D7548, 7548, 25198
D7548, 7548, 25198

Photograph collection of webmaster.
25198, date unknown possibly at Speke.

The twenty year eight month career of D7548/25198 included allocations to London Midland Region depots, with a very distinct preference for north-west area depots.

Built: BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual brake equipped (1974).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 79 months.
Time between withdrawal and scrapping: 12 months.


D7548 was new to the Nottingham Division on May 22nd 1965. Further transfers were:

November 1967 to Springs Branch (8F).
May 1968 to Allerton (8J).
June 1968 to Liverpool Division (D08).
October 1968 to Preston Division (D10).
May 1973 to Kingmoor (KM).
January 1975 to Kingmoor (KD).
October 1975 to Longsight.
May 1984 to to Kingmoor.
Withdrawn February 24th 1986.

Renumbered March 19th 1974.

25198 was the 272nd Class 25 withdrawn, one of five retired during February 1986.

After withdrawal 25198 was stored at Crewe depot until moved (see details below) to Vic Berry, Leicester on January 12th 1987. By the third week of February 1987 25198 had been scrapped.

25064, 25198, 25224/269 Crewe Vic Berry, Leicester January 9th-12th, 1987. This was the first movement of scrap locomotives from Crewe to Vic Berry, Leicester.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works March 1974 (dual braking equipment fitted).
Noted Derby Works February 1976.
Noted Derby Works June & July 1979 (General repair).
Noted Derby Works October 1980 (N4 repairs).
Noted Derby Works March 1982 (N1 repairs).


The completion of new LTE underground stock at Metro Cammell required the use of two specials to deliver the new stock. These ran as the 23.42 Washwood Heath - West Ruislip on September 9th & 28th using Class 25s 7602 and 7548 respectively.

On August 11th the 4M45 10.45 Bathgate - Kensington set out with 1684 but this failed at Carlisle with an AWS fault & flat batteries. 308 took over but suffered a burst water pipe at Scout Green where 7548 was added taking the train to Preston. 202 took over the train at Preston but had to be replaced at Crewe due to a leaking radiator. 325 worked the train forward.

At about 6pm on March 27th 7548 was noted passing Park (Manchester) with a down permanent way train.

D7548/25198 acquired a modest selection of passenger workings, its first recorded passenger working being on February 17th 1973 with 5211 working a roundtrip Oldham - Hull rugby special.

On March 18th 25198 made a test run from Derby Works. Most likely the locomotive recieved its TOPS number whilst at Derby Locomotive Works.

The snag sheet for March 18th recorded:

25198; March 18th 1974; time 11.45
Load Speed Amps Volts Notes Other
1 28 910 - - -
2 36 910 - - -
3 43 940 - - -
4 50 950 - - -
5 64 950 - - -
6 70 - - - -

Load regulator stuck
Engine seam leaking
Nos 1 & 3 push rods ?? loose
Engine tappets noisy.

Photograph courtesy Tony Smith.
25198 & 25234 at Hensall (east of Knottingley) on September 16th 1974.

On July 11th 25198 worked the 00.15 Glasgow Central - Manchester Victoria vans (4M10), presumably forward from Preston.

On the early evening of October 15th 25198 was stabled at York.

The 09.20 Manchester Piccadilly - Yarmouth to Lincoln Central and the return 09.15 Yarmouth - Manchester Piccadilly were worked by 25198 & 25113 on June 26th 1976.

On the afternoon of August 7th 25198 & 25165 were noted at Chester on down cement empties.

Photograph collection of webmaster
Coming in from the west are a pair of Class 25s led by 25198 passing through Guide Bridge station with an engineers train on August 29th.

On March 16th 76006 & 76036 arrived at Godley Junction with BOC tanks from Sheffield, 25198 took the tanks forward to the Liverpool area. 25198 was noted at Severn Tunnel Junction on March 21st, the next day 25198 worked the early morning freight to Gloucester.

On the afternoon of August 24th 25198 was stabled at York.

25198 was noted at Newton Heath on September 30th.

On a snowy February 17th 25198 was stabled at Buxton.

25198 worked a Tunstead - Northwich ICI limestone train May 31st.

The 09.20 Manchester Piccadilly - Yarmouth to Lincoln Central and the return 09.15 Yarmouth - Manchester Piccadilly were worked by 25198 & 25088 on August 26th.

25216 & 25198 were noted at Seacombe Junction on iron ore empties on the afternoon of March 24th.

The 'Gricer's Heaven' railtour on November 24th 1979 was pushed from Rainhill to Manchester Victoria by 25198 with two parcels coaches after 40188 failed with a vacuum fault.

On February 20th 25198 was noted at Miles Platting station with empty ICI hoppers for Tunstead.

On March 1st 25198 was eastbound at New Mills South Junction with empty ICI hoppers.

25198 was stabled at Northwich on March 9th.

On the morning of March 24th 25198 was stabled at York.

The 09.42 Llandudno Town - Manchester Victoria, 14.40 Manchester Victoria - Llandudno Town and the 18.17 Llandudno Town - Manchester Victoria were worked by 25198 on May 17th.

On the morning of May 27th 25198 was stabled at York.

On July 20th 25198 was noted at Edge Hill with a permanent way train.

On November 29th stored 40146, 46041/42/43 were moved from York to Swindon by 25198.

On the morning of January 31st 25194 & 25198 were stabled at York.

On April 25th 25198 was noted at York station in the early morning hours with a northbound van train, possibly a Manchester Victoria - Newcastle parcels / newspaper job.

On August 16th 25198 was noted at Ayr depot.

25198 was noted light engine at Derby on October 30th.

Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover
An interesting view of 25198 and brake van at York on a chilly November 20th 1981.

25198 was stabled at York depot on November 28th.

25198 was noted at St Pancras on April 24th.

25198 was noted at Consett East with scrap wagons on May 26th 1982, possibly the last Class 25 to visit Consett.

On June 5th 25198 was keeping company with 25208, 25231 & 25240 on Motherwell depot.

25198 was recieving attention at Reddish on July 17th.

On August 4th 25198 was noted at Wisbech.

An early evening Crewe - Derby service on September 6th 1982 was worked by 25198 following a diesel multiple unit failure.

25198 was the Manchester Victoria pilot on April 1st & 9th. An engineers train was noted passing Edge Hill on April 23rd headed for Fazakerley yard powered by 25198. On April 26th 25198 worked the LV25 Garston - Warrington Arpley trip freight, mostly loaded Cartics from Halewood.

The 12.25 Crewe - Cardiff on May 10th failed before departure with 33063, 25198 worked the service and returned with the 17.10 Cardiff - Crewe. On May 16th 25198 was noted at Bristol Bath Road depot.

Photograph courtesy John Turner (via RG).
25198 at Hereford with the 17.10 Cardiff - Crewe on May 10th 1983. 47326 is southbound on the freight.

On June 15th 25198 was noted at Guide Bridge. The 'Manchester Railway Reunion' railtour on June 18th was worked by 25198 & 25196 from Manchester Victoria to Hellifield.

On the morning of July 31st 25198 & 25266 were diagrammed to assist electric services south of Rugby. However 25198 failed to start so it was left to 25266 to provide assistance.

On September 6th 25198 was noted southbound at Warrington Bank Quay with a train of tankers (caustic soda?).

On November 28th (?) 1983 th 21.44 Preston - Liverpool was worked from Wigan N.W. by 25198, being the Liverpool portion of the 18.20 Glasgow - Manchester.

25198 was stabled at Birkenhead on December 3rd. On December 21st 25198 was the Manchester Victoria banker.

On January 4th 25198 was noted with the binliners at Clifton.

25198 was stabled at Northwich on March 10th.

On April 28th 25198 was noted southbound at Whitchurch with caustic soda tanks and was also noted southbound at Crewe with an unknown freight on this date.

25198 was stabled at Warrington Arpley on May 12th.

On June 10th 25198 & 25245 were noted light engines at Nuneaton. 25198 was noted on a fertiliser train heading for Ince at Newport June 19th.

On July 18th 25198 was noted stopped on Primrose Viaduct, Clitheroe with the bridge inspection train. On July 20th 25198 was noted running light engine from Blackburn to Springs Branch depot. The latter half of 1984 produced a number of passenger workings for 25198. On July 23rd the 08.20 Liverpool - Birmingham International was worked to Crewe by 25198 due to a power failure. The next day (24th) 25198 worked the 21.44 Preston - Liverpool (ex 18.20 Glasgow - Manchester). On July 25th 25198 was noted at Gloucester with a long train of coal wagons. On July 28th 25198 & 25178 worked the 10.10 Euston - Aberystwyth from Wolverhampton returning with the 17.05 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury. On July 30th 25198 & 25258 worked the 6V32) Ellesmere Port - Severn Tunnel Junction bitumen tanks. On July 31st 25198 & 25202 were noted at Birkenhead Mollington Street with an engineers train.

On August 14th 25198 worked the relief 02.47 Carlisle - Newcastle following the failure of the diesel multiple unit. A lineside fire on August 23rd saw the 09.45 Euston - Glasgow Central assisted between Preston & Lancaster by 25198 due to the power being off. The next day (24th) the 17.03 Euston - Blackpool North was worked forward from Preston by 25198.

The failure of 33021 on September 3rd at Harlescott whilst working the 11.45 Cardiff - Crewe saw 25198 drag the train to Crewe. On September 9th 25198 & 25202 worked the 12.10 Glasgow Central - Euston between Preston & Crewe due to engineering works requiring a diversion. The 07.20 Blackpool North - Manchester Victoria, 10.15 Manchester Victoria - Blackpool North and the 13.55 Blackpool North - Manchester Victoria were worked by 25198 on September 18th.

25198 was noted at York depot on October 3rd.

25198 was noted at Severn Tunnel Junction on November 28th.

On a wintry January 9th the 7Z51 Stanlow - Bishopbriggs oil tanks was worked by 25198 & 25072. The last recorded passenger workings for 25198 took place during 1985. On January 16th the 14.40 Euston - Blackpool North was worked forward from Preston by 25198. Three days later (19th) 25198 & 25211 were noted northbound at Basingstoke taking the Reading line, belived to be an empty coaching stock move to Birmingham.

On April 22nd 25190 & 25198 were noted passing Stonebridge Park. On April 26th 25190 & 25198 were noted passing Primrose Hill Junction, (Camden Road West) with a train of bulk powder tankers. An Eastbourne - Bedford charter on April 27th was worked forward from Mitre Bridge Junction by 25198 & 31217 after 47597 failed.

On May 16th 25198 was noted northbound at Clay Cross with an empty steel train from the Derby direction. Later in the day 25198 returned south with the 6V03 18.20 Scunthorpe - Severn Tunnel Junction merry-go-round empties. On May 29th 25198 was noted at Warrington Arpley on a mixed freight from Widnes.

The 'Blackpool Boomerang' railtour on June 1st from Kings Cross to Blackpool North was worked from Horbury Junction to Blackpool North by 25198 & 25175. 25198 was noted southbound at Basford Hall with a parcels train on June 14th.

25198 worked the 6V34 12.27 Albion - Waterston on July 3rd, being noted at Cwmbran. On July 4th 25198 & 25095 worked the 6V32 Ellesmere Port - Cranmore (?) bitument train.

On August 22nd the 19.00 Euston - Holyhead failed at Rugby behind 87101, a following service pushed the train to Nuneaton, here 25198 was added to the Holyhead train as far as Crewe.

The last passenger working for 25198 took place on September 2nd with 25198 working the 15.25 Carstairs - Edinburgh, being the portion off the 11.10 Birmingham - Inverness.

25198 was noted at Llandudno Junction with a loaded ballast train on October 13th. On October 15th 25198 was one of eight Class 25s stabled at Toton. 25198 was noted passing Water Orton with empty bogie flats on October 18th.

25198 was stabled at Severn Tunnel Junction on Christmas Day.

25198 was stabled at Leamington Spa on January 12th. 25198 was noted southbound through Crewe with BOC tank wagons on January 25th and was stabled at Hereford on January 26th.

25198 was withdrawn on February 24th 1986.

Distinguishing Features
No.1 cabfront, 2nd man's side corner, multiple dents on lower corner: June 1985 until withdrawn.
BIS side: lengthy scrape along middle of bodyside, just below bodyside window height: (not present March 1980), November 1981 until withdrawn.
Three-piece miniature snowplough equipped: February 1980, March 1980, April 1981, August 1981, October 1981, November 1981, January 1985, January 1986 (two-piece No.1 end).

Not all known passenger workings are recorded on this page.

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