D7615, 7615, 25265
D7615, 7615, 25265

Photograph courtesy Steve Morris
Its March 15th 1987 and this was the date when the Class 25s were to be officially turned off, seen here on this day is 25265 at Holyhead, presumably the last Class 25 to visit here in regular service. 25265 would officially be withdrawn at Crewe on March 18th 1987.

The almost twenty one year career of D7615/25265 commenced with just over two years on the Scottish Region, followed by almost nineteen years allocated to London Midland Region depots.

Built BR Derby Locomotive Works.
Dual brake fitted (May 1974).
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: 81 months.


D7615 was new to Eastfield (65A) on May 12th 1966. Further transfers were:

August 1968 to Liverpool Division (D08).
September 1968 to Preston Division (D10).
November 1968 to Birmingham Division (D02).
December 1970 to Nottingham Division (D16).
October 1971 to Birmingham Division (D02).
January 1972 to Nottingham Division (D16).
February 1973 to Birmingham Division (D02).
March 1973 to Nottingham Division (D16).
May 1973 to Toton.
May 1974 to Cricklewood.
June 1974 to Willesden.
June 1975 to Cricklewood.
January 1984 to Crewe.
Withdrawn March 18th 1987.

Renumbered March 2nd 1974.

25265 was the 321st Class 25 withdrawn.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Derby Works March - May 1974, including fitting of dual brake equipment.
Noted Derby Works May & June 1980, for a General repair.


Although the Scottish Region had received a batch of brand new Class 24s for use on duties from Inverness depot, the Region had not, so far received any new Class 25s. However between April & September thirteen Class 25s (7611 - 7623) were delivered from Derby Works to Eastfield (65A). This included D7615, delivered during May.

These were the only Class 25s delivered with a cabside recess to accommodate tablet catcher equipment.

As an ex-works locomotive, D7615 visited Frodingham on May 13th with a morning freight from Washwood Heath, returning later with tipplers for Avenue sidings, presumably 'on test' from Derby Locomotive Works. Four days later D7615 was in more familiar territory working, rather unusually, a morning Corstorphine Waverley passenger, normally a Type 4 working.

After just over two years at Eastfield D7615 was transferred south to the Liverpool Division (D08).

On June 11th the roundtrip Nottingham - Llandudno Town service was worked by 5240 & 7615.

Condition June:two-tone green with full yellow ends.

In the early hours of April 16th 7615 was noted at Wellingborough.

On the morning of December 14th 7615 was noted at Exeter holding sidings (two tone green livery with full yellow cab fronts).

25265 was noted in the parcels bay at Euston on July 11th.

25265 was the Manchester Victoria banker (T42) on November 28th.

On Thursday September 28th 25265 worked the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood and (presumably) the 12.00 Norwood - Willesden.

On Monday March 12th 25265 worked the 09.55 Willesden to Norwood and the return 12.00 Norwood to Willesden.

Despite its longevity D7615/25265's recorded passenger workings were not prolific. As expected, being a longtime London Midland Region locomotive it featured on occasional trips to the regular seaside resorts, but also gained mileage on several of the lesser known workings. Its longest recorded passenger working occurred on September 1st 1979 working the 07.34 Leicester - Paignton with 25264, a distance of 234 miles. Two days later and presumably making their way north the same pair of locomotives worked the 15.15 Plymouth - Manchester Piccadilly between Gloucester and Birmingham New Street.

On November 28th a late afternoon Tyne - Millerhill freight was worked by 25068 & 25265.

On July 4th, shortly after outshopping from Derby, 25265 coupled to 25279 worked a lengthy train of roadstone from Mountsorrel to Kennett.

On November 22nd 25265 was noted at Coventry on permanent way duties with five other Class 25s.

On June 5th 25265 & 25251 worked the 10.10 Euston-Aberystwyth forward from Birmingham New Street.

25256 & 25265 worked a Mountsorrel - Barnham stone train on July 20th.

On September 8th 25265 worked the 16.05 Leeds - Carlisle throughout.

On October 25th the 06.00 Derby - Poole with 47536 required assistance from 25265 between Banbury & Reading after the Class 47 failed.

Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover.
25265 at Cockshute on February 6th 1982.

May 7th brought two long distance excursions to Aberystwyth including 25265 & 25283 with day trippers from Stratford, the train comprised of Mark 2 coaches, a first for the Cambrian line.

On June 16th 25265 took a brand new London Transport 1983 Jubilee Line 3-car underground train from Metro-Cammell, Washwood Heath to Ruislip.

A lengthy 6V93 Mossend Yard - Severn Tunnel Junction Speedlink service was noted passing through Shrewsbury behind 25265 on July 7th. 25265 & 25300 worked the 6V32 14.56 Ellesmere Post - Cranmore oil tanks on July 19th. On the afternoon of July 24th 25265 was noted at Garston Holding Sidings.

On August 31st the 15.13 Crewe - Barrow was worked forward from Preston by 25265.

On November 19th 25265 worked the 15.02 Manchester Bristol parcels.

25265 worked the first leg of the 6S75 12.25 Severn Tunnel Junction - Mossend on December 17th, the train being comprised of about twenty short wheelbase Railfreight wagons. 25265 was stabled at Warrington Arpley on December 26th.

On February 3rd 25265 was noted shunting diesel multiple units at Marylebone.

When 27023 failed at Dumfries on August 23rd with the 07.40 Glasgow Central - Carlisle, 25265 was on hand to take the train forward to Carlisle and cover the 12.40 back to Glasgow and the 17.30 return to Carlisle. 25265 was noted at Glasgow Central on September 1st.

Photograph courtesy John Powell
25265 and the Octel tanks pass through Rhyl on an overcast September 7th 1985.

On September 10th 25265 worked the 16.02 Lancaster - Hull as far as Leeds after the diagrammed Class 31/4 failed.

25265 & 25309 were noted at York stabling point on September 14th. The next day (15th) these Class 25s were diagrammed for the 14.05 York - Plymouth relief as far as Sheffield, where the train was taken forward by 47574.

On November 2nd 25265 was noted at Wembley on a loaded ballast working.

A diesel multiple unit failure on November 4th saw the 07.40 Nottingham - Birmingham New Street being hauled forward from Derby by 25265.

December 30th saw 25265, 20049 & 20178 running light through Hagley under cloudy skies and with light snow on the ground.

On April 19th the 0Z17 Bescot - Willesden light engine movement comprised 31326, 31285, 25244 & 25265.

The 09.38 Swansea Shrewsbury was noted at Craven Arms on May 24th with 25265 hauling failed Cardiff based diesel multiple unit set C802. Two days later on May 26th 25265 was noted passing Abermule with the High Speed Track Recording Coach, the coach had visited Aberystwyth and Pwllheli with 25265.

On June 4th 25265 arrived at Hereford with a Partington - Baglan Bay tanks service, the locomotive came off here and returned north. 25265 was noted with a permanent way train headed for Hookagate on June 5th. During June & July a number of Trans-Pennine workings were handled, principally between Liverpool & Sheffield. On June 6th 25265 worked the 08.45 Liverpool - Sheffield & 11.22 return. On July 23rd 25265 was noted passing through Carlisle light engine, three days later (26th) 25265 worked the 14.00 Preston - Liverpool, on July 29th the 08.45 Liverpool - Sheffield & 11.22 return and the 14.45 Liverpool - Hull as far as Sheffield. 25265 was noted at Derby in the early hours of July 30th on a parcels working.

25265 was noted at Hereford with an engineers train on August 3rd. On August 22nd 25265 was noted passing through Warrington on cement tankers and was noted the next day (23rd) at Bescot.

25265's last passenger hauled working was brief, and again involved a failure, this time the 18.00 Holyhead - Birmingham New Street on September 29th which failed at Sandwell & Dudley behind 86214, 25265 working the last five miles to New Street.

Late in its career 25265 was unofficially named Castell Harlech / Harlech Castle, the name being neatly stencilled in white on the bodyside (see view above at Holyhead).

Photograph courtesy Ron Kosys
25265 works the 6T46 Coventry - Three Spires on October 7th 1986. Once the end of the train has cleared the points just visible somewhere underneath the middle of the train, the train will set back into the siding alongside the main lines and then draw forward into the yard's reception siding!

On November 18th 25265 was noted eastbound through Manchester Victoria with an engineers train (no painted name 'B' end leading)

25265 (with painted name) was noted at March on November 26th.

Of the thirteen Class 25s delivered new to Eastfield (D7611 - D7623), three would remain in service until March 1987 including 25265, the other two were 25262 as 25901 & 25268 as 25902. It would also be one of two from this batch to reach preservation.

Highlights from 1987:
December 29th 1986, noted Tinsley arriving 15.30
December 31st 1986, noted Leicester arriving 04.40
January 8th 1987, arrived Warrington Old Walton 16.10, booked for 6F10 15.38 to Llandudno Jct (for 9/1?)
January 10th 1987, arrived Wigan TMD 07.00 for battery repairs, expected OK by January 12th
January 13th 1987, arrived Warrington 19.36 (6T69)
January 17th 1987, arrived Newton Heath TMD 13.10 for repairs to jumper cables, expected OK January 18th
January 24th 1987, working Barrow - Red Bank (5T55) at Preston 06.21
January 24th 1987, arrive Manchester Victoria 19.45 (3J08) allocated Target MR84
January 27th 1987, arrive Manchester Victoria 21.30 (0T84) allocated Target MR84
January 29th 1987, arrive Longsight carriage sidings 17.00 (0Z00)
January 31st 1987, arrive Rugby 21.05 (0Z00) allocated Target BC25
February 10th 1987, arrive Birkenhead Cavendish 09.25 (6M90), allocated 7D14 to Llandudno Jct
February 11th 1987, arrive Llandudno Jct 08.25 (ex 6D14 04.28 Warrington Arpley?)
February 13th 1987, arrive Holyhead 14.05 (0Z00), allocated Target HD08
February 14th 1987 - March 16th 1987, stopped at Holyhead??
March 4th 1987 - depart Holyhead with freightliner working (or marshalling the train?)
March 12th 1987 - lunchtime at Holyhead
March 16th 1987, arrived Basford Hall 11.15 (0Z00) and taken out of service.

Photograph courtesy Steve Morris
25265 at Holyhead on March 15th 1987 showing the neatly added name.

After withdrawal 25265 was stored at Basford Hall, Crewe until moved on July 14th 1987 as the 9L37 10.50 Basford Hall - Leicester Humberstone Road (with 25035, 25057, 25109), before being tripped as the 9T16 13.00 to Vic Berry's yard on September 11th 1987 (with 25057 & 25313). The locomotive was secured for preservation and moved to Peak Rail, Buxton between July 7th - 16th 1988


Photograph courtesy Jerry Glover
A line up of 25265, 25035 & 45144 on June 5th 1989. The two Type 2s will eventually move on into preservation. 45144 suffered derailment damage at Malago Vale carriage sidings, after withdrawal it was dispatched from there direct to Vic Berry's.


Photograph courtesy Steve Morris
25265 on the Great Central Railway on March 9th 2006 being used this day for slip testing.

flk 0116

1987 TOPS information courtesy Neil Cannon.

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