October 2nd 25145 was light engine at Helsby.

25213 & 25145 were noted southbound at Crewe with a bitumen oil train on November 29th.

A pre-Christmas working on December 21st saw 25145 & 25200 assist the 20.00 Cardiff - Crewe from Craven Arms after the Class 47 failed.

25145 was stabled at Carnforth on January 12th. On a snowy January 15th 25145 & 25173 were prepared at Birkenhead to work the 7L38 Stanlow - Dalston oil tanks. The 18.20 Glasgow Central - Manchester Victoria was worked forward from Preston by 25145 on January 16th.

25145 was noted northbound at Whitchurch on February 26th, possibly the 6S75 12:55 Severn Tunnel Junction - Mossend freight.

25145 was stabled at Carlisle station on March 1st with at least thirteen other locomotives.

On March 9th 25145 was stabled at Carlisle station with a large group of locomotives.

On May 18th 25145 & 25057 worked a Birmingham Lawley Street - Willesden special intermodal.

In the pre-dawn hours of May 23rd 25145 was noted on a down parcels working at Crewe station. By the next day 25145 was working at Watford (see below).

Photograph courtesy Ian Hammond
A fine study of 25145 as it works busily in Watford Yard on a still misty May 25th 1985. 25145 had seven more months of service, its last shed was Carlisle.

On May 26th 25145 was at Crewe station with bogie ballast hoppers.

A failed diesel multiple unit on June 2nd saw 25145 assist the 12.32 Blackpool North - Colne from Blackburn (pushing from the rear) and the 14.30 Colne - Preston. On June 30th 25145 was noted southbound at York with MkIII coach 42257 & test car ADB 975397, presumably headed for Derby. They had been used for slip/brake testing north of York, with power supplied by 47221.

25145 was north of the border on August 24th working the 08.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central. A week later on August 30th trouble on the WCML saw the 07.15 Manchester Piccadilly - St. Pancras taken forward from Nuneaton to St. Pancras by 25145 & 20099 with assistance from St Albans provided by 20161 & 20187.

On the morning of September 24th 25145 was stabled at Leicester.

25145 was noted at Severn Tunnel Junction on October 22nd & 23rd. 25145 was noted shunting an oil tanker at Severn Tunnel Junction on October 24th. Later that day (24th) the Severn Tunnel Junction Mossend freight required assistance at Abergavenny from 25034 after 25145 failed there. After spending four days dumped at Hereford 25145 returned to Severn Tunnel Junction in a local freight behind 25034, before being taken to Crewe in an overnight freight!

On November 30th 25145 was noted at Guide Bridge with the name 'Roland' stencilled on one side.

Class 25s visiting the Huddersfield area in early December included 25095 & 25145 with oil tanks on 4th. 25145 was noted at Stoke on Trent on the evening of December 11th.

Christmas Day at Allerton found thirteen locomotives stabled here rather than at Speke, included were 25145, 25205 & 25907.

The arrival of 1986 brought bad news for 25145, it would be the first locomotive withdrawn that year, on January 2nd.

Distinguishing Features
BIS side: minor scrape to left of radiator grille, just below cantrail (did not remove paint): February 1984 - November 1985.

Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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