D5296, 5296, 25146
D5296, 5296, 25146
A Day Trip to Yarmouth

Photographer unknown
25146 & 25126 at Great Yarmouth on July 5th 1975 - see further notes below for more information about this working.

A career of eighteen years and eleven months saw D5296/25146 allocated to a variety of London Midland Region depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Boiler room grilles sheeted over (1978).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 60 months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 20 months.


D5296 was new to Toton (16A) on September 18th 1964. Further transfers were:

September 1964 to Derby (16C).
October 1964 to Nottingham (16D).
January 1965 to Nottingham Division (D16).
January 1965 to Colwick (40E) on loan.
April 1965 to Nottingham Division (D16).
March 1967 to London Midland (Midland) Lines.
August 1967 to Birmingham Division (D02).
March 1972 to Manchester Division (D09).
May 1973 to Longsight.
March 1974 to Kingmoor (KM).
January 1975 to Carlisle (KD).
Withdrawn August 7th 1983.

Renumbered November 6th 1973.

25146 was the 188th Class 25 withdrawn, one of six retired during August 1983.

After withdrawal 25146 was moved to Derby Works by the last week of October 1983, on arrival at Derby three of its traction motors were transferred to 25182. On February 4th 1985 25143 moved to Swindon Works as part of a large scrap engine movement. 25146 was broken up by the middle of April 1985.

Movement details: The dead engine movement of February 3rd & 4th comprised 25050/062, 25129/133/146, 25220/233/274/294.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works February 1967.
Noted Derby Works October 1972.
??Derby Works October 1973, noted ex-works & renumbered during November 1973.
Noted Derby Works July & August 1978 (classified).


D5296 was constructed at Derby Works during the summer of 1964, being released to traffic on September 18th, initially allocated to Toton (16A), but then quickly moved to Derby (16C). During October D5296 was transferred to Nottingham (16D).

In January D5296 was transfered to the Nottingham Division (D16). Whilst here it was loaned to Colwick (40E) from January to April when it returned to the Nottingham Division. Its replacement at Colwick would be D7578.

D5296 was noted at Derby Works during February.

It was transferred to the Midland Lines during March and then on to the Birmingham Division (D02) during August.

June: two-tone green with full yellow ends.

After almost five years based in the Birmingham Division 5296 headed north to the Manchester Division (D09) during March.

On June 24th the 09.20 Manchester Piccadilly - Yarmouth was worked to Lincoln Central by 5296 & 5205, returning from there with the 09.28 Yarmouth - Manchester Piccadilly.

On the evening of May 27th Class 24/25s noted at Eastfield were 5004 (still in green/yellow livery), 5019, 5096, 5101, 5159, 5161, 5296, 7581 & 7583.

Reallocation took place to Longsight (LO) during May.

At about 6pm on May 31st 5296 was noted at Manchester Exchange with a down van train (4P05).

5296 was the Manchester Victoria banker (T42) on June 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th. At about 6pm on June 29th 5296 was noted at Miles Platting with up hoppers (6J47).

5296 was renumbered to 25146 early in November. On November 10th an ex-works 25146 was noted arriving at Exeter, the headcode showing 6V51 (a beet working), later being noted at the stabling point.

A further move north took place in March to Kingmoor (KM).

On December 19th 25146 worked the 4M03 05.07 Leeds City - Manchester Victoria.

On the morning of January 23rd 25003 & 25146 were stabled at York.

On July 5th 25146 & 25126 worked the Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall diagram (see photographs below).

Photographer unknown
Having started out with the Derby - Yarmouth 25126 & 25146 are seen arriving at Yarmouth with the ex-Walsall train, having taken over at Norwich. Judging by the position of the number on 25126 it must be assumed that its last repair & repaint had been carried out at Crewe Works.

Photographer unknown
25146 & 25126 run up the platform at Yarmouth station. 25146 has already acquired the headcode for the first of its two-part journey back to the London Midland Region. It will take the 1M37 Derby service as far as Norwich.

The pair started out on the 1E83 08.12 Derby - Yarmouth, working the train as far as Norwich. Here they took over the 1E91 08.00 Walsall - Yarmouth, working the last eighteen miles into Great Yarmouth. After a short break they returned with the 1M37 14.15 Yarmouth - Derby as far as Norwich, here they would take over the 1M66 14.30 Yarmouth - Walsall and worked this train through to its destination. The locomotives would travel about 365 passenger miles on this diagram, which excluded any empty coaching stock movements at the beginning or end of the day.

Two views from the same date, show a Class 31/4 and another arriving at Yarmouth and 31135 and the Class 03 pilot at Yarmouth Vauxhall. The left photograph with the 1E76 headcode suggests this is the summer Saturday Manchester - Lincoln - Yarmouth service. From time to time Class 25's worked the first leg of this train to Lincoln where they would be exchanged for Class 31s.

And on the way home!

Photographer unknown
Presumably the photographer caught the return working judging by the views above. The location of the left view with the sharp check-railed curve is at Ely North Junction. The train is on the West Curve heading towards March. The banner repeater in front of the locomotive is R22 and beyond the B1382 road overbridge is 22 signal itself with a white sighting board behind the arm. The center view is possibly Norwich and the right view is after the photographer left the train at Peterborough. It looks like the further west the train went the cloudier it got!

With regard to the left hand view above contributor Richard Pike writes - I have fond memories of class 25s at Ely North Junction on, most probably, Derby - Yarmouth trains. Once past the box, when heading for Norwich and the road was clear, the noise was fantastic as they opened up to climb the 1 in 178 over the River Ouse. I had a cab ride one evening from Norwich to March in a 25 with cab front doors. I remember the driver commenting on the draughts. It had formed an extra from Leicester to Norwich, formed with two MK1s that had been laid on because of a really late running service. I caught it at Peterborough and went through to Norwich. It returned as empty stock and the driver dropped me at March. I want a time machine. I'd pay a pretty penny to do that again!

On April 21st 25146 worked the 4B10 16.00 Bristol - Plymouth parcels, being noted at Exeter.

On July 17th 25146 & 25090 worked the 09.20 Manchester Piccadilly - Yarmouth to Lincoln Central, returning from there with the 09.15 Yarmouth - Manchester Piccadilly.

On the morning of May 9th 25146 was stabled at York.

On May 23rd 25146 worked the 9P08 Tyne Yard - Ponteland freight.

25146 was stabled at Chester on May 13th. 25146 was noted at at Leominster with a Cardiff - Crewe service on May 27th. 40135 & 25146 were noted westbound at Chinley with a cement train from Earles sidings on May 31st.

25146 was in attendance at the Derby Locomotive Works Open Day on August 5th.

Photograph courtesy Graham Turner
Approximately twelve years after being released new from Derby Works, 25146 was outshopped from the same location after having received its last Classified repair. It was one of the exhibits on display at the Locomotive Works Open Day on August 5th 1978. During this last repair the boiler room grille was sheeted over, visible in this fine view.

Photograph collection of webmaster
Although not dated this maybe 25146 on its test run on August 10th 1978 with the 3F01 parcels from Nottingham, about to enter Leicester station, where 25146 will be removed.

On August 10th 25146 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for August 10th recorded:

25146; August 10th 1978; 1F01 Nottingham
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 27 - - - -
2 34 875 - - -
3 41 890 - - -
4 48 925 - - -
5 58 950 - - -
6 63 1,000 - - -

No.1 bulkhead door seal loose at bottom, gap at top
Mileage reading 17,000+
Fuel pressure meter to remove
Engine No.4 fuel pump leaking
A side crankcase door securing screw leaking.

25103 & 25146 were noted at Seacombe Junction with an iron ore train on August 18th.

On the afternoon of September 15th 25146 was noted at Bristol Bath Road.

On October 15th 25146 hauled fire damaged 85025 over the Settle & Carlisle from Carlisle to Hellifield, 40020 took the Class 85 forward to Crewe.

On February 29th an evening Peterborough - Thornton mole plough train arrived at Tyne behind 31253, but went forward with 25146.

On June 19th 25146 was noted light engine at Guide Bridge.

On August 19th 25146 was noted southbound at Preston wth an engineer's train.

25146 was noted stabled at March on May 17th.

Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer
25146 gets its portrait taken on an overcast May 9th 1981 at Toton. A set of the three piece miniature snowploughs has been acquired and a new window frame has been fitted to the second man's side of the rear cab.

It was off to the coast on May 30th when 25146 & 25126 worked a return Stalybridge - Aberystwyth passenger day excursion, a total of 338 passenger miles.

On the morning of Tuesday June 16th 25146 was stabled at Chinley station, by the end of the day 25146 was noted at Buxton depot.

On August 8th 25146 handled several workings over the North Wales route starting out with the 07.42 Manchester Victoria - Bangor, returning with the 11.12 to Manchester Victoria. Then followed the 15.42 to Bangor, coming back with the 19.25 to Manchester Victoria. A total of 400 miles of passenger working this day for 25146. Four days later (12th) 25146 & 25152 worked a round trip day excursion Kettering - Blackpool via Chesterfield and the Hope Valley route. At about 04.30am on August 14th 25146 arrived at Holbeck off the E05 turn. Later that day it went out on the K60 tripper and returned to Holbeck at 11.50am.

25146 worked a Carlisle - Healey Mills freight on September 17th.

25146 was noted stabled at Carlisle station on February 13th.

On February 19th, the day after an ASLEF strike 25051, 25062, 25146 & 25190 were stabled at York.

25146 was noted hauling a lengthy freight train of mineral wagons through Balshaw Lane (Euxton) on February 25th, possibly the 6Z63 returning from Ravenscraig to Holditch Colliery.

On April 10th 25146 was stabled at Northwich. On April 29th a long slow haul commenced for 08106/415/419/451 as they moved from the Carlisle area bound for Swindon Works, the journey started with 25146 via the Settle & Carlisle route. 08106 was for scrap, the others for overhaul.

25086 & 25146 were stabled at Cockshute on May 29th.

25146 was the Manchester Victoria pilot (vans?) on July 24th.

25146 managed a series of Cambrian Line workings over the last weekend of July. On July 31st 25146 & 25123 worked the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Birmingham New Street, returning with the 16.05 to Shrewsbury. The next day (August 1st) the same pair of locomotives worked the 08.45 Birmingham New Street - Aberystwyth forward from Shrewsbury. Whilst on the coast they filled in with the 16.40 Aberystwyth - Machynlleth and 17.25 return. Then it was time to head back eastwards with the 18.15 Aberystwyth - Euston as far as Wolverhampton.


Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore
25146 & 25119 head north from Crewe with a loaded sand train, date unknown.

25146 was stabled at Llandudno Junction on January 22nd.

25146 was stabled at Saltley on March 3rd & 5th. 25146 came to the assistance of March 17th's 19.26 Bangor - Manchester Victoria which was being hauled by 25138 & 25245. The latter was removed at Chester and 25146 added for the last forty miles to Manchester.

On April 30th 25146 was stabled at Cockshute.

25146 worked the 4V20 15.10 Manchester Red Star - Bristol Temple Meads parcels on June 28th.

On July 18th 25146 was busy at the southern end of the WCML being noted on a Hemel Hempstead to Euston parcels train.

Time ran out for 25146 during the summer of 1983, nineteen years of service came to an end when it was retired on August 7th.

By the end of October 25146 was at Derby Works, initially for spares removal. It would spend the next fifteen months here.

Distinguishing Features
No.1 cab position of blue diamond symbols: left one Glasgow style, right one Derby style. March 1981 - July 1982.
No.2 cab front: center lampbracket missing: August 1976 until withdrawn.
No.2 cab: 2nd man's side: unpainted cabside window frame: February 1982 - April 1982.

Three-piece miniature snow ploughs fitted: April 1976; March 1981 - July 1981, (not fitted May 1982, January 1983), January 22nd 1983 - July 1983.

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