D5048, 5048, 24048
D5048, 5048, 24048

The fifteen year nine month career of D5048/24048 saw allocations to Eastern Region and London Midland Region depots.

Built Crewe Locomotive Works.
Full size fuel & water tanks (shortened water tank added later).
Four upper and four lower air filters on non-BIS side, three upper and four lower on BIS side.
Cab roof ventilators sheeted over (Eastern Region modification).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: ?? months.
Time between withdrawal and scrapping: 7 months.


The frames for D5048 were laid down during the late summer of 1959 at Crewe Works. D5048 was new to March (31B) on November 5th 1959. Further transfers were:

September 1960 to Stratford (30A).
March 1961 to Ipswich (32B).
June 1965 to Tinsley (41A) on loan?
July 1965 to Ipswich (32B).
August 1967 to Stoke Division (D05).
May 1973 to Crewe.
August 10th 1975 - withdrawn.

Renumbered February 9th 1974.

After withdrawal 24048 was stored at Derby Works until December 18th 1975 when it was moved down to Swindon Works and scrapped there by the middle of March 1976.

Movement: 24042/45/48/50 Derby Works Swindon Works December 18th 1975. This was the first movement of any Class 24s to Swindon Works for scrapping and was the only such movement of Class 24s between Derby & Swindon.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Stratford Works September 1962.
Noted Derby Works April & May 1966.


Condition November (new): green livery with frame level stripe, full size fuel & water tanks, two-rung bogie mounted footsteps.

The Type 2s from March depot were given new diagrams to work up to London, then performing a variety of local work including trips to Temple Mills, the LTS lines, Spitalfields and cross-London workings to the Southern Region. D5048 was noted on the 6.55pm Hoe Street - Whitemoor during this period, normally this working was double headed. Further east at Ipswich a cyclic working of the Type 2s had been introduced with some considerable success. The six day rosters ensured the machines returned to Ipswich for scheduled maintenance, provisions were available to ensure that on-the-road failures did not interfere with scheduled maintenance. The Ipswich pilot was by this time a BR/Sulzer Type 2, frequently used to rescue ailing main line workings. It had also become clear by this time that the NBL machines (D61XX series) were certainly not as reliable as the other Type 2s.

Condition June: green livery with small yellow warning panel, curved upper corners, frame level stripe not covered by yellow paint, small gap between stripe and bottom of yellow panel; full sized water tank, shortened fuel tank, ventilators in cab roofs above the cab doors appear to be covered over. Two engine exhausts appear to be present, the one over the boiler room is sheeted over.

On July 3rd D5048 worked the 12.37 Sheffield Midland - Scarborough.

On the evening of March 9th noted at Colchester were:
D2003 shunting
D2552, D2554, D5041, D5043, D5047, D8216 on shed
D5048 down freight.

D5048 worked the 18.45 Ipswich - Liverpool Street on August 5th.

On the afternoon of February 23rd D5048 was light engine at Crewe.

On the afternoon of October 12th 5048 was northbound at Crewe with a freight.

On the late afternoon of May 14th 5048 & 5092 were noted with a down freight at Alsager.

On the afternoon of July 12th 5048 was noted at Crewe.

The 09.23 Manchester Victoria - Llandudno failed at Chester on June 7th, 24048 took the train forward.

24048 was noted at Manchester Victoria on January 16th with the 4G05. 24048 was noted at Manchester Victoria on January 17th with the 4J16 (Class 24s noted at Manchester Victoria on this day included 24021, 24023, 24025, 24026, 24027, 24033 & 24048). 24048 was noted at Manchester Victoria on January 18th & 21st.

24048 was withdrawn on August 10th 1975.

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