D7672, 7672, 25322, 25912
D7672, 7672, 25322, 25912

Photograph courtesy Tony Smith.
25912 & 25911 at Horbury East Junction with loaded bogie oil tanks from Stanlow to Neville Hill.

The nineteen year nine month career of D7672/25322/25912 was spent allocated to a multitude of London Midland Region depots.

Built BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual brake fitted.
Center lampbracket & other fittings removed (No.2 cab only)
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 105 months.


D7672 was new to the Nottingham Division (D16) on February 25th 1967. Further transfers were:

July 1967 to Carlisle Upperby (12B).
February 1968 to Carlisle Kingmoor (12A).
June 1968 to Preston Division (D10).
May 1970 to Liverpool Division (D08).
July 1972 to Birmingham Division (D02).
May 1973 to Bescot following abandonment of the LMR Divisional allocations.
May 1973 to Carlisle Kingmoor (KM).
January 1975 to Carlisle (KD).
February 1976 to Crewe.
May 1978 to Springs Branch.
July 1978 to Carlisle.
Withdrawn January 29th 1984.
Reinstated May 17th 1984 to Bescot.
September 1985 to Crewe.
November 1985 to Carlisle Kingmoor.
Withdrawn March 23rd 1987.

Renumbered to TOPS April 1974.
Renumbered to 25912 November 20th 1985.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works October 1967.
Noted Derby Works June 1972.
Noted Derby Works April & May 1977 (Classified).
Noted Derby Works April 1979.


The last half dozen Class 25s built were all delivered to the Nottingham Division (D16), with D7672 entering traffic on February 25th. That same month, on February 2nd Crewe Works outshopped 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' the last steam locomotive to receive an overhaul at a BR workshop. The occasion was marked by a ceremony attended by the Work's staff and the Mayor of Crewe. During July D7672 - D7677 were moved to Carlisle Upperby (12B) to assist in the final removal of steam from the north west. A brief return to Derby was made in October for repairs.

On October 4th 7672 was at Perry Bar with a permanent way train.

Repairs were undertaken at Derby during June.

On July 9th 7616 & 7672 worked the 08.55 Leicester - Skegness and the diagrammed return.

7672 was noted with a Tinsley - Carlisle freight on March 2nd.

25322 was on a local Tyne Yard duty on October 18th.

25322 was noted at Kingmoor on the morning of October 29th.

On May 12th 25322 was noted at Manchester Victoria with the 1J12.

On the early evening of May 30th 25297 & 25322 were noted at Crewe with a train of mineral wagons heading southbound off the Chester line.

Classified repairs were carried out at Derby, April - May, the last to be carried out on 25322.

On May 13th 25322 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for May 13th recorded:

25322; May 13th 1977; time 1C21
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 30 850 - - -
2 48 800 - - -
3 - - - - -
4 - - - - -
5 - - - - -
6 - - - - -

No.2 cab 2nd man's side window broken
Speedometer fluctuating above 60mph
Paint to complete
Radiator B side low
No.5 Bicera leak
A & B sides crankcase free end seam leak
Governor top seals.

On May 21st 25322 was noted in very ex-works condition at Knighton South Junction, Leicester attached to 45147 (Works test run?)

On Tuesday June 20th 25322 worked the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood and the return 12.10 Norwood to Willesden.

On the afternoon of June 21st 25322 was stabled at York.

On the late afternoon of July 25th 25322 was southbound light engine at York and on the morning of July 26th & 27th was stabled at York.

On the early morning of August 12th 25322 was noted at Kingmoor shed.

25322 was noted on passenger duty assisting the local diesel multiple unit on the Windermere branch on November 13th.

On the afternoon of February 14th 25322 was stabled at York.

25322 returned to Derby for collision repairs during April.

At about 9pm on July 13th 25322 was noted northbound at Derby with oil tanks.

A morning Morecambe - Leeds service on August 17th required the assistance of 25322 following problems with the diesel multiple unit. On the morning of August 25th 25221 & 25322 were stabled at Bristol Bath Road. On August 26th Kingmoor based 25322 was noted in charge of the 20.17 Worcester - Paddington parcels.

An "E" exam was carried out at Kingmoor during December.

On the morning of March 29th 25322 was noted at Manchester Exchange with a down van train.

On the afternoon of April 30th 25322 was noted at Crewe with a down van train.

Noted at Cricklewood on the afternoon of July 27th were 25148, 25181 & 25322.

On August 24th the 08.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central and the return 12.40 Glasgow Central - Carlisle.

The 15.10 St. Pancras - Nottingham was noted arriving at Nottingham on August 11th behind 25322 and a failed 45131.

Engineering work on August 29th saw diesels assisting at the southern end of the WCML, 25322 & 25298 assisted one southbound service between Watford Junction & Willesden, followed by 25322 & 25317(?) assisting another southbound service between Bletchley & Watford Junction.

Cambrian metals were visited on September 4th & 5th. On September 4th 25322 & 25298 worked the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Birmingham New Street, returning with the 16.05 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury. The next day (5th) the same pair worked the 08.45 Birmingham New Street - Aberystwyth from Shrewsbury, the 16.40 Aberystwyth - Machynlleth and the return 17.25 Machynlleth - Aberystwyth, followed by the 18.15 Aberystwyth - Euston to Wolverhampton.

On May 11th 25322 worked the 22.47 Crewe - Blackpool North forward from Preston.

The 16.35 Carlisle - Leeds was worked by 25322 on June 15th, dragging failed 31406. A week later on June 21st (or 22nd) the 09.20 Lancaster - Barrow with 40152 failed at Silverdale, 25322 then dragged everything to Barrow.

The 07.35 Euston - Aberystwyth on July 9th was worked forward from Wolverhampton by 25322 & 25277, returning with the 14.00 Aberystwyth - Euston to Wolverhampton, the service had been extended due to late running. On July 25th the 12.50 Leeds - Cardiff failed at Landore Street Junctiomn behind 45122, 25322 dragged the service into Birmingham New Street.

Another failure occurred on August 5th when the 16.25 Kidderminster - Birmingham New Street failed before departure, 25322 dragged everything to its destination.

During January, in company with 25311 a fire occurred whilst working a Bridgwater - Bristol nuclear flask train. The fire brigade was summoned, the damage was sufficient to lead to withdrawal three weeks later (January 29th), the locomotive being sidelined at Tyseley. During May due to a shortage of locomotives two Class 25's were reinstated, 25316 & 25322, with 25322 being allocated to Bescot. In celebration of the upcoming Tamworth Rail Week (May 12th - 20th) 25322 was chosen to be an exhibit and consequently acquired a modified livery, with full yellow cab ends, black window surrounds and a silver/grey roof, made possible by apprentices at Tyseley depot. It acquired the painted name 'Tamworth Castle', but because of its livery it became affectionately known as the 'Ice Cream Van'!

It had already taken up a passenger working on May 17th, dragging a failed diesel multiple unit on a Nottingham - Crewe service to Derby. Two days later (19th) it was stabled at Saltley. It was noted at Crewe on May 27th having assisted with 25210 the 14.10 Glasgow - Euston between Preston & Crewe, engineering work causing the usual diversions. Noted Shrewsbury stabling point on May 29th reportedly with head gasket problems.

Photograph courtesy Tom Sutch.
Its June 20th 1984 and 25322 is in front of the depot building at Springs Branch. The locomotive's paint has not yet lost its shine.

June 16th's 10.10 Euston - Shrewsbury featured 25282 & 25322 'Tamworth Castle' from Wolverhampton. 25322 was noted at Preston on June 25th and at Derby on July 7th with a parcels train. A month later on July 15th 25322 & 25257 took over a Weston Super Mare - Grange over Sands day excursion at Birmingham New Street, working the return leg as far as Crewe. Additional mileage was covered on this run as the outward leg was via Manchester. Noted passing through Warrington light engine on July 30th.

25322 was noted at Chester with a parcels train on August 1st.

Bescot lost its Class 25 allocation at the end of September, 25322 moving once more, this time to Crewe. On September 6th 25322 came to the rescue of failed 86230 working a Manchester - Euston service. The electric had suffered a partial failure earlier in the day, finally expiring completely at Tring where passengers were transferred to a following service, the Class 25 taking the empty train on to Euston. On November 4th three Class 25's were present at Severn Tunnel Jct, their booked workings being 25058 to Bescot, 25284 - Gloucester and 25322 - Mossend. A short hop for 25322 on November 18th was assisting one passenger service between Manchester Piccadilly & Stockport, the power being off due to engineering work.

25322 was noted at Crewe depot on December 7th.

25322 was noted at Burnden Junction, Bolton on January 6th with a Sunday engineer's train. The next day (7th) 25322 and a short train of ballast wagons was noted at Guide Bridge.

On March 6th 25322 & 25315 worked the roundtrip Stanlow - Neville Hill oil tanks. On March 24th 25322 was noted at Birmingham New Street with a permanent way train. By March 31st 25322 was noted in the Wolverhampton area hauling bogie steel wagons.

Photograph courtesy Steve Houlker.
Lunchtime at Preston on March 8th 1985 finds 25322 going about is duties.

25322 was noted heading north through Cheltenham on April 9th. A lengthy train of mineral wagons was noted southbound through Bescot on April 19th with 25322. On April 24th 25322 & 25325 were noted northbound through Crewe with loaded sand wagons. On April 28th 25322 was noted at Severn Tunnel Junction.

On May 5th 25322 was on display at Westbury depot Open Day, keeping company with about twenty locomotives including 27036.

25322 was noted passing Edge Hill on May 12th with engineers wagons.

An ailing Class 47 required the assistance of 25322 between Golbourne Jct & Preston on May 15th. Three days later (18th) the 07.20 Blackpool - Cambridge commenced its journey behind 25322, a locomotive change taking place at Preston in the shape of 47444.

Photograph courtesy Phillip Moore.
25322 runs through the sharply curved platforms at Earlestown on May 16th 1985. The previous day 25322 had assisted an ailing 47 between Golbourne Jct & Preston. 25322 was present at Westbury Open Day at the end of May.

An Open Day at Westbury on the May Bank Holiday Weekend saw the attractions include 25322 and 27036, the latter recently out-shopped from Swindon. On June 17th 25322 was at St Pancras. The last week in June saw 25322 busy in Scotland, on 25th it worked the 12.40 Carlisle - Glasgow Central and 17.30 return, by the 27th it was at Ayr and piloted 47571 forward on the 21.10 Euston - Stranraer.

On July 3rd 25322 was noted northbound at Springs Branch on a freight. Another Open Day, this time at Cardiff Canton on July 6th produced a considerable variety of exhibits including 25322 and 97201 (ex 24061), the latter being used for cab rides. 25322 had arrived dead behind 47290 working the Garston - Severn Tunnel Jct car carriers. It is believed the Class 25 had failed two days earlier on a similar working. On July 8th 25322 headed north, being noted through Cheltenham on a parcels train with 31117, the Class 25 leading. Later this day 25322 was noted at Birmingham New Street. 25322 was noted at Chester on July 18th with a parcels (?) train.

On August 3rd 25322 was noted at Welshpool.

25322 & 25262 were noted passing through Stafford on August 25th with a freight train. 25322 was noted arriving at York on August 29th with a mixed train of coaching stock (for the Works?)

25322 was noted at Carlisle on September 4th working a short freight and was stabled at Crewe on September 29th and also noted on this day passing through Crewe with an electrification train.

Late in the year 25322 was chosen as one of the locomotives to be designated Class 25/9 for implementation of the first sectorisation idea. Although 25322 had been previously withdrawn it was now considered one of the better machines in the fleet. The sub-class were restricted to 60mph to minimise traction motor problems and they were authorised to receive E exams. Transfer of this group took place in November to Kingmoor, with 25322 being renumbered to 25912 on November 20th. The traffic flows planned for the Class 25/9s did not reach the expected levels so the sub-class migrated back to normal duties, losing their special mechanical attention.

25322 was noted at Manchester Victoria on November 13th as pilot(?).

On December 3rd a Knockshinnock - Fiddlers Ferry merry-go-round coal train was worked forward from Carlisle by 47285 & 25912. The next day, December 4th 25912 was noted at Waverley with a car train, whilst a Stanlow - Dalston oil train was worked to Warrington by 97408 & 25307, here 25904 & 25912 took over for the run to Dalston. 25912 was stabled at Carlisle station on December 5th (night?). On December 18th 25912 was noted at Slaithwaite with a ballast train.

25912 was stabled at Manchester Victoria on December 24th and at Newton Heath depot on December 25th/26th.

A lengthy train of parcels vans was noted eastbound through Newton-le-Willows on January 9th with 25912.

25912 & 25909 were stabled at Chester on January 18th & 19th.

25912 worked blue liveried chemical tanks to Hayes Chemicak Works on February 20th. 25903 & 25912 were noted at Hooton on February 28th running round the Albion oil tanks and headed for Crewe.

25912 was noted passing Springs Branch on March 13th with a Speedlink service of bulk powder tanks and coke wagons.

Photograph courtesy Robert Inns
25912 & 25911 run run through Crewe Station, March 23rd 1986. Who could have guessed that exactly one year later 25912 would be taken out of service?

Photograph courtesy Mark Jones.
25912 leads 25911 past Miles Platting signal box on March 26th 1986 with a train of oil tanks (7M54) from the Eastern Region heading back to Stanlow.

On May 8th the 23.05 Glasgow Central - Euston was worked by 25914 & 25904 between Warrington - Chester - Crewe. 25912 was noted at Warrington Arpley on May 9th with a Speedlink or trip freight. On May 12th 25912 was noted passing Helsby with a lengthy train of short wheelbase oil tanks. The 04.45 Northenden - Appley Bridge rubbish train was worked by 25904 & 25912 on May 24th.

June 1st saw the well attended Coalville Open Day featuring many exhibits including 25912 'Tamworth Castle' and 97201. 25902 & 25912 were noted passing westbound through Chester on June 4th with a train of logs for Shotton paper. 25912 was noted at Warrington Arpley on June 13th.

A diesel multiple unit failure on July 5th saw 25912 work the 16.10 Llandudno Junction - Blaenau Ffestiniog service.

On August 13th the 08.17 Holyhead - Newcastle failed at Bangor behind 47608, 25912 dragged the service to Llandudno Junction where 45009 took over. On August 28th another diesel multiple unit failure saw 25912 work the 14.40 Llandudno Junction - Blaenau Ffestiniog and the 16.05 return service.

25912 was noted at Rhyl on September 1st with a ballast working.

During the last week of October a number of Over & Wharton - Reading salt specials were powered by pairs of Class 25/9s, most frequently noted were 25901 & 25912 on 23rd, 24th, 28th & 30th.

Another regular salt working, this from Winsford to Deanside in Scotland utilised pairs of Class 25/9's during December. 25904 & 25912 were noted on December 8th and 12th.

25912 arrived at Springs Branch at tea-time on Christmas Eve with an 'A' exam due, and also requiring attention to the main generator.

The locomotive was released to traffic on the afternoon of January 4th. From 8th - 11th 25912 completed many local workings in the Warrington/Wirral area. On the morning 13th 25912 arrived at Bescot with 25902. On January 15th the 07.10 Chester - Manchester Victoria diesel multiple unit failed at Warrington, 25912 & 25902 dragged the service forward. By the 16th it was back at Springs Branch requiring attention to the compressor. This was eventually repaired, by the morning of 23rd, 25912 was now attached to 25910 and spent the next days on local workings. The evening of the 27th was spent at Warrington.

By 29th 25912 was now attached to 25902 working locally until diagrammed as the 6Z48 to Carlisle Depot for an 'A' exam (25902 still attached). Also checked out was damage suffered in a minor collision.

By February 12th, and still attached to 25902, the Over & Wharton, Deanside & Winsford locals were in charge of this pair. On the afternoon of February 14th it was back to Upperby, remaining in the area, with 25902 until 17th/18th. Both returned south to Warrington late on 18th, 25912 continuing further south to spend the next few days on local jobs in the Shrewsbury area (21st - 24th). On February 21st 25912 was noted passing light engine through Shrewsbury with 20119.

The new again interacted with the old as 25912 took 89001 on February 27th from Crewe back to the RTC at Derby for further tests.

February 28th & March 1st were spent in the Stoke area, by the afternoon of 3rd 25912 was at Llandudno, remaining there on local workings until moving to Warrington on the afternoon of 13th. From Warrington it moved to Springs Branch for an 'A' exam, successfully completed early the next morning. The morning of 14th was spent in the Liverpool area, stabling at Edge Hill for almost twenty four hours until mid-day on 15th. Then it was back to more local work in the Liverpool/Wigan area, which included a trip to Tebay/Shap Summit and return (6P32/6P33) on the afternoon/evening 16th.

The next five days (17th - 21st) were spent on numerous local trips to Ince Moss Tip/Warrington/Wigan/Stanlow & Thornton/Oakleigh ICI/Ellesmere Port/Dee Marsh/Ditton, before stabling at Warrington at lunch time on 21st. After a twenty four hour layover at Warrington a move to Crewe was made early on the morning of 23rd. This was followed by a round trip to Bescot Yard, after its return from leaving its last working at Basford Hall 25912 ran light to Crewe Depot, where it was taken out of service that afternoon.

Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
According to the TOPS report 25912 spent much of March 22nd 1987 stabled at Warrington, before heading out in the evening to Garston. Twenty fours hours after this view was taken the operating career of the Class 25s officially ended on BR, though certain movements did take place after March 23rd.

25912 Final Workings March 12th 1987 - March 23rd 1987
Date & Time Train ID From/At To Arrive Time Engine Hours/Miles
12/3 15.53 7F18 Llandudno Jct Ellesmere Port 18.251808hrs/ 38235 miles
12/3 18.57 6D56 Ellesmere Port Llandudno Jct 21.251810hrs/ 38291 miles
13/3 17.20 7P40 Llandudno Jct Warrington WO Jct 19.051815hrs/ 38355 miles
13/3 19.15 0Z00 Warrington WO Jct Warrington 19.201815hrs/ 38356 miles
13/3 23.00 0Z00 Warrington Wigan TMD 23.251815hrs/ 38368 miles
14/3 03.00 0Z00 Wigan TMD Garston 03.451816hrs/ 38391 miles
14/3 10.00 0Z00 Garston Allerton TMD 10.101816hrs/ 38400 miles
14/3 10.35 6T00 Allerton TMD Downhill CS 11.001817hrs/ 38405 miles
14/3 13.00 0Z00 Downhill CS Garston 13.101817hrs/ 38411 miles
14/3 ??.00 ?? Garston Tue Brook, Edge Hill ????
15/3 19.00 0Z00 Tue Brook, Edge Hill Garston 19.301819hrs/ 38417 miles
16/3 10.00 0Z00 Garston Tue Brook, Edge Hill 10.201820hrs/ 38423 miles
16/3 15.00 0Z00 Tue Brook, Edge Hill Wigan TMD 15.??1820hrs/ 38442 miles
16/3 17.00 0P32 Wigan TMD Preston Dock Street 17.201820hrs/ 38460 miles
16/3 17.55 6P32 Preston Dock Street Shap Summit 19.501821hrs/ 38525 miles
16/3 20.45 6P33 Shap Summit Preston Dock Street 22.251823hrs/ 38585 miles
16/3 22.30 0Z00 Preston Dock Street Wigan TMD 23.151824hrs/ 38603 miles
17/3 ??.00 ?? Wigan TMD Ince Moss Tip ??.00??
17/3 09.25 9L39 Ince Moss Tip Tue Brook, Edge Hill 10.501825hrs/ 38622 miles
17/3 11.10 0L39 Tue Brook, Edge Hill Ince Moss Tip 11.451826hrs/ 38641 miles
17/3 12.50 9L39 Ince Moss Tip Tue Brook, Edge Hill 14.001827hrs/ 38660 miles
17/3 14.30 0Z00 Tue Brook, Edge Hill Ince Moss Tip 15.301828hrs/ 38679 miles
17/3 15.30 0Z00 Ince Moss Tip Wigan TMD 15.401828hrs/ 38681 miles
17/3 ??.00 ?? Wigan TMD Warrington WO Jct ??.00??
18/3 08.43 6P82 Warrington WO Jct Horwich 11.451830hrs/ 38723 miles
18/3 12.15 6F82 Horwich Warrington WO Jct 14.301831hrs/ 38764 miles
18/3 14.35 0F82 Warrington WO Jct Warrington 14.451831hrs/ 38764 miles
18/3 17.40 0Z00 Warrington Wigan TMD 18.301832hrs/ 38776 miles
18/3 ??.00 ?? Wigan TMD Warrington ??.00??
19/3 01.15 7T68 Warrington Stanlow & Thornton 01.401833hrs/ 38788 miles
19/3 01.45 0T68 Stanlow & Thornton Warrington 02.201833hrs/ 38800 miles
19/3 08.20 6T68 Warrington Oakleigh ICI 08.451834hrs/ 38820 miles
19/3 09.35 0T68 Oakleigh ICI Warrington 10.001834hrs/ 38840 miles
19/3 10.46 6T68 Warrington Ellesmere Port 11.201835hrs/ 38854 miles
19/3 11.25 0T68 Ellesmere Port Warrington 12.001836hrs/ 38870 miles
19/3 13.37 6T68 Warrington Ince & Elton UKF 14.051836hrs/ 38881 miles
19/3 14.10 0T68 Ince & Elton UKF Ellesmere Port 14.201836hrs/ 38884 miles
19/3 14.55 6T68 Ellesmere Port Warrington WO Jct 15.381837hrs/ 38906 miles
19/3 15.45 0T68 Warrington WO Jct Ellesmere Port 16.201838hrs/ 38928 miles
19/3 17.10 6T68 Ellesmere Port Warrington 17.501838hrs/ 38944 miles
20/3 01.04 7T68 Warrington Stanlow & Thornton 01.401839hrs/ 38956 miles
20/3 02.35 0T68 Stanlow & Thornton Warrington 03.101839hrs/ 38968 miles
20/3 07.02 6T68 Warrington Oakleigh ICI 08.001840hrs/ 38988 miles
20/3 08.10 0T68 Oakleigh ICI Warrington 08.401841hrs/ 39008 miles
20/3 09.24 6T68 Warrington Ellesmere Port 10.001841hrs/ 39022 miles
20/3 10.05 0T68 Ellesmere Port Warrington 10.351842hrs/ 39038 miles
20/3 14.43 6T68 Warrington Stanlow & Thornton 15.151842hrs/ 39050 miles
20/3 15.30 0T68 Stanlow & Thornton Ellesmere Port 15.401842hrs/ 39051 miles
20/3 16.35 6T68 Ellesmere Port Warrington 17.001843hrs/ 39067 miles
20/3 ??.00 ?? Warrington Dee Marsh ????
20/3 16.35 6F69 Dee Marsh Warrington 23.001845hrs/ 39091 miles
21/3 01.30 6T68 Warrington Stanlow & Thornton 02.001845hrs/ 39103 miles
21/3 02.35 0T68 Stanlow & Thornton Warrington 03.101846hrs/ 39115 miles
21/3 ??.00 ?? Warrington Warrington WO Jct ????
21/3 03.38 6T68 Warrington WO Jct Ditton 04.021847hrs/ 39139 miles
21/3 04.13 0T68 Ditton Warrington 04.451847hrs/ 39162 miles
21/3 05.30 6F24 Warrington Ellesmere Port 06.101848hrs/ 39176 miles
21/3 06.24 0Z00 Ellesmere Port Warrington 07.001849hrs/ 39192 miles
21/3 08.00 0P00 Warrington Preston Dock Street 09.151850hrs/ 39219 miles
21/3 09.55 9L36 Preston Dock Street Warrington F D 12.301852hrs/ 39250 miles
21/3 12.45 0Z00 Warrington F D Warrington 13.051852hrs/ 39254 miles
22/3 19.12 0Z00 Warrington Garston 19.351853hrs/ 39270 miles
22/3 20.00 0Z00 Garston Warrington 20.??1853hrs/ 39286 miles
23/3 02.40 0Z00 Warrington Crewe 03.101853hrs/ 39311 miles
23/3 ??.00 ?? Crewe Basford Hall ??.00??
23/3 05.57 0G12 Basford Hall Bescot Yard 07.421855hrs/ 39353 miles
23/3 08.40 8K12 Bescot Yard Basford Hall 10.201857hrs/ 39395 miles
23/3 10.30 0Z00 Basford Hall Crewe 10.451857hrs/ 39396 miles
23/3 12.00 0Z00 Crewe Crewe Depot 14.451860hrs/ 39398 miles

The TOPS report records 25912 being taking out of service at Crewe on 11.30am on March 23rd. Later that day 25912, 25059 & 25904, (the first two still running) moved from Crewe Depot to Basford Hall yard to join a line of their silent sisters, where by April 1st, twenty six members had congregated.

Post Withdrawal - 1991
A short while later 25912 was chosen to become part of BRs training fleet. The move to its new home began on April 15th from Crewe via Bescot, Toton and Tinsley to Leeds Holbeck, finally arriving on May 6th. The ER had need of a machine to use as an instruction tool for its apprentices. The relative simplicity and the internal layout of the Class 25 made it an ideal candidate.

Because of its withdrawn state it was now classified as a Departmental locomotive not intended to run under its own power and was allocated ADB 968027 (but never carried). The area plant engineer at Leeds Holbeck offered accommodation for the machine, an under-utilised three road shed of steam era vintage. By May 25912 was safely housed at Holbeck, in conditions better than most preserved machines. Mid-1988 saw John Nuttall, Holbeck AME and Ian Foot M&EE Training improve the appearance of the loco by arranging to repaint it into 1960s two tone green livery. This escalated into a serious attempt to return the machine to working order, four local staff were given this priority. The scraplines of 25s provided many parts, several visits were made to Bescot to recover assorted spares. Miniature snowploughs came from a Class 20 at Toton. 25206 was moved from Bescot to Doncaster Works surrendering much including compressors and traction motors, whilst 25202 provided injectors. To complete the final product nameplates, worksplates and shed codes were ordered. Final details including a BR lion and wheel emblem transfer.

Photograph courtesy Ian Hammond.
Holbeck, October 10th 1987, 25912 is in the process of being repainted and turned into D7672 with its two-tone green livery - a livery that was never carried by D7672 in normal service - but nevertheless a fine tribute to one of the better liveries carried by the diesels.

A small ceremony on April 24th 1989 saw the locomotive unveiled and handed over to the training department, now fitted with proper 'Tamworth Castle' nameplates. However repairs continued to the engine with parts arriving from as far away as Stewarts Lane and Eastfield. Batteries were also received from a Class 31, and fitted after a little modification. Meanwhile to increase patronage on the Settle & Carlisle line a number of special trains were run involving unusual motive power. It was only a matter of time before D7672 was requested for one of these trips. The date selected was February 24th 1990, so the previous Monday (19th) a test run with four coaches was made from Neville Hill to Skipton and return. No serious problems were encountered on this outing, however grease and oil in the exhaust lagging created a fair amount of smoke in the engine room. Once the exhaust had reached its normal working temperature the problem disappeared. On the wet Saturday of the run, 47422 was the train locomotive for the 08.25 departure to Carlisle with ten Mk Is in tow. On the 12.42 return leg the run upto Ais Gill was unassisted, with 520 tons, the summit reached at 28mph. On this same date Railfreight Coal locomotive Class 26 No.26007 was also working the S&C route as a special attraction. The timetabling of the services allowed the two 'specials' to cross at Langwathby and Keighley stations.

Photograph courtesy Paul Corrie.
D7672 stands at Mill Race, Attercliffe during March 1990.

The success of this venture led to more opportunities for D7672. However it was not until May 27th 1990 that the locomotive hauled a passenger train alone, working a York - Leeds via Harrogate leg of a charter train, again without major problems. The locomotive became a celebrity at Open Days. A plaque was added to the machine at Doncaster Works Open Day on May 20th 1990 to commemorate its restoration by the Training Dept. On June 23rd 1990 D7672 worked the Middleton Pioneer railtour between Appleby & Leeds. On September 15th 1990 D7672 was officially reinstated to the revenue earning fleet under DM&EE pool code DMEH. On October 20th 1990 D7672 was exhibited at Manchester Victoria as part of Network NorthWest Day.

Photograph courtesy Nick Ross
More excursion miles befell D7672 on October 27th 1990 (see view above), when it took over the 'Rylstone Cowboy' at Stockport visiting Skipton before traversing the Rylstone branch. Immingham allocated 31294 & 31327 top and tailed the train on the Rylstone branch. Returning to Skipton the excursion continued to Morecambe and Heysham Harbour where the Class 25's duties ended. On December 29th 1990 D7672 was used between Preston & Leeds, running via the East Lancashire line and over Copy Pit Summit, working the Copy Pit Pullman railtour.

Photograph courtesy Keith Long
Its December 29th 1990 as D7672 passes Whitehall Junction, Leeds with a railtour which started at Euston and ended at Kings Cross. The blue headboard reads 'Merry Christmas'.

The Sulzer Salute charter from Swindon to Bradford on February 16th 1991 utilised D7672 between Sheffield & Bradford Forster Square.

Photograph courtesy Nick Ross
Its February 16th 1991 and 25322 poses at Hellifield in some suitably wintry looking weather. Its been almost four years since the Class 25s ended their regular service career on British Rail.

The policy of sector management, which sparked the Class 25/9 sub fleet, was also to see the demise of D7672 as the Training Dept.came under financial constraints, and D7672 was an un-warranted cost. Thus on March 30th 1991 the final trip took D7672 on a 340 mile Hertfordshire Railtours Leeds - Holyhead and return charter. The ten coach train ran out via Huddersfield, Manchester & Chester arriving half an hour late at Holyhead. The return was similar except the last leg was via Hebden Bridge. Miles Platting Bank was taken assisted, perhaps un-necessarily, by 31242. Arrival back at Leeds was on time. A total of 1,053 passenger miles had been run since D7672 was acquired by the Holbeck team.

Although now discarded again 25912 was a prime candidate for preservation with the North Staffs Railway being the winning bidder. Before entering preservation D7672 ran light engine on April 29th 1991 to MC Metals, Glasgow for asbestos removal, returning south on May 18th 1991 to open a new chapter in its life.

Photograph courtesy Andy F.
A sparkling 25322 with 47422 stands at Leeds on February 24th 1990 awaiting departure for the Settle & Carlisle route to Carlisle.

Photograph courtesy Carl Bowman.
25322 & 47422 draw into a misty, damp Appleby on the 12.42 Carlisle - Leeds service on February 24th 1990. Despite the typical damp Pennine weather, such was the popularity of the working that the train was packed to the doors.

Photograph courtesy Steve Houlker.
D7672 and 47422 cruise by Settle Junction signalbox in what appears to be some fine Yorkshire rain. In the Drivers seat of the Class 25 is Ken Stafford, Michael (Dan) Kaye is in the secondman's seat and there is also a fitter in the cab. The Class 47 was being driven by Steve Cannon, and another fitter accompanied the Class 47.

A Class 25 diesel guillotine cut number panel 'D7672' was sold at auction for GBP100.00 during January 2013.

flk 0416 (25322, 25912)

With thanks to Neil Cannon for making available the TOPS reports for 1987.
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