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This is just a brief and growing look at Sulzer powered ships. The vast majority of the information contained in these pages has been obtained from period technical journals and other webpages. In some cases there appears to be no English language webpage detailing the life of some of these ships, so I've tried to pull as much information as I can make sense of.

Where there are other pages that have detailed histories of these ships, a link has been provided to those webpages.

Most of the photographs contained in these pages come from publicity material created when the ships were built, or company postcards taken during the life of the ships, or from websites that permit the free exchange of photographs for use by others.

The numbers of ships that were powered by Sulzer engines are huge - hopefully these pages will prove of interest, for the famous well-known vessels and for those that travelled through history almost un-noticed.

** ships powered by Busch Sulzer diesel engines.

Aorangi Passenger ship / Troopship
Aramis Passenger ship / Troopship
Ardenvohr Cargo / Passenger ship
Asama Maru Passenger ship / Troopship
Atago Maru Cargo / Passenger ship
Australia Passenger ship
Baloeran Passenger ship
Batory & Pilsudski Passenger ships
Beldis Heavy Lift cargo ship
Belmoira & Belpamela Heavy Lift cargo ships
Belnor Heavy Lift cargo ship
Bintang Cargo ship
Bisca Oil tanker
Boissevain Passenger ship
Brisbane Star Cargo / Passenger ship
Camrahn (Brazza) Passenger ship
Christiaan Huygens Passenger ship
Conde de Churruca Tanker
Chojo Maru Cargo/passenger ship
Coptic Cargo/passenger ship
Corabank (Rikki Maru) Tanker
Dalgoma Cargo/passenger ship
Dempo Passenger ship / Troop ship
Devonshire Troop ship / Cruise ship
Dyck Lightship
Ebro Refridgerated Cargo ship
El Mansour Passenger ship
Enton Cargo ship
Eridan Passenger ship
E.T.Bedford ** Tanker
Felix Roussel (Arosa Sun) Passenger Ship / Troopship / Cruise Ship
Fukko Maru Cargo Ship
Fulda Passenger / Cargo Ship
Georges Philippar Passenger Ship
Handicap Cargo Ship
HMAS Stalwart (Her Majesty M / Tara II) Naval vessel / Cruise Ship
Hopemount Tanker
Indrapoera Passenger / cargo / packet ship
Ingrid Horn Passenger / cargo
Ionic Ferry Ferry
Iridio Mantovani Petroleum Tanker
Isipingo Passenger / Cargo
Japara Cargo / Passenger Ship
John F Cushing** Great Lakes Tug
Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt (Lakonia) Passenger / cruise ship
Koningen Emma & Prinses Beatrix Cross Channel car/passenger ferries & LSI troop carrier
Kota Radja / Kota Baroe / Kota Napon & others Cargo ships & troop transports
Kybra Cargo / passenger ship
Lake Ormoc** Cargo ship
La Plata Maru / Santos Maru / Montevideo Maru Cargo / Passenger ships
Limerick Cargo ship
Loch Seaforth Mail Packet
Lubrafol Tanker
Lumen (Empire Light) Tanker
Marechal Petain (La Marseillaise/ Arosa Sky/ Bianca C) Passenger / cruise ship
Madoera Cargo Ship
Monte Penedo Cargo ship
Narcissus Motor yacht
Neptunia Passenger ship / Troop transport
New Jersey** Dredger
Nourmahal Motor yacht
Oiseau des Iles Three masted schooner / cruise ship
Opawa Cargo ship
Oranje (Angelina Lauro) Passenger / cruise ship
Otokia Tanker
Phoebus Tanker
Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft Passenger ship
Poelau Bras / Poelau Roebiah / Poelau Telle / Poelau Laut Cargo/Passenger ships
Port Burnie Cargo ship
Port Huon Cargo ship
Prince Baudouin Cross Channel Ferry
Princess Victoria (IV) Car Ferry
Queen of the Channel Passenger/Excursion ship
Rangitiki / Rangitata / Rangitane Passenger ships
Rio De Janeiro Maru Passenger/Cargo / Submarine tender / Military transport ship
Rio Magdalena No.2 Tug
Royal Sovereign I & II Excursion / Tourist ship
Ruys Passenger ship
Sagafjord Cruise ship
Santa Maria & Santa Barbara Passenger / Troop ships
Sauerland Cargo / Passenger ship
Sawokla** / City of Rayville** / City of Dalhart** / Yomachichi** Cargo ships
Scottish Borderer Tanker
Shanklin / Prince Ivanhoe Passenger ferry
Sibajak Passenger / cruise ship
Spidoleine Tanker
Surcouf French submarine
Tanimbar Cargo ship
Terukuni Maru Passenger ship
Theophile-Gautier Passenger ship
Tjisidane Passenger ship
Tofua Passenger/cargo ship
Tuscan Star Refridgerated cargo ship
Upwey Grange Cargo ship
Uri Self Propelled Barge
Van Heutsz Cargo / Passenger ship
Vancolite Tanker
Vega Passnger / U-boat depot ship
Victoria Passenger / Troop ship
Willem Ruys (Achille Lauro) Passenger / cruise ship
Yasukuni Maru Passenger ship / Military transport
Yomah Cargo ship
Zealandic Cargo ship

Yachts powered by Sulzer diesels Various yachts

Ship List Tabular listing of Sulzer powered ships - a work-in-progress

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