D5270, 5270, 25120
D5270, 5270, 25120

Photograph courtesy Tony Sayer.
5270 at Birmingham New Street on May 27th 1969. The locomotive still sports the original circular exhaust port and an all too familiar coat of grime that regrettably covers one of the more pleasing liveries once found on BR.

The nineteen year career of D5270/25120 was spent allocated to a multitude of London Midland Region depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual brake equipped.
Final exhaust roof panel: raised, square.
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 83 months.
Time between withdrawal and scrapping: 6 months.


D5270 was new to Toton (16A) on May 14th 1964. Further transfers were:

May 1964 to Leicester (15B).
September 1964 to Toton (16A), then to the Nottingham Division (D16).
October 1965 to Leicester Division (D15).
September 1967 to London Midland Midland Lines.
February 1968 to Nottingham Division (D16).
April 1968 to Cricklewood Division (D14).
June 1968 to London Division (D01).
January 1969 to Birmingham Division (D02).
February 1970 to London Division (D01).
July 1970 to Nottingham Division (D16).
May 1973 to Toton.
November 1977 to Cricklewood.
June 1982 to Springs Branch.
October 1982 to Crewe.
Withdrawn November 27th 1983 due to collision damage.

Renumbered March 8th 1974.

25120 was the 202nd Class 25 to be withdrawn, one of two retired during November 1983.

After its withdrawal 25120 was stored at Springs Branch, then moved to Crewe on February 8th 1984, here 25152/167/168 were added and reached Swindon Works by February 16th 1984. By the end of May 1984 25120 had been broken up.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Crewe Works February 1968.
Noted Derby Works June 1969.
Noted Derby Works August & September 1970.
Noted Derby Works April 1972 (received in two-tone green livery).
Noted Derby Works November 1976 (Classified).
Noted Derby Works October & November 1980 with collision damage.


On February 20th Derby shed was hosted to 70 locomotives including 25 steam (all in service) and fourteen Derby Type 2s: D5001 (for Works?), D5097, D5211, D5261, D5270, D7513, D7516, D7547, D7558, D7564, D7568, D7589, D7601 (brand new) & D7633.

On the morning of May 15th D5270 was stabled at Nottingham.

With a considerable length of time spent at LMR sheds that provided power for the summer dated passenger services 5270/25120 was able to accumulate a considerable passenger mileage. The earliest recorded passenger working occurred on September 2nd 1967 working the Nottingham - Llandudno Town & return with D7643.

On May 1st D5270 worked the 17.45 St Pancras - St Albans.

On the morning of December 23rd 5270 was stabled at Wolverhampton.

On June 26th & 28th 5270 was the parcels pilot at Euston.

August 21st saw 5270 & 7605 work the Nottingham - Llandudno & return.

On November 25th 5270 was busy on the Redditch branch assisting in the removal of the northbound line at the station.

5270 & ?? worked the Nottingham - Llandudno Town round trip on July 30th.

The Walsall - Yarmouth (to Norwich) - Derby diagram was worked by 5270 & 5223 on August 5th. The next day (6th) the same pair worked a Derby - Skegness roundtrip (see image below).

Photograph collection of Roger Geach.
5270 & 5223 at Derby on August 5th or 6th 1972.

On the morning of March 29th 5270 was stabled at York.

The Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall diagram was worked by 5270 & 5251 on June 2nd. Two weeks later on June 16th 5270 and an unidentified Class 25 worked the Walsall - Yarmounth service, both failed en-route but 5270 was able to be restarted, arriving two hours late at Norwich.

On July 28th a Derby - Skegness roundtrip was worked by 5270 & 5279.

On November 3rd 5270 was stabled at Cricklewood.

The Southern Region continued to receive Peaks on the Toton Brent Southfleet coal trains, occasionally paired Class 25s substituted, during November (maybe 3rd?) 5270 & 7560 were noted.

On the morning of May 27th 25120 was noted at Saltley.

On July 3rd 25120 (Toton allocated) was noted on the 6B58 15.05 Whimple and 17.40 Chard Junction - Exeter Riverside freight (milk tanks). This was not the only strange locomotive in the Exeter area on July 3rd, 20043 & 20070 were noted on Exeter stabling point at midday, later heading north with a failed 1655, presumably for Bristol Bath Road and with a Gloucester crew. 1655 was in charge of June 29th's 1M01 St Austell - Kensington Olympia motorail, but came off at Exeter, being replaced by 1035 (due to the failure of the Class 47?).

The Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall diagram was worked by 25120 & 25182 on September 14th.

On September 21st a roundtrip Derby - Skegness was worked by 25120 & 25118.

On the afternoon of May 29th 25120 was stabled at York.

At about 3.30pm on June 12th 25120 & 25130 were noted arriving at Exeter stabling point.

The Derby - Norwich - Yarmouth - Norwich - Walsall diagram was worked by 25120 & 31280 on June 14th. Two days later (16th) a roundtrip Leamington Spa - Aberystwyth day excursion was worked by 25120 & 25054.

A visit to the Western Region took place on July 19th with 25120 & 25214 working the 12.40 Birmingham New Street - Paignton relief throughout.

On September 11th 25120 was noted northbound at Northallerton with coal empties. On September 13th the 08.52 Leicester - Skegness and the return 12.30 Skegness - Leicester were worked by 25120 & 25076.

On an unknown date in September 25120 was noted southbound passing Toton with Claytons 8542, 8548, 8550 & &551 headed for Cashmores, Great Bridge for scrapping.

On the afternoon of October 2nd 25120 & 25126 were stabled at York.

On March 24th 25120 & 25132 were southbound at Luton with a mixed freight.

The Walsall - Norwich (for Yarmouth) - Derby diagram was worked by 25120 & 25131 on July 24th.

On August 15th 47329 failed at Banbury working the 12.39 Poole - Newcastle, 25120 took the service forward to Birmingham New Street.

On August 17th 25120 worked the 1E80 16.15 Birmingham New Street - Norwich, throughout?

The end of August was quite busy for 25120 & 25131, on August 28th they worked the Walsall - Norwich (for Yarmouth) - Derby diagram, followed on August 29th & 30th by roundtrip Derby - Skegness workings.

On November 26th 25120 made a test run from Derby Works.

The snag sheet for November 26th recorded:

No.1 end leading, recordings from No.2 cab.

25120; November 26th 1976; 1C64
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 27 925 - - -
2 34 950 - - -
3 43 950 - - -
4 50 950 - - -
5 64 970 - - -
6 70 1,000 - - -

No.1 brake valve won't lock off
CB tripping continuously
No.2 cab 2nd man's side window issue
Oil pressure low on top 38
Oil showing in radiator sight glass

On April 6th 25120 was noted at Derby station with a three coach Research Department test train.

On May 10th 25120 was shunting passenger stock at Vauxhall & Duddeston.

The Walsall - Norwich (to Yarmouth) - Walsall diagram was worked by 25120 & 25254 on June 4th.

On June 5th a Stroud - Barmouth day excursion was worked forward from Wolverhampton by 25120 & 25254. For the return the locomotives worked the 17.30 Barmouth - Birmingham New Street to Shrewsbury.

The longest one day working occurred on a rather damp June 12th working the Silver Jubilee Conway Valley Adventurer from Oakham to Blaenau Ffestiniog and return with 25036 (410 miles). The leading locomotive carried a large blue & white headboard.

On July 4th 25120 was noted passing Berry Bar with a loaded train of cars, from Longbridge?

On the evening of July 19th 25120 was stabled at York.

On August 28th 25120 was southbound at Cheltenham with a train of coal wagons.

The Derby - Norwich (for Yarmouth) - Derby diagram was worked by 25120 & 25117 on September 3rd.

On the morning of September 19th 25120 was stabled at York.

On the evening of September 20th 25120 was stabled at York.

During November 25120 moved to Cricklewood, its use on passenger workings dropped to virtually nil for the four and a half years spent here.

On July 7th 25099 & 25120 were noted at Bletchley on a wiring train.

On Monday July 17th 25120 ran light engine in the path of the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood and returned with the 12.10 Norwood to Willesden.

On Monday August 21st 25120 & 25259 worked the 12.25 Willesden to Norwood and (presumably) the 14.10 Norwood - Willesden.

On Wednesday September 20th 25120 worked (presumably) the 09.55 Willesden - Norwood and the return 12.00 Norwood to Willesden.

On Friday September 29th 25120 worked the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood and (presumably) the return 12.00 Norwood - Willesden.

On March 14th 25120 was noted at Reddish.

On May 25th 25120 was light engine at Kenton (WCML).

On May 29th 25120 was stabled at Rugby.

On the morning of June 21st 25120 was stabled at York.

On June 23rd the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Birmingham New Street and the return 16.10 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury were worked by 25120 & 25032. The next day (24th) the same pair worked the 08.45 Birmingham New Street - Barmouth forward from Bescot, replacing 25161 & 25272.

On June 26th 25120 & 47487 were noted at Oxford with a mixed freight.

On July 14th 25120 was stabled at Reddish.

During September 25120 received an 'E' examination at Reddish.

On November 10th 25120 & @5125 were light engines at Northampton.

On November 29th 25120 & 25178 were noted departing Aylesbury with coal empties, possibly headed for the East Midlands.

On the morning of December 15th 25120 was noted south of Bletchley with an up cement.

On the morning of April 5th 25120, 25183 & 25193 were stabled at Willesden.

On April 28th 25120 was noted southbound at Clapham Junction with a freight.

On May 19th 25120 was stabled overnight at Bedford.

On June 12th 25120 & 25060 were eastbound through Manchester Victoria with a lengthy track panel train.


Photograph courtesy Danny Preston, collection Neil Johnson.
25120 at Stafford with a lengthy ballast train on April 5th 1981.

On April 14th 25120 was light engine at Crewe station.

On June 13th 25120 was stabled at Severn Tunnel Junction.

On July 7th 25120 was stabled at Rugby.

On September 23rd 25120 was at Leicester with a freight.

On November 6th 25120 was northbound at Sheffield Midland with coke hoppers.

On a snowy December 9th 25120 brought in the stock for the 13.45 Manchester Victoria - Bangor, 40086 took the train forward.

On March 22nd 25120 was stabled at Croes Newydd, having been noted the same day in the area with cement tanks.

On April 24th 25120 worked the 15.42 Manchester Victoria - Bangor and the 19.26 Bangor - Manchester Victoria as far as Llandudno Junction where it was replaced by 25086.

25120 was noted at Manchester Victoria on May 3rd. On May 15th 25106 & 25120 were southbound at Preston with a train of PCA cement tanks. On May 29th 25120 & 25185 worked the 07.40 Euston - Aberystwyth forward from Wolverhampton, returning with the 14.00 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury.

On July 26th 25120 was noted at Horfield (Bristol) with a parcels train.

On the morning of August 14th 25120 was noted at Sellafield with the 13th's Dover - Workington Speedlink.

On August 25th the 17.14 Derby - St Pancras was noted arriving with 25120 & 45135 (failed).

The morning Ellesmere Port - Drayton tanks were noted passing Didcot behind 25120 & 25060 on September 13th.

25060 & 25120 spent some time in the North East in early November, 8th found them in charge of the Haverton Hill Stevenston tanks whilst the next day they crossed the Pennines towards Carlisle with a Parkeston Mossend working.

Photograph courtesy Ian Marsh.
An interesting view of 25120 at Moss Bay, Workington, date unknown. The trailing axle on the No.1 end bogie is mounted on a wheeel skate. The locomotive was travelling from Barrow to Carlisle for repairs.

On April 7th 25120 was noted on the Settle & Carlisle with the 6E15 Mossend - Healey Mills freight.

25120 was stabled at Perth on April 20th.

25120 was stabled at Perth on May 5th.

On June 7th 25120 was southbound at Sellafield with oil tanks.

On July 3rd a relief train to clear David Bowie concert goers saw its electric locomotive borrowed for another service, leaving 25120 & 25032 to work the 23.00 Milton Keynes - Crewe throughout.

25120 worked the 02.35 Euston - Bletchley on August 7th.

On Tuesday September 20th a Holbeck crew worked the 4M06 Leeds PCD to Bradford Interchange and Manchester Victoria. The crew came back with the 1E27 02.06 Manchester Victoria - Bradford Interchange newspapers, then running light engine to Holbeck. About a year later when Holbeck closed the 1E27 working was transferred to a York turn, in exchange the 1E29 00.45 Manchester Victoria - Huddersfield - York newspapers to be worked by Holbeck crews now stationed at Neville Hill.

The final passenger workings for 25120 had a distinct north-west flavour. On September 22nd 25120 worked the 18.05 Euston - Blackpool North forward from Preston. The next day (23rd) a Glasgow Central - Blackpool North excursion was worked forward from Preston by 25120. The following day (24th) a similar Aberdeen - Blackpool North excursion was taken forward from Preston by 25120.

On September 27th 25120 was eastbound at Bangor with a short freight.

The last recorded passenger working was on October 21st working the 09.34 Blackpool - Euston to Preston after 47418 failed and returning with the 17.03 ex-Euston from Preston to Blackpool. On October 30th 25120 was noted on an engineering train along Woodvale aerodrome (Merseyside).

25120 was withdrawn on November 27th 1983.

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