D7519, 7519, 25169
D7519, 7519, 25169

Photograph courtesy Roger Geach.
25169 running light engine on March 28th 1976 in the rolling Cornish countryside near Crugwallins, Burngullow. 25169 was allocated to Laira for nine months.

The sixteen year eight month career of D7519/25169 was spent allocated to London Midland & Western Region depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Boiler room grilles sheeted over (1979).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 23 months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 5 months.


D7519 was new to Nottingham (16A) on January 9th 1965. Further transfers were:

January 1965 to Nottingham Division (D16).
March 1965 to Saltley (2E).
March 1965 to Nottingham Division (D16).
July 1965 to Saltley (2E).
April 1966 to Birmingham Division (D02).
April 1966 to London Midland (Midland) Lines.
December 1967 to Nottingham Division (D16).
May 1968 to London Midland (Midland) Lines.
June 1968 to Nottingham Division (D16).
July 1972 to Cardiff Canton (86A).
October 1975 to Laira.
July 1976 to Springs Branch.
August 1976 to Crewe.
Withdrawn September 8th 1981.

Renumbered September 1973.

25169 was the 112th Class 25 to be withdrawn.

After withdrawal 25169 was stored at Bescot from September 1981 until Christmas Eve 1981 when it moved to Swindon Works with 25073 & 08585, with 25169 being scrapped there by the middle of February 1982.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works March 1965.
Noted Derby Works June 1967.
Noted Derby Works September 1968.
Noted Derby Works August & September 1979 (General repair).

25169 undergoing its final General repair at Derby Works on September 1st 1979. Barely two years later, on September 8th 1981 25169 would be retired, presumably due to some sort of serious failure.


On August 28th the summer dated Nottingham - Llandudno Town roundtrip was worked by D7519.

D7519 & D7628 were noted at Preston with the 08.15 Leicester - Blackpool on August 3rd.

On September 6th the summer dated 10.00 Sheffield - Llandudno Town and the return 14.28 Llandudno Town - Sheffield were worked by 7519 & 7652.

With Class 25s now allocated to depots in the south west they frequently worked through in pairs on the Hope Exeter Central cement, though normally it would be LMR 25s in charge. Other pairs of Class 25s on the WR mainline included those in charge of freight workings from Severn Tunnel Junction to Didcot or Acton, so noted on July 18th were 5179 & 7519 eastbound on a coal train.

25169 was noted at Exeter on November 14th and was available for the 7B59 and the Chard milk if needed.

25169 worked a morning Bescot - Exeter Riverside freight on March 25th.

On January 21st 24141 and 25169 were noted leaving Severn Tunnel Junction with a freight headed in the Gloucester direction.

On February 10th 25225 & 25169 were noted at Exeter with the 7E18 19.15 St Blazey - Temple Mills freight (26 wagons).

On February 17th 25169 & 25225 were noted at Exeter with the 7E18 19.15 St Blazey - Temple Mills freight (22 wagons).

On March 5th 25169 & 25217 were noted at Exeter with the 6E79 19.15 St Blazey - Temple Mills freight (24 wagons).

On June 20th the 18.05 Paignton - Exeter St. Davids was worked by 25169. Four days later (24th) the 10.00 Paignton - Plymouth was worked by 25169. On June 25th 25169 was noted at Exeter St Davids on an up freight.

The 07.35 Barnstaple - Exeter St. Davids was worked by 25169 on July 1st.

Photograph courtesy J. Davenport.
Its July 1st 1976 and soon to be transferred 25169 is arriving at Exeter with the 07.35 mixed train from Barnstaple.

On September 21st the 13.33 Taunton - Cardiff was worked by 25169.

On June 25th the 08.00 Walsall - Yarmouth to Norwich and the return 14.15 Yarmouth - Walsall from Norwich were worked by 25169 & 25145.

25162 & 25169 were noted at Birkenhead North on April 15th with an iron ore train.

On May 8th 25165 & 25169 were noted at Seacombe Junction with iron ore empties from Shotton.

The middle of July produced several hectic days for 25169. On July 13th 25169 worked the 13.30 Manchester Victoria - Llandudno Town and the 16.42 Llandudno Town - Crewe. The next day (14th) 25169 managed 349 passenger miles, working the 09.42 Llandudno Town - Manchester Victoria, 13.30 Manchester Victoria - Llandudno Town, 16.42 Llandudno Town - Crewe, 20.30 Crewe - Bangor and the 22.45 Bangor - Llandudno Junction. On July 17th 25169 was noted on two unidentified services between Llandudno Town & Manchester Victoria.

25169 was stabled at Llandudno Junction on August 12th.

On September 1st 25169 worked the 22.45 Bangor - Llandudno Junction. Two days later (3rd) 25169 & 25220 worked the 'White Rose 2' railtour out and back (?) Bangor - York.

25169 was noted at Crewe with a permanent way train on January 6th.

On July 20th 25166 & 25169 worked a roundtrip Shrewsbury - Scarborough (via Birmingham) day excursion.

On August 3rd 25169 & 25192 worked a roundtrip Chester - Paignton day excursion throught, a total of 530 passenger miles. Almost a week later on August 9th 25169 worked the 09.42 Llandudno Town - Manchester Victoria, the 14.40 Manchester Victoria - Llandudno Town and the 18.17 Llandudno Town - Manchester Victoria.

25169 was noted at Preston with a permanent way train on April 16th.

At about midday on May 21st 25169 was noted down light engine at Preston. At lunch time on May 29th 25169 was at Edge Hill yard.

The 09.28 Leeds - Morecambe and the return 11.45 Morecambe - Leeds were worked by 25169 on July 4th.

The last recorded passenger workings for 25169 took place with 25220 on July 15th, working the 09.28 Derby - Skegness and the 18.40 Skegness - Derby.

25169 was withdrawn on September 8th 1981.

Flame cut number panels from 25169 survived the scrapping of the locomotive.

flk 0117

Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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