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Photographer unknown at this time.
D5074 cruises along in an action shot of unknowns, no date, no location and no knowledge of the working.

The fifteen year six month career of D5074/24074 was spent entirely on the London Midland Region apart from a brief one month allocation to the Eastern Region.

Built Derby Locomotive Works.
Shortened fuel tank & full size water tank (shortened water tank fitted later).
Four upper and four lower air filters on non-BIS side, three upper and four lower on BIS side.
Gangway doors never removed.
Time between last Classified repair and withdrawal: ?? months.
Time between withdrawal & scrapping: 7 months.


The frames for D5074 were laid down at Derby Works during October 1959, D5074 was new to March (31B) on March 14th 1960. Further transfers were:

March 1960 to Willesden (1A), on loan, made permanent April 1960.
November 1960 to Watford (1C).
January 1965 to Willesden (1A).
April 1966 to London Division (D01).
December 1966 to Stoke Division (D05).
May 1973 to Crewe.
October 4th 1975 - withdrawn.

Renumbered March 8th 1974.

After withdrawal 24074 was stored at Crewe from October 1975 until May 1976 when it was moved to J Cashmore, Great Gridge, West Midlands, and scrapped there by the end of May 1976.

Works Visits

Works visits (records incomplete).

Noted Crewe September 1961.
Noted Derby Works May 1963.
Noted Derby Works September 1964.
Noted Derby Works February 1966.
Noted Derby Works March & April 1967.
Noted Derby Works February & March 1972.
Noted Derby Works January 1973.


This locomotive was new to March (31B) in March, one of a batch of ten (D5066 - D5075) to come out of Derby Locomotive Works, whether it actually made it to March depot is not certain as it was immediately transferred to Willesden (1A). On Easter Sunday, April 17th D5074 worked a Bletchley - Bognor Regis day excursion throughout, including working over the Mid-Sussex line. In July it was a consistent performer on the 02.25pm Rugby - Birmingham and the 07.40pm Birmingham - Euston.

During September (?) D5074 was noted on loan to Rugby.

Its stay at Willesden was brief, by November Watford (1C) was its new home.

On February 20th D5074 worked the 20.01 Euston - Tring.

A visit to Crewe Works in early September found D5074 & D5080 present for attention, possibly the first to be received there for repairs.

On the afternoon of June 1st D5074 was at Euston.

On the morning of October 23rd D5074 was light engine at Rugby.

Condition October: green livery with small yellow warning panels with curved upper corners, frame level stripe only partially coverd by the yellow panel, shortened fuel tank, full size water tank.

On an unknown date during December D5074 was noted on the eight coach 10.50am Birkenhead Woodside -Euston. This was normally a Black Five turn with a locomotive change at Crewe (seen at Bromborough).

On March 2nd D5074 worked the 3K07 11.27 Euston - Crewe parcels.

On April 21st D5074 worked the 1G67 14.50 Northampton - Birmingham New Street.

On April 23rd D5074 was noted at Rugby with a down C Class freight (4L06 12.55 Broad Street - Crewe?), and may have been assisted in the rear by D290 with the 14.18 Euston - Sighthill freight.

On the afternoon of April 24th D5074 was at Rugby with the 4S68 14.18 Camden - Sighthill freight.

On the afternoon of April 26th D5074 was at Euston.

On May 1st D5074 worked the eight coach 1B73 17.27 Euston - Rugby.

On June 13th D5074 worked the five coach 2G54 06.33 Northampton - Coventry, 44936 worked the 2G54 07.33 but with three coaches.

On July 12th D5074 & D333 were at Rugby with the eight coach 17.38 Northampton - Euston.

On July 16th D5074 was at Rugby with the 4S68 14.18 Camden - Sughthill freight.

On Sunday November 15th D5004, D5006, D5007, D5015, D5032, D5074 & D5080 were stabled at Willesden.

Just over four years were spent at Watford, before the short move to Willesden (1A) was made in January.

During February D5074 was once again at Derby Works, by December the exodus of the Type 2s to the Stoke Division (D05) had begun with D5073 - D5081 being the first to move there.

Condition April: green livery with small yellow warning panels, squared upper corners, bottom of panel covers frame level stripe entirely, shortened fuel & water tanks, boiler room grilles and hand/footholds still present, three rung bogie mounted footsteps, straight sided sandboxes, noted in this condition by the Test House at Derby Works, bogies had been repainted.

Condition November: green livery with small yellow warning panels, squared upper corners, bottom of panel covers frame level stripe entirely, shortened fuel & water tanks, boiler room grilles and hand/footholds still present, three rung bogie mounted footsteps, straight sided sandboxes.

On the afternoon of January 7th D5074 was at Preston.

On the afternoon of July 23rd D5074 was northbound at Crewe with a freight.

On May 13th a late evening Ellesmere Port - Wareham freight was worked by 5074 as far as Basingstoke, the locomotive returned light engine from here.

On the afternoon of July 29th 5074 was light engine at Wolverhampton HL.

5074 worked the 18.28 (?) Aberystwyth - York on August 27th to ??

On June 9th 5074 was noted at Borth with the 17.30 ex-Aberystwyth passenger.

Condition June: green livery with small yellow warning panels, squared upper corners, bottom of panel covers frame level stripe entirely, boiler room grilles and hand/footholds still present, 'D' prefixes present.

February and March were spent at Derby Works under repair, most likely its last classified repair.

At about 9.30am on June 11th noted on permanent way trains were 5074 (Norton Bridge) and 5057 & 5144 (both at Stafford).

A mystery excursion from the Malvern area to Barmouth on September 16th was powered by 5074 & 5075, the Class 24s being infrequent visitors to the Hereford - Worcester line.

Once again, this time in January, 5074 visited Derby Works. With the end of the LMR Divisional allocations 5074 was allocated to Crewe.

5074 was renumbered during early March.

On the morning of May 2nd 24074 was at Crewe with an Up freight.

A St Pancras - Aberystwyth Merrymaker was worked forward from Shrewsbury by 24074 & 24056 on May 11th.

Photograph courtesy Tom Sutch.
A fine study of 24074 at Crewe on May 9th 1974. Changes to the locomotive are typical, it has acquired the shortened water tank and lost its frame level valencing. The builders plate is now mounted on the cab door whilst the boiler room grille has not been covered by a blanking plate.

1975 - 1976

Photograph courtesy Steve Morris.
An undated view from 1975 showing 24074 accelerating away from Holyhead with the 6E66 cattle train, bringing imported Irish livestock to the English market.

In the early hours of June 6th whilst waiting on the slow lines with a coal train at Nuneaton station 25286 witnessed the high speed derailment of the 5th's 23.30 Euston - Glasgow sleeper service. The two locomotives, 86006 & 86242 became parted, with the latter causing considerable damage to itself and the station, bringing down several gantries that caused minor damage to the Class 25. All the coaches were derailed, with damage being heaviest at the front of the train, tragically six lives were lost. By the evening of 6th the Bescot, Crewe & Saltley cranes were present alongside other engineering trains, in the hands of 24074, 47034 and three Class 25s. Six coaches, (five sleepers and a BG) were broken up on site. By the 11th engineering/rewiring trains were still present including 24074 and 25193, the latter having been present since the day of the accident. Two days later only 24058 was on hand with an engineers train.

On August 24th 24074 & 24062 were noted at Barmouth with a down excursion.

24074's career, like many others drew to a close during the summer of 1975, withdrawal coming at the end of September, with storage at Basford Hall, Crewe. Of all the Class 24s retired at this time only three went to private scrapyards, 24032 went to T. J. Thomson's at Stockton, whilst 24074 was sold to J. Cashmore's, Great Bridge, being moved on May 24th 1976: Crewe - Cockshute - Bescot - Great Bridge, and thence cut up very quickly. The third machine, 24142 had its demise delayed after it was selected for further use as a carriage heating unit, meeting its end at Heselwood's, Attercliffe yard during May 1984.

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